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New Mummy to be - looking for female gynae at Mount Eliz Novena

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Dahlia, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Dahlia

    Dahlia New Member


    I am around 6 weeks pregnant(i think), and really unsure of what to even do first. Mount Elizabeth Novena is our #1 option, however, does anyone have any recommendations or personal experiences from there on female gynaes? Also, what is the costing like and how early do we sign up there?

    Thanks and looking forward to hear your replies!

  2. mikka

    mikka Member

    Hi I'm with Dr Marianne and I feel comfortable with her. Natural delivery fees from around $2600 onwards. Every review I paid around $270 for consultation and ultrasound.
  3. love_indulgence

    love_indulgence New Member

    Hi, congrats on your pregnancy!

    I'm currently 37w and with Dr Choo Wan Ling. I went to her when I was 7w to confirm pregnancy. Paid around $220 each visit (3x) during first trimester, excluding supplement and any test till 20w package at $950.

    Dr Choo and her team are all very friendly! Her consultation are more of a chop chop kind so prepare qns beforehand for her advice.

    If you are looking at natural delivery with epi, MNH charges $4380 for 3d2n stay and Dr Choo charges ranges from $2500 onwards. I did pre-registration with the hospital when I was around 33weeks.

    Enjoy the new journey! :)
  4. Sely_jap

    Sely_jap New Member

    Hi Shi.ying, may I know if the 950 package includes supplement and ultrasound? do you mind sharing how much Dr Choo charges for each visit after delivery (when we are still in the hospital)? I am currently with Dr. Wendy Teo, she is very friendly and will answer all your questions but I feel her charges are quite high so thinking to find other gynae in MNH.
  5. Sely_jap

    Sely_jap New Member

    Hi Mikka, may I know how much Dr. Marianne charges for the antenatal package? thanks.
  6. love_indulgence

    love_indulgence New Member

    Hi. It includes ultrasound and consultation only. Supplement is $69 a month which include calcium and dha pill. Can choose either supplement also.

    I've yet to receive my final bill from MNH. Dr Choo charges on my interim bill is $4000, natural with epidural.

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  7. babetrice

    babetrice New Member

    Hi, I have given birth and we recommend Dr Lee Lih Charn. Very motherly and her rates also quite affordable. As I gave birth last year, not too sure if there any changes. You can call the clinic to enquire.
  8. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    my gynae was Dr. Choo too. I delivered in March 2017. Quite happy with her for the whole journey except of the cost..her cost is abit cheaper than Wendy I think..but both also very nice. Dr Choo even recommend contraceptive plan during my check up after delivered.
  9. mikka

    mikka Member

    No package. She's very Detailed pro natural and not Chop Chop kind
  10. Rine_YM

    Rine_YM Member

    Which hospital does she delivers baby at? Only Mount E Novena?

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