My 3 yr olds child like to throw temper and cry easily


There are lots of information in the internet on how to handle temper tandrum. E.g - distract the child. Look for signs before it starts and to bring the child away from the place/situation until she calms down.
Just look up. Some of the suggestions are very effective.


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My 3 yrs old boy also acting the same.
His demand can sometimes be very unreasonable, especially he is tired or hungry.

Will try to get some tips from this book.
thanks for the recommendation.


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My 2 years old girl changed after went in childcare. before that she was very good girl but after went in childcare she started to threw her temper, kept asking for carried. when she knew she going to go childcare, she will whining and show very sad and unhappy face. i feel so headache and unhappy too when i saw her changed. dunno which mummy have encounter the same as mine? any advise for me?


My 3 and half yrs old daughter sometime will throw tantrum and just sit on the floor and insist don't want to stand up.she will just sit on the floor and keep crying or shouting.sometimes when she keep crying and I ask her what she want.she refuse to answer me and only keep crying.this will drive me mad.even I talk nicely and ask her Wat she want but she stil insist don't want to talk.anybody face this kind of kid before?


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Hi Koay,

Yes, my girl sometimes will like this, really mad .... but i keep control my feeling and call her name ask her " can u tell mummy what u want? u crying and shouted, mummy wont know what u want"

if she inssist to continue, then i will told her " ok girl, then u continue cry, once enough u let mummy know ok ? " then i sit aside wait for her and dun respond to her ......

after that she will keep look what i am doing .... when she calm then hug her and telling her not to whining as whining mummy dunno what she want , trying to teach her how to telling her feeling .

i did read a article before, they mentioned that whining from a kid is actually ask for nothing , they only want a deep hug and attention from u. but dont give in whatever she ask with unreasonable .... cz this will encourage her to be more often to tantrum.

Koay, i know the theory quite well .... but practically its quite difficult.

Try your best mummy ....


thanks yanyi.
sometimes really quite hard to control my own temper too.
my daughter is the only kid in the house.normally she dont like to socialize with others kid.teacher said she only play around with certain kid.sometimes she will just sit at the corner and watch other kids playing.
this also make me quite headache.


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hi mummies

my 3yr old boy behave v well in cc. all his tcrs said he is a v good boy, can self feed on his own neatly, put back the toys or books, go toilet himself and no tantrums at all. once i went to his cc to cele his birthday. he behave totally diff..he wan me to carry him, keep whinning and insist wan to hold my hand like scare i will leave him and go. his tcrs were all v surprise why he behave like dat when im around. aft i left he is back to his normal home he also wants my attention a lot. if i dont play or listen to him, he will throw tantrums or do certain actions to make u v angry with him..i wonder when they will outgrow this stage ?


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HI LY (Koay),
My girl had this problem as well when she just joined the childcare. people called her, she walk away.... teacher called her joined the group, she pretend nothing continue to play herself .... but after 2 weeks she slowly joined into the activity, i am not so sure what had teacher did to her. i feel headache as well as she was not socialize, a mummy ask me " How do you socialize your child, when YOU don't want to socialize with people? " i had shocked with this sentence as i am a mummy super lazy to be socialize ..... LY, maybe you can talk to teacher and find out some solution, i believe a experience teacher should know how to get a child to joined all the activity in the childcare ...

Hi Porky,
i can understand your feeling, i think u are not alone... my girl was 4th weeks in childcare, for the first 2 weeks, she really had a lot of weird pattern which really headache me.

1. not socialize, play herself , dun want teacher , sitting nap even she was very sleep and kept suck her pacifier .....

2. she pushed me away when her dad around. keep ask me to carried her when her dad not around. dont allowed me to bath her and changed diaper; while carried her, i cannot sit and must standing. whining with nothing, she often cried badly which i never saw her behaved this way before.....

i super mad, really feel to slap her and i feel very stressful. so, i start to kept google, read and find information.

i found a article mentioned about
"the kid's whining happens shortly after a child’s sense of connection to their parent or caregiver has broken",
"He needs you. Not just the things you do",
"He needs to feel connected to you. Only a sense of connection can mend that awful out-of-sorts feeling that's bothering him."

i feel so sad of my inpatient after read the article.

i tried to carried her and hug her when she whine and telling her mummy love you. carried her whenever she ask for. meanwhile i keep explained to her that mummy really need work, if can, i won't send her to childcare ...
spend time play with her ...
( i feel very tired and stress when i trying to let her know how much of love to her) .....

3rd weeks onward ... all whining slowly disappeared, she will only ask me to carried her when she woke up and she knew that she going to childcare soon. i can feel that she miss me alot. i will carried her, and telling her time to tidy up as mummy rush to work ... slowly she ok and slowly she adapted, she still will drop her tears when i need to leave, but she did not struggle and bye bye with me.

Dear mummies, it's a very tough way ... i cried every morning in the office, cz i really feel sad, helpless and stress which i dunno how well i can do to help her ....

below link might let u understand more about ur kid:

Hope it's help... ;-)