New job and realised pregnant....


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Hi mummies,
Anyone encountered Friends,colleagues or maybe yourself experiencing this:
Started new job not long, and within same month, or during probation period discovered you are pregnant?

What happened was..
I know it's not obligatory to inform the company HR or boss abt the pregnancy. But after all I decided to be honest with it. Because how long can I really hide for?
One grey area was that there's one pre employment check up which I've yet to fulfil due to my service rendered with previous co. I had to start work like two days later at new place.
When I am about to go for the check up, I realised I was pregnant. Which is just the first wk of work.
The boss who hired me left last week without notice but he knew abt my pregnancy and gave me well wishes. He mentioned that he doesn't visualize termination due to a pregnancy as delivery of my child will not take place till quite some time later.
Right now, my direct report is my big boss who acts as my reporting line for time being. Upon knowing the resignation of my previous boss, I disclosed this news immediately to the new boss and all he said was thanks for informing.
Now, the ex boss has left, and HR is somehow involved in this which I was told by my temporary new boss that they are in the midst of discussion and will let me know the outcome once ready. Which I strongly believe it is nothing positive.
far as I'm concern, I know I am not protected by MOM Maternity employment law as I've yet to work three months with them.
but unfair - because I am already given green light on this when I informed previously the moment my pregnancy was confirmed by doctor.

Any advise on what should I do from here?


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Dear Clare

Has you signed the employment contract? Technically once that is signed you should be safe from unfair/discriminating employment practices.

For me, I discovered my pregnancy during the first week I joined a new organisation and I was 6 week pregnant at that time. I even went for the pre-employment check 1 week beforehand not knowing I was pregnancy and had to do the x-ray test (>.<). I withheld the news until around Week 10 then told my boss. She was generally ok with it and I was still under probation at that time. So far my probation is over and I am 5th month into my pregnancy.

Hope all will work out for you.
Can't do anything but wait for your HR to inform you the outcome. If they should serve you with a termination letter, please raise a case with MOM under unlawful termination due to pregnancy. MOM will investigate accordingly and if you are able to prove this, your company will even have to pay for your termination notice + maternity leave (fully paid by co, no subsidy from govt).

If the HR is smart enough, they wouldn't terminate a pregnant woman, it'll be a very tacky case.


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Hi ladies ,
I need some advise ,
I am in the middle of my job search as my previous role was shelved due to covid.
I was actively interviewing with a company and now just left with a final discussion.
Few days back I realised I am expecting, I think its pretty early .
I am very confused if and when should I inform the potential employer and scared that they might retract the offer.
Also i suffered a loss last year with a 25 weeks pregnancy so I am in double mind that If I should really start a job and allow myself to take stress at this crucial time .
Need some help to make a decision.