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Nanny in Tampines to Recommend

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by littlealmond, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. littlealmond

    littlealmond New Member

    Hello all,

    Would appreciate if you have any recommendation for nanny staying in Tampines? I'm trying to see if I can get a nanny before considering getting a maid.

    Thank you in advance for your recommendation.

  2. jasmine29

    jasmine29 New Member

    Hi there..when I just gave birth to my daughter my husband found this nanny residing at tampines and she really is nice n humble..handling a child can be really stressful at times especially if u can't find a reliable maid..I left my bb at the bb sitter till my maid arrive n after changing three maids then I got a suitable one..u can contact Liling @ 81863022 u can discuss n ask her so many things with her cos she is really flexible..
  3. sasayeo

    sasayeo Member


    Anyone can recommend a Local Chinese Nanny with experience residing in Tampines, I am planning to look for a suitable nanny for my baby Due Dec 2012.

    As I am more keen on nanny to care for my infant till 18month, compared to a domestic helper.

    Thank you.
  4. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member


    My aunt is looking for baby to look after, she is located at Blk 494 tampines

    She has 4 kids (eldest 16yrs old, smallest primary 2/3)

    anyone requires, can pm me for more info.
  5. liling123

    liling123 New Member

    i am a baby sitter residing in Tampines street 42.i can take care of babies who are 1 month old-5 months old.if you are interested,you can contact me at 81863022.
  6. shirldreamz

    shirldreamz Member

    Hihi...i will be delivering this mth and looking for a babysitter but on tight budget. Babysitting will start around October. Anybody interested? I'm staying at Punggol, just next to the interchange. If keen, pls contact me at shirl2608@gmail.com
  7. tethysea

    tethysea Well-Known Member

    Anybody looking for a good babysitter in Tampines please PM me for a recommendation! Very good and patient, very good with babies.
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  8. pooh2

    pooh2 Member

    Hi. M looking for a nanny to help me look after my one month old twins while i am still on maternity leave.

    Looking for one who can come to my place in Simei on weekdays between 8am to 5pm, from Aug to mid-Oct 2010. Anyone interested pl PM me or sms me at 97829705. Tks.
  9. ourlovestory

    ourlovestory Member

    Hello I am looking for a nanny to look after my one month old bb during wkday, any good recommendations pls pm me! Thanks!
  10. tinatammy

    tinatammy Member

    Hi, im looking for nanny residing in tampines blk 200+ to look after my baby from jan13 onwards (my edd on early nov). pls pm or sms 91549809 me if u keen.
  11. klynn

    klynn New Member

    Hi tethysea,

    I'm actually looking for nanny around the area from Sengkang to Changi area.
    Appreciate you can give me the contact of the nanny.
  12. dingdang03

    dingdang03 New Member

    Hello All,

    Any good & responsible nanny to recommend?

    I'm looking for nanny staying near Temasek Poly Area (Blk 800+) to look after my baby from mid Apr'13 onwards (timing: 7+am to 7+pm). Pls pm or contact me at 90604461. Thanks.

    God Bless.. =)
  13. veanne_t

    veanne_t New Member

    Hi, I am a first time mummy who stay in Tampines (Blk 200++),EDD is March 2013.
    I am looking for chinese nanny/babysitter nearby who can look after my baby boy during weekdays after my materity leave.

    Any good nanny/babysitter to recommend please pm me or email me @ veanne_t@yahoo.com.

    Would appreciate for your help. Thank you in advance.
  14. 2013gracebaby

    2013gracebaby New Member

    Hello all..baby will be due around Feb 2013..looking for a babysitter starting from 1st May 2013 for stayover..any recommendation?
  15. nannysands

    nannysands New Member

    Hi Im available,contact me for more info,sms to 97327396
  16. SerMin

    SerMin New Member

    Hi is ur aunt still available as I am looking for nanny in Tampines. Thanks
  17. SerMin

    SerMin New Member

    Pls recommend
  18. Jaslyn Ang

    Jaslyn Ang New Member

    Hi Mummy!

    My name is Jaslyn Ang.

    I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) since 2007. I am a very homely person, with two beautiful daughters, currently age 9 & 7. I love staying at home because i love doing house chores, keeping every corners of my house clean and spark!! I love children very much, cooking meals after meals for them is my daily accomplishments!!

    I have been a Babysitter for 2 years+ and also babysit 5 children in all. Age range from 2 months to 1 year old. Not only that, I also care for age 7 year old kid. She will come back from school straight to my house. I will function also like a Student Caregiver. Provide all the necessary needs till 7pm daily, from Monday to Friday.

    Entrust your beloved child to me is a key commitment to me.

    Just give me a call anytime!
  19. miwa27

    miwa27 New Member

    Hi Jaslyn,
    Can PM me more details? I am looking for a babysitter/nanny for two months (Aug & Sep 2018). I'm giving birth this week. Would be great if you could share more details from your other babies' mothers testimonial. Thank you.

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