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! Oh my god- Mom kills child..

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by mumzo, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. mumzo

    mumzo New Member

    some people are so weird.... dont they feel heart pain?

  2. sunraizes

    sunraizes New Member

    a moment of "evil" where your human's heart simply doesn't work. sad, but true.
  3. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    its so evil. how can anyone do that? its their own child!
  4. star_star

    star_star Member

    I read somewhere tat in msia there was a abandon baby killed by stray dogs beyond recognition.... For afew weeks the tot keep appearing in my mind n everytime i tink of it make me wana cry... Those parents nxt life will end up like tat also,killed by dogs.
  5. star_wish

    star_wish New Member

    Some people don't have 人性...that's why they got the heart to kill their own child.
  6. joey_85

    joey_85 New Member

    sometimes u nv noe hw hurt the mother feel...esp if she kill the child n then kill herself?

    i guess its need alot courage to walk to tis step ba....or u should say...is walk until cant walk liao then have to take tis step

    wonder any mummies read about lately newspaper about a old woman who kill her 30+ year old son (retarded from birth) & then hang herself to death? Can u imagine how she feel & how much courage she need to have? & how long she might have struggle..
  7. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    What kind of toys for one year old baby to play
  8. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    Recently there was an article on a mother and child that died at Bedok Reservoir (??). Can't remember the location, but I remember the newspaper mentioned they were all dressed in red, fingernails painted in red, and there was a red string attaching their wrists.

    Isn't that like really taboo in Chinese culture? I'm not sure but doesn't that mean the mother wants them to be vengeful ghosts and return to haunt??

    So sad when a mother brings herself to kill her child too.. we might never understand the reason but I just can't imagine a mother bringing herself to do that.

    Ai @ http://sakuraharuka.blogspot.com
  9. day_dreamer_me

    day_dreamer_me New Member

    this is so insane. how come you kill your own child.
    dont they know that killing your child is like killing yourself too??
  10. beatrice_chua

    beatrice_chua New Member

    Its sad but this really happens esp when the mother cannot handle the problem. I also read in a news about a father who planned and succeed in killing his 9 months old child because he feels that he is not ready for a child.
  11. seto

    seto New Member

    Than don't give birth in the first place if they want to kill their own kids.
  12. wasabi126

    wasabi126 New Member

    To be able to kill their own child, they are already in a mentally unsound state. A normal perosn in the right state of mind and conscience will never do this.
  13. survivorgal

    survivorgal New Member

    It comes in 2 catogeries:

    Ist - A mother with a sick mind and sick heart.
    2nd - A depressed mother turned mentally unsound and does the unthinkable.

    The sick mother needs to be tortured to death. The depressed mother should go for psychiatric help and serve her sentence in an asylum.
  14. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Hai, sad to hear this. But u r right, they could be mentally unsound

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