Need help for joining SHHK (Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan)


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Dear all, I like to join SHHK. But, I need two existing member for referral and hope someone can help me. Please contact me at HP: 91381279. Thank you so much.


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Recently I was enquiring on renewing my membership with Kim Mui Hoey Kuan and got to know from them about SHHK membership. I have also called up SHHK and was keen to join their membership but got to know that they need 2 sponsors to endorse on the application form. May I know if you can be 1 of my sponsors please?

Many thanks!


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Dear all,
I'm looking for 2 existing hokkien huay kuan members to support my membership application. I do not know anyone and hope someone can help me out. I sincerely appreciate it and this is my email:
[email protected]


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Hello mummies! I am looking for two sponsors to endorse my application. Really appreciate the help! Thank you! I can be reach at 8188 9593.


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Dear mommies, need 2 sponsors to help endorse my application please. I can be reached at 84180369. Do not know anyone but hopefully some kind soul can help me.