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Need Advise: 13mths refuse to drink milk, how??

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by babysanta, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. babysanta

    babysanta Member

    My 13mths old refused to drink milk. He used to drink Mamil Gold 3 almost finishing the whole can now he stop totally!!

    We tried Dumex All-in-one with vanilla flavour yet he still refuse to drink.

    Right now he only take organic cereal, so each time we'll just add a scoop of milk powder into his cereal.

    Can anyone advise is this normal? How can I get him to drink milk?


  2. paulynl

    paulynl New Member

    You can try enfagrow, my boy used to be like that too, but somehow when I switched to this brand he seems rather receptive to it. No harm giving it a try..

  3. deelee

    deelee New Member


    your son is exactly llke my son when he was 13-mths old. It was totally hair pulling for me then as well, as he dropped his milk intake, and only drank about 30-60ml each time. For him, it is due to his interest in solids rather than milk. At the sight of cereal, he is totally excited. At the sight of milk bottle makes him whine.

    Changing milk powder can be one way, you can try to request for milk powder samples from paediatritians in order not to waste too much money on buying tins of it. It didn't work for my son.

    My paediatrician actually recommended giving my boy the normal off-the-shelf milk, like magnolia/meiji, which i do not feel it will provide sufficient vits and nutrients to a mere 13-mth old - a bit heart pain to take him off the milk powder form.

    For me, what i did was something more tiring, i do feeding only when he was asleep. 10pm, 2pm, 6am. For day, I will mix the amount of milk into organic cereals - the full bottle of 150ml of milk into cereal x 2 times a day.I try to hit about 600-800ml/24 hours still.

    My boy is now 18 mths, and he still refuses milk and I've been doing the same method for 6 mths.. tiring, but at least i get him chubby and healthy, it felt good.

    By feeding cereal instead of milk, he is actually consuming less fluid, therefore feeding him a lot of water is important.

    Also there is a danger of feeding cereal is he will subsequent lose total interest on milk just like my son till now.

    I also feed him with a lot of calcium rich food like cheese into his cereal, yogurt, spinach.

    Just sharing my own experience above.

    I've also received advises from friends as below, but it doesnt work for my son, maybe it does for you:

    - Change of feeding location, e.g. instead of feeding in the same bedroom, change it to another room

    - try to let him have his fav toy while feeding

    - increase the interval for feeding (or could it be his porridge intake makes him too full?)

    - change of milk powder as above mentioned

    - change person to feed - instead of the usual mummy to feed, daddy or maid or mother/mil to feed.

    i hope the above helps..=)

  4. babysanta

    babysanta Member

    Thanks ForestBerries and dee for your advises.

    Have tried different ways to get my boy to drink milk, is very tiring but at least now he will drink 100ml each time. I know its not enough for a 14mths old but will try to slowly increase his intake.

    I realise he doesn't like the sweet taste of milk but prefer tasteless organic cereal instead. After much coaxing & pleading, at least he still drink some now.

    Think I will try giving him cheese & yogurt to try bah just to make sure he gets enough calcium in his diet.

  5. shirley_lee

    shirley_lee New Member

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