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Newborn diapers

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by ak4gn, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. ak4gn

    ak4gn New Member

    any idea how many newborn diapers should we stock up? should i stock up different brands since i don't know which one is more suitable for my baby?

  2. kacheek1225

    kacheek1225 New Member

    Two packets is more than enough. Cos it also depend on your Baby birth weight. Don't have to stock up diff brands cos i thk baby are ok with anythg as U will chg newborn quite often. Very soon, U can move on to size S as Size S start fr 3kg - 8kg for most brands.
  3. jiequn

    jiequn Member

    Yes, agreed with Badtiz, you don't need to stock up too much, it is very fast for baby to change size from newborn to size S.
    Btw, for newborn, do you consider to use cloth diaper instead?
  4. ak4gn

    ak4gn New Member

    thanks, Badtz and Jie Qun. i'll take note of your advice. i don't intend to use cloth diapers during the first month for convenience.
  5. bel_vodka

    bel_vodka Well-Known Member

    to date, i used up a small pack of pampers given by TMC, 58pcs of Fitti NB, and abt 35-40 of Huggies Ultra NB..and 24pcs of huggies NB

    my boy is considered small size. 2.835kg when born.
    But he cant wear Huggies Ultra liao coz of the cutting is smaller and his thighs is growing hehe.
    even now, he is still wearing Mamy Poko NB diapers.. Bigger cutting..He is now 1mth 6days old. [​IMG]HTH
  6. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    tmc gv u so many nb diapers? r they all included in d maternity pacakage?
  7. haystack

    haystack New Member

  8. princessxiaomei

    princessxiaomei Active Member

    hi all..
    any idea what's the difference with the usual Huggies ones and what Ultra?? LOLS..
  9. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    i read magazines saying we can request for free diaper samples fr large brands, anyone know how many piece will they gv?
  10. yiyi123

    yiyi123 Member

    jan jan, TMC will open new born pamspers pack for your BB to use.. will let you bring home the leftovers.

    For my BB who weigh 3.1kg at birth, new born size is tight for him le.. [​IMG]

    I am using Nepia for new born size and I love it!
  11. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    the new born pampers r included in d hospital package?

    did u give birth at tmc? wat else do they provide?
  12. yiyi123

    yiyi123 Member

    jan jan,
    yes, I give birth in TMC.
    TMC will also give the spirit to clean BB's belly button, hand sanitizer, johnson wet wipes, pampers new born, diaper bag...etc..
    No need to bring anything for baby, everything is provided.
  13. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    did u receive the blue bag w/ lot of samples fr babycare at tmc? the thgs u said tmc gv is it different fr the one i mentioned?
  14. yiyi123

    yiyi123 Member

    The babycare bag is another bag... you will still get this bag from TMC. Inside contain samples diapers, baby lotion, top to toe... and many vouchers.
  15. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    so i dun hv to buy so many other bb stuff rite? like those bb shampoo, powder, lotion, washing agent...?

    does tmc also provide bb clothes, mitten n booties n receiving blanket at discharge?
  16. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    yes tmc provide bb top, mitten n receiving blanket upon discharge. and as for other items u should buy them, cos the one in the baby's bag are only sample bottle which are very small.

    in all the goodie bags, u will receive mostly huggies ultra samples.

    as for yourself, u need to bring maternity sanitary pad, cos the one they give might not be enough.
  17. yiyi123

    yiyi123 Member

    joanne is right. The goodies bag only comes with samples... still need to buy them.
  18. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    joanne n yiyi,

    where can i buy maternity sanitary pad? cant find them watsons. wat brands did u all use?

    is it advisable that i try the samples b4 buying bb stuffs? i mean those lotions n cleanser...

    how many bb suits did u buy? wat abt disposbale diapers?

    do u think kiddy palace r more expensive?
  19. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    janjan did u join any MTB threads? they will help u alot in this area. anyhow, maternity sanitary pad u can get it from NTUC, brand wise, u can either get poise which is abit expensive or the other brand there. cant remember the name. u can find both of them in NTUC Xtra at Jurong point. i think u stay nearby there right?

    as for baby's item.. those shampoo etc, normally i go with pple's recommendation. u can try johnson top to toe, just add 1 pump into the water , can bath baby already.. no need to rinse.

    as for bb suit, i buy 4-5 of trousers, around 8 top. cos the weather abit hot, i didnt get long sleeve unless your baby in air con room, u should get long sleeve.

