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Mummies with primary school kids, please share

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by cowandchick, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    i have a girl in P4 this year.
    Would like to share and exchange ideas, etc with other mum with kids in primary schools. what are the kinds of problems you or your kids face, and how to deal with them?

    My main problem is getting my girl to do her work quickly. she is highly distracted and very careless. her teachers have commented on that a few times already.

    What are your views about tuition?

  2. wewecheng

    wewecheng New Member

    my gal is in P2. i m also hv the same issues with cowandchick.

    as i m a FTWM, i enrolled her into a good student care ( Proteach) which also provides enrichment and tution.

    It is a v great hassle to ask her to complete homework.

    Always like fighting battle with her.
  3. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    if you ignore her & let her bring the incomplete homework to school, what will happen?
    will teacher reprimand her or punish her? then maybe can let the teacher deal with her?

    my girl is not in primary school yet. Sometimes she isn't in the mood to do her kumon or PAP homework. I will tell her, it's alright, just hand in to teacher the incomplete homework or you can tell teacher you don't feel like doing it.

    It works all the time, she will do it 10 out of 10 times. I guess they would rather not get into teacher's black list
  4. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    hi wendy, is Proteach, where you enrolled your girl a before/after school care? what are the hours like?

    You're lucky your girl is self-motivated. My girl is hyperactive! I think she has ADHD, but she refuses to let us send her for assessment!
    I was horrified last year, while busy with her younger brother, to find that she actually hid her homework from me. It was of course not completed. I realised it only when the teacher called me! Now, i make sure i check her bag everyday to ensure she does her work!
    Anyone else with such a problem?
  5. wewecheng

    wewecheng New Member

    hi cowandchick

    Yes. Proteach did provide BASC school care services and they have few branches over singapore. my gal is the pm session, so her hours in proteach start from 8am till 12pm. hence, the staff will bring them to e sch as it is jus walkin distance.


    I believe every child is the same comes to homework. what i does now, is to talk to her or like whata hippo2002 mentioned, let teacher deal with her.

  6. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    My girl is in P5 this year.

    I used to have all the above problems that all of you have encountered.

    It is getting better this year, there are probably two reasons to it :

    She is more mature now.
    We came out with a rewards system.

    However, my headache begins again with my P1 son this year. It is so difficult to get him to do his homework. He would do one question and sit there dreaming until you ask him to continue.
  7. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    hi wewe. thanks for the link. will check it out. don't know if it suits my girl tho.

    znzyzyzx, it comforting to hear they may outgrow this problem. But will mine? keeping my fingers crossed. can you tell us more about your 'reward system'? thanks
  8. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member

    Hi, cowandchick, basically, attach some points to each task. For example, if she completes an assessment exercise , she would get 5 points. Score 100 for a test, get ten points. Finish reading a story book plus a book review, get 10 points , help to do housework, greet elderly or neighbour, get some points, etc etc. Then , on weekends, she can use 50 points to exchange for one hour of gameboy or computer game time.
  9. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    znzyzyzx, thanks for the tip. will try it out on my girl. hope it works!
  10. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Hello all
    My girl in P4 morning session. She does her work very slowly and finishes very late. Next morning has to get up very early. Lack of sleep affects quality of concentration in school. I try to hurry her to go to sleep early.

    Last time she used to bring her homework back. I told her to finish in nanny's house. Only those she does not know how to do then leave blank, wait for me to teach her. Same for spelling. She is to learn them in nanny's house. At home, I give her spelling, not wait for her to learn. Sometimes, even she test herself when I am busy.

    While reward system you may see results in shorter time, it is not a long term solution. Study if for self, the motivation has to be intrinsic, not due to external factors.

    Some people advised me to let the child take part in the activities that he/she likes. Activites would stimulate the brain, hence think better although physically tired.

    For me, maybe not the best method, I told my girl if she doesn't work hard, self revise, concentrate in class, be careful, always check etc etc, she is going to lose marks, may fail in class, may be kick out of school, in future cannot earn a lot of money, cannot buy things she likes, whether she want to be sweeper.

    It is not an easy task. It is very stressful for me. I am not that type that let go. Although some also advise me give my girl some time, not to push her too hard. Different people mature (kai qiao) at different age.

    Comtempory teaching advise us to make lesson more interesting. But this takes effort & time to prepare. It does help but it needs to be on going.

    Look up MindChamps. It is an expensive course, can pay by instalments. It teaches students how to learn quickly and remember for life.
  11. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    my girl ever saw an uncle searching food in the dustbin. She was very shocked. I used that opportunity to tell her uncle didn't listen to his daddy, mommy, didn't like to go to school so he needs to find food from dustbin

    But I try to paint a rosy picture for her. When she finishes her Masters degree (I set goal higher), she can go to the beach every day and eat chicken biscuits every day and watch TV everyday. She can see light in the end of the tunnel. Wow, now she's super motivated to do her Masters, even though she's only in K1, haha!

    do you have the website for MindChamps?
  12. eve74sg

    eve74sg Member

    wow, sounds interesting.
    currently my girl is in K2, will be in P1 next yr.

    In terms of abacus homework, which is abt 100 questions every wk, she will take her time and dily daly. Everytime last min then do, when i threaten time is up, she will be scared (cos the abacus teacher is very fierce) then seh can do more than 10 sums within 10 mins :p

    i thk the etachers also plays a part. You all thk its gd to have teacher who are fierce?

