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Mums with kids in maha bodhi

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by shirleytan, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. shirleytan

    shirleytan New Member


    any mums with kids in maha bodhi?
    i'm a SAHM with P4 and P1 kids in maha bodhi.

  2. lay_mui

    lay_mui New Member

    Hi Shirley,

    I am also a SAHM. My son is P3 in maha bodhi. I have another kid in K2.
  3. funwong

    funwong New Member

    hi shirley n lay mui,

    mine P3. me a SAHM as well. [​IMG]
  4. lay_mui

    lay_mui New Member

    Hi Fun Wong, how long have you been a SAHM? I quit my job when my son started P2. P1 is the year when I struggled with work and trying to coach him in his school work. Sad to say,I am still struggling now trying to make him "smarter". By the way, do you have any recommendation for English enrichment programme and Chinese Enrichment programme?
  5. shirleytan

    shirleytan New Member

    Hi lay mui and fun wong,

    i just turned sahm this yr feb. then my family went to states for 6 mths. now we are back, i sent my p4 to tien xia for his chinese. so far, didnt see any big improvements yet. sigh...

    where u gals putting up? hope mbs shifts back to ubi soon.
  6. lay_mui

    lay_mui New Member

    Hi shirley
    the current temporary location is better for me as I send my son to school via public bus. How do you find the course at tien xia? Which center did you send your kid and how long have your kid been with them? Actually, I am considering tien xia as 1 possible center to enrol my son. His P3 result is terrible.
  7. shirleytan

    shirleytan New Member

    Hi lay mui,

    u mean u send yr son by bus to sch everyday? not tiring meh? why dont take sch bus?

    just done abt 5-6 lessons at katong mall tien xia. think the lessons so so only. the teachers are quite lenient with praises and marks. e.g. my son's reading not so good but when he did it in class, the teacher gave him 9/10. i was very surprised.

    which other centres u looking at? my p1 boy used to go berries at kembangan. i find it good. u may want to find out more from them.
  8. funwong

    funwong New Member

    hi mummies,

    a SAHM since 2000. lay mui, just like u also struggling [​IMG]

    prefer the current location as well coz nearer to home. my girl takes sch bus think must b very tiring to send yr son to sch daily.
  9. lay_mui

    lay_mui New Member

    Hi all,
    I find school bus less flexible, anyway the bus journey to the current location only take around 5 mins (exclude waiting time). I went to tien xia to view their worksheet today, but I think I prefer Molin (they cover more).
  10. jong2201

    jong2201 New Member

    hi mbs mummies,

    i have a boy in p1 & another in k1.

    shirley - which class is your boy in? not sure if my boy and your boy are classmates...mine in 1 care.
  11. jong2201

    jong2201 New Member

    i am sending both my boys to berries...thought it's quite good...at least for the boys.
  12. shirleytan

    shirleytan New Member

    Hi Jong,

    my boy is in 1G. is yr taking sch bus? wats his name? let me ask my son, marcus if they know each other.
  13. jong2201

    jong2201 New Member

    hi shirley, my son is taking bus no. 5 which goes to kembangan area.
  14. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    hi hi, my gal also in maha bodhi. this yr p2.
    i have another boy 8mths old. currently my gal is still taking school bus...
  15. shirleytan

    shirleytan New Member

    hi dorothy,

    which no. sch bus is yr gal taking? mine is bus 2.
  16. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My kids are also in MBS (P1 and P2 in 2009).

    They have been attending Molin since kindergarden. Particularly for my girl, I think Molin helped her to consistently maintain her CL results. Meanwhile for my son (P1), with works at Molin, he appeared to ease into P1 fairly easily. Though he is not the type who is studious,etc...

    For english, we are putting them at British council this year. I am hoping to see some improvement in written expression. Any good learning tips from experienced mums?
  17. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Hi MBS mummies,

    Are there any CA for P2????
  18. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    Hi Shirley, mine is taking bus 1.
    how is yr gal's CA result? mne din do well in all her subjects
  19. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Dorothy,
    Great to see you here. Come and join us at Dragon babies thread ok ?
  20. jong2201

    jong2201 New Member

    hi MBS mummies,

    I believe you should be aware of the recent change of school uniform supplier from Shanghai (Chiang)to Shirley.

    For your info, Shanghai (Chiang) is now clearing their balanced stock. Buy any 2 pants, 2 shirts, 2 PE shorts or 2 pinafore and get 30% off. A Good deal not to be missed.

    I just went down to stock up some shirts & pants -paid $28 instead of $40. Sizes available as at noon time today:-
    boys pants: 20, 21, 26, 28 & above
    boys shirts: 12 & above (comes in half size)
    girls pinafore: 26, 27, 36 & 38
    girls pe shorts: 20-23,28 & 34 above

    They are located at People's Park Centre #B1-27 (the building directly opposite chinatown point)Call 65350505 to check desired size availability and reserve before going down to avoid disappointment.

    They only open:-

    Thu - Sat: 12noon to 6pm
    Sun & PH: 12noon to 3pm
    Closed on Mon - Wed
  21. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    But is this the old version uniform?
  22. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Sorry just to share as we got the new uniform from shirley.

    The new design PE t-shirt quality is better than the old. Same as PE shorts. It's elastic and definitely more comfortable.
  23. chiamannie

    chiamannie New Member


    can anyone share with me which student care centre near MBS is good? thanks
  24. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Hi, you might want to visit this group :
    http:/www.kiasuparents.com There is a thread under primary school - parent support group for MBS. There are some disc on the student care centre.
  25. llynn000

    llynn000 Member

    hi mummies.. my girl going MBS P1 next year. Any tips on how is it like for p1? is there lot of homework?

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