    disposable diapers u can get nepia, u can order online. they deliver to your house if u order 4 packets. usually 15 per pack, i think now 14 with promotion. alternatively petpet is good as well, but u must change diaper faithfully cos petpet sometimes will cause diaper rash. mammy poko is the best for night.

    kiddy palace right now having promotion, so best to stock up whatever u want right now. they only have promotion once in a yr.

    jan if u want, i dont mind spending one afternoon helping u to shop around if u stay near JP.
  20. yiyi123

    yiyi123 Member

    Hi Janjan,

    Maternity pad
    I just buy the sofy night use pad with wings (Get the longest one), that should be enough. I used that for 1st 2 weeks in hospital and at home. TMC did provide one but it is with loop on both ends and need to use string to tie around ur waist... very troublesome.

    You still have to buy them before u go delivery..
    I will try to list down as many things as possible here...

    Baby's Bath:
    Bath tub or basin
    Towels - get 3 to 4 pieces, some of my receiving blanket is towel material, can use that as towel if you have extra. TMC will provide u with 1 receiving towel.
    Cotton balls - can buy 1 roll and roll into ball shape if you have the time. This is for cleaning eyes and ears with boiled warm water.
    J&J Top to Toe - Just 1 pump into the water
    2 Hankies - for washing baby's face and body

    J&J baby lotion - apply on dry skin as new born baby will change their skin from 1st week onwards into skin that can sweat. [​IMG]
    J&J massage oil - If u have the time, can practice massage BB during the night for BB to have a soothing nice sleep, and can get rid of wind too. Can also help to remove craddle cap.
    Rid wind - Ask your PD for advise, cos PD recommend me to use this for getting rid of wind, very effective
    Desitin cream - good for prevent and heals nappy rash, apply when necessary.. I only apply at night unless got nappy rash.
    Feeding Bottles
    Bottle brush
    Pigeon Bottles washing detergent
    Baby nail clipper or scissors - only start triming nails after 1 month old.
    Wet wipes - I am using tollyjoy
    Thermometer - I use normal digital one at the armpit
    Changing mat

    Depends on your laudry schedule...
    5 short sleeves rompers
    3 long sleeves rompers
    3 tops
    3 long pants
    5 pairs of socks/booties
    5 pairs of mittens
    3 Towels - soft material
    2 swaddle cloth - can get from TMC Parentcraft shop
    10 hanky (small towels for wiping face and body and for feeding too)
    5 bibs (optional)
    5 Cloth Diaper - good for swaddle on warm day, cos is not thick, can use as pillow
    2 set of Bed sheet

    New born Diapers:
    Nepia is very good and value for money!
    Pampers is good but slightly more expensive.
    Are you gonna use cloth diapers?

    You can give me your email address and I forward you the checklist for both mummy and baby's stuffs.
  21. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    i ve pm u, thanks for ur help n guide.
  22. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    which is larger? huggies NB or pampers NB or mamy poko NB?

    which one is the best in terms of absorbency?

    wat abt size s? which one is good?
  23. tubbymummy

    tubbymummy Active Member

    janjan, Huggies NB is the smallest. Pampers NB is a lot bigger. Have not tried Mamy Poko NB, but the S size is only a little bigger than Pampers NB, so maybe the NB size is still smaller than Pampers'...

    Based on my experience, Pampers, MP and Goo.n are good. Fitti is good value for money. Huggies S size is very yucky. Thick & hard, like using cardboard. The NB size was nice to use, so thought the S size should be good too, but I was wrong. I also didn't like Drypers & Pureen, cos they have sticky tabs; I like the "velcro" kind.

    Hope this helps.
  24. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    hi tubbymyummy,

    wat is velcro?

    u mean MP size s is slightly bigger than pampers NB?

    oh no, i hv stock up a lot of MP NB, dunno if bb when born can use up all, if not, lugi spent so much...

    Where can i get Goo.n?
  25. bbcutecute

    bbcutecute New Member

    Hi mummies, I have tried quite a no. of brands such as fitti, drypers, pampers, pureen, huggies ultra, mammy poko. Fitti, drypers and pampers are not very good. Huggies ultra and mammy poko is gd. Pureen 5, the one with blue package is good but pureen with the red package is bad. Just for your consideration. [​IMG]
  26. vg_mrsclf

    vg_mrsclf Member

    hi ladies

    I bought extra (S48 Size 3-7kg) - Fitti Premium diapers and my son have out grown it. [​IMG]
    I am selling @ $11/pkt, I have 5 pkts extra. Anyone interested pls PM me. thanks!

    mrs clf
  27. toothsome

    toothsome Member


    I have excess Huggies newborn. If anyone is interested kindly PM. Tthanks!

