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New Playgroup at AMK for 2015 toddlers

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by sem, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. sem

    sem New Member

    Dear mummies,

    Have you enrol your child, born in 2015, in a playgroup? Have you found a playgroup which really deliver the curriculum as advertised? Also, is the teacher as caring and nurturing as you, the parent?

    If you are like me, who hasn't found one that quite fulfil your requirements,
    good news!

    We gave up looking for one too. We gonna start one and allow parents to have a say in the curriculum. Our group size is kept at 5 children max, in order to give the best attention our children deserve. The curriculum will focus on

    1. Brain Gym activities
    2. Pre-writing skills & hand-eye coordination
    3.Hooked on Phonics
    4. Peter & Jane Reading Series
    5. Chinese Speech & Drama
    6. Art-Science programme to develop creativity and to train logical thinking.

    Do drop me a message if you are keen to find out more!


  2. Juist

    Juist Well-Known Member

    I'm keen to know more :)
  3. sem

    sem New Member

    Hi there. The class fee is $380 & its from 9am-11am. Do contact teacher Francis at

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