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My Story of Slimming After Post-Pregnancy Part 1

A mother after giving birth can also look slim and beautiful. I am a mother of three children, 162cm height, from 73kg when I was nearly 38 weeks of pregnancy to 47kg now. I am thinner than before I was pregnant. I’m here to share the story of my slimming journey

On the morning of January 9th, 2021, I stood on the weight machine as usual. The number displayed 49.9kg. Although it was only 0.1 behind 50, I couldn’t believe I had the chance to start with 4 after giving birth to three children

Someone asked me, why are you struggling with your weight because fat doesn’t grow on you

Declare first
I did not go on a diet and did not take weight loss pills because I am still breastfeeding‍
I don’t exercise either ‍♀️Because as a mother of three children I don’t have time at all ⌚
I didn’t even go to the slimming center because I didn’t have a lot of money

First child I was born at 26
The second child I was 28 years old
The third child I was born at 33 years old, when I was about to give birth, my weight was 73KG

At that time, I was not worried about the weight gain of 18 kg.
I thought that as long as I worked hard to breastfeed after giving birth, I would definitely lose weight.
According to my experience of giving birth to two children in the past, I can recover quickly regardless of weight or mental state.

But this time, after six months, my weight still remains at 60 kg

At that time, I was really depressed.
I already don’t have enough sleep and I work hard to breastfeed, but I didn’t recover my prenatal weight like the past.
I searched from internet and realized that the basic metabolism of the body in the twenties and thirties is different.

To be continued...


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My Story of Slimming After Post-Pregnancy Part 2

In the beginning, I try to reduce my weight by controlling food intake and eat very little. So I am often feel hungry, especially after expressing breast milk. One month later, my milk supply dropped obviously, hair loss, and dry skin, but my weight did not lose much.

It seems that eating less, this method does not work for me , so I choose to do exercise. I try to have 30 minutes of exercise everyday.
I do exercise very punctually every day for the first week.
But I started to be lazy in the second week, so I told myself to rest for two days in a week.
In the third week, I continue to find excuses for myself, like very busy and tired so I reduce the number of exercise to 3 times a week.
In the fourth week, I stopped for a week because of menstruation.
Exercise is really not suitable for me.
What’s more frightening is that I think I have exercise, so I unscrupulously eat more than before.
After trying on a diet and exercise, I only dropped 1.5kg in two months.

I succeeded in losing weight afterwards, all because a friend who shared her method of lose weight with me.
I made some adjustments and did a lot of homework to find out a way that I can accept and suit me.
Without on a diet and exercise, surprisingly my weight dropped from 58.5kg to 51kg within 2 months and my current weight is 47kg.

I'm not showing off, I just want to share my experience of losing weight.
I hope to help and encourage friends who want to lose weight but have been unsuccessful
I experienced it and I know how hard it is to lose weight.
I’m not a professional, but if you want to lose weight, I’d like to share with you how I lose weight

Scientific weight loss is really important.
There are thousands of ways to lose weight, but we have the right to slim down healthy.
No starving during weight loss and no rebound after losing weight. That's the winner.



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Hi congrats on your weight loss success!
could you share how u have done it?

Hi, I only eat low GI food and replace my breakfast with Soygreen, an immune food solution product from Elead. I didn't go on a diet, no exercise, and my weight dropped 3.5kg in the first month.
Hi, I only eat low GI food and replace my breakfast with Soygreen, an immune food solution product from Elead. I didn't go on a diet, no exercise, and my weight dropped 3.5kg in the first month.

Hihi, so did you cut down on sugar intake? How about fruits? TYIA ;)