  28. tulips12

    tulips12 Member

    Hi Goldie Heng, I am interested but can collect in Yishun as I'm due soon. you dun accept PM. 98395642. tks
  29. shyarion_fun

    shyarion_fun New Member


    I have excess Drypers S size to let go at low prices as my boy can't wear them.
    Interested pls PM me.
  30. mstan8888

    mstan8888 Active Member

    Hi, I hv 2 packs of Huggies NB for sale.
    Anyone keen, ple PM / email me at mstan8888@yahoo.com.sg.
    Thks !
  31. mstan8888

    mstan8888 Active Member

    Hi mummies,

    Sorry to interrupt.

    I hv the following items to sell :

    - 2 BN packs of NB size huggies ultra diapers (24pcs/pack, RSP : $7.30/pack)

    - 1 BN pack of S size huggies ultra diapers (44pcs, RSP : $13/pack)

    - Almost new Cheeky Bon Bon Nursing Pillow (bought at $42.90), only use less than 5 times, cover washed

    - 3 packs of BN Cussions baby wipes (55s/pack, bought at $2.25/pack, still with price tag)

    - 1 BN Boots Expert Baby Sensitive Protecting Bottom Balm (75ml)

    - 1 Boots Baby Medicated Nappy Cream (300ml), only scope out (with cleaned plastic spoon) abt 5ml

    - 1 BN Boots Expert Moisturising Nipple cream (100ml)

    - 1 Naforye Doughnuts Relief

    - 1 BN Small size Guardian Abdominal Support Binder (suitable for both natural and c-sect surgery, bought at $29.95)

    - 1 BN ‘Little Dreamers’ Postpartum healing salve (20ml, bought at $11, with price tag)

    - 4 BN covered long pants with booties (pink & yellow, 0-3mths)

    - 1 BNIB Lucky Baby Carry Rocking Chair – light blue

    - 2pcs Waterproof & Flat Quilted Multi-Use Pads (27" X 36", used once & washed)

    Self-collect at Redhill MRT.
    Anyone keen plse PM or email me at mstan8888@yahoo.com.sg as I seldom check forum.

  32. babyalice

    babyalice New Member

  33. reginahwz

    reginahwz New Member

    Hi mummies.

    I have the following for sale. PM / sms me 9680-1400 if interested. Selling everything as a bundle, includes some FREE ITEMS. Self-collect at Punggol.


    *Drypers (30pcs)
    *Pampers Active (10pcs)
    *Pet Pet (7pcs)

    Includes the following FREE ITEMS:

    **Carrefour brand (15pcs)
    **Nestle Cereal 25gm (5pkts)
  34. jopp

    jopp Member

    hi, using Huggies Newborn diapers as a size benchmark, does anyone know if NEPIA Newborn diapers is bigger or equivalent to Huggies NB?

    I'd like to try NEPIA but unsure if I should order Newborn or S size for my son.
    So far my son has used several brands and below is the 'report':

    Drypers S - Snug fit (but don't like the sticky tape)
    Huggies NB - Snug fit (but i think he'll outgrow it in a week or two)
    Sealer S - Though not as snug as Huggies, i find it still OK...pee/poo won't leak.
    Mamy Poko S - Haven't try but looking at the diaper itself, it's BIGGER than the rest of the diapers in this report.
    Pamper S - Haven't try but the size appears comparable to Sealer S.

    Thanks mommies!
  35. shyarion_fun

    shyarion_fun New Member

    Hi Jin_Ong,

    If I'm not wrong, Huggies diapers' cutting is smaller than Nepia, i.e Huggies NB will be smaller than Nepia NB. You can consider Nepia S for your son.

    Call the Nepia hotline at 62262650. They do free delivery for every 4 packs 0f diapers ($60). This saves us time and the hassle from carrying those heavy diapers.

    In addition, they are willing to do one for one exchange for unopened packs if your boy suddenly outgrow that particular size. I appreciate this value added service as our baby have growth spurts.

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