    So far for her homework, she is ok cos its rather simple, only chinese writing she will leave it to the last cos she dont like to do ...haha

    I also have another problem which is trying to get her to wake up in the morning for sch! She will cry and says she is sleepy and doesnt want to got to sch. Its so tiring having to drag her out of bed and hear her wining every min. At times we have to resort to using cane to stop it. Any other good solutions? Cos next yr P1 she will be in a single session sch.
  13. biyan

    biyan New Member

    Dear Hippo,

    My son also saw an uncle seaching the rubbish bin, maybe the same uncle. Most children nowadays get what they need easily eg. good food, nice cloths, books, toys etc. Cannot blame them for taking good life for granted.

    My boy is in K2, has 6 words of Chinese and English spelling every week. We speak both Mandarin and English at home. He likes Chinese characters better, it is a breeze to learn ting xie, he usually gets full marks. But for English spelling he will take about 2 or 3 days (1 hour each day) to learn and get average 1 mistake. Just last week he wrote "b" for "d" in his spelling.
  14. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member


    My girl attended the MindChamp holiday class (9 days) last year.
    Though she enjoyed the workshop, I din't really see any dramatic improvement.
  15. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    Lim, Eve

    K2 started spelling test, so soon!
    seems like spelling is mommy's homework instead

    now my girl is in PAP K1, quite relaxed leh, she told me she played in school everyday
    I think she goes to school to de-stress

    in fact, she insisted to go PAP even if she fell sick. Cried & scream when we refused to let her attend school
  16. biyan

    biyan New Member

    Dear Hippo,

    You see, PAP is just for 3 hours, my boy is in full day childcare, going to school is the whole day affair. Work load vary from school to school, spelling usually start only in K2.
  17. biyan

    biyan New Member

    Dear Hippo,

    My boy is in full day childcare, PAP 3 hours should be better for the child. Spelling started only in K2. I agree that mommy is more stressed.
  18. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    Looks like they're stressing the kids out at an even younger age! Poor kids!

    It's good to get your boy used to the ting xie and spelling, since they'll be doing that all in Primary school too. But you know what? There was a study showing that most of the spelling and words our kids learn at such a young age are not retained. So, when they come across that word again much later, maybe P1, don't be surprised if they tell you they can't spell it or don't know it!

    Don't worry about 'reversing print' , like 'd' and 'b'. It is very common in children up to 7 or 8. Be alarmed when they continue doing so after 10!

    Looks like we have the same problem. Wonder if it'll really go away, like what znzyzyzx said! Let's hope it does!

    Yes, we're always reminded to make teaching more interesting, but that depends a lot on the teachers! From what my daughter tells me, most of the teachers just teach from the book, or hardly at all, let alone interesting! That makes it even more difficult, doesn't it?

    Is the school that your girl will be attending next year only operates the am session? Many schools still allow the P1s and 2s to come in the afternoon.

    If no choice, then have to get her used to going to bed early and waking up early. That was what I did for my girl. When she was in K2, I woke her up earlier than her usual time, and then slowly make it earlier and earlier. Don't have to get her up at 6am. A bit too early for now, but let her know she has to slowly tune her clock.

    Expect some rush at the start of the year, but they'll settle down. They'll be terribly sleepy by 1pm, so allow them to nap. Term one usually quite easy going, so should be ok.
  19. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Mindchamps website is www.alw.com.sg

    Pls note the course is very expensive about $2400 and it last 4 months, 3 hours every week. Maybe different level different price. My girl one is for P3/P4. Anything before this level, there is no guarantee. With guarantee it means if the child score less than 80 marks, the child can attend the particular topic again for free.

    Your 9 day programme is different from mine. Mine lasted 16 lessons. The lessons teach the child how to learn spelling, how to remember things taught to you, mind mapping etc. Dramatic improvement or not depends on the child. The child must constantly use the techniques in order to see results. Now my girl uses the technique to study her english & chinese spelling. Not forgetting mo xie (one sentence for P1, and go on to one paragraph for P4). At first teacher would read. Later on, the child has to remember. How do you as adult remember???

    My girl took a long time to learn spelling, just like Lim's child. And everytime, 7 over 10 or 8 over ten. This went on for P1 & P2. P3, she attended Mindchamps. Slight improvement. Now she learn spelling very fast. She can remember the whole paragraph for mo xie.

    Besides spelling, there is technique to learn vocabulary. My girl is lazy to check dictionary. You must check dictionary first then use the technique to remember the meaning.

    For Science, unconsciously to me, I use the same technique as Mindchamps before attending. Now the technique just come naturally when I teach her. I also make her use the same technique. It definitely make learning for exam faster.

    Regarding fierce or nice teachers, it depends. Sometimes fierce teacher is good for a child. Sometimes it is not. When it is not, the child loses interest in class and hence there is no concentration. However, it is true that in class the teacher just merely touch and go.
  20. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    You mentioned some study that spelling learnt was forgotten, that's where phonics is important. We as adults also use phonics to spell those unfamiliar words.

    Mindchamps taught us don't memorise for the sake of memorising. Understand it and it is with you for life.
  21. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    caroline3sg and Eve
    some kids can take strict and fierce teachers, some can't. My girl, she 'eat soft, don't eat hard' (chi ruan bu chi yin). Luckily so far all her teacher not very fierce. Only the social studies teacher, and she doesn't like that teacher.

    what do you do when the teacher just 'touch and go'? Sometimes i don't even know it happens, and by the time I knew it, it's too late!

    Could you tell me more about the technique you used to help your girl with science? I am having lots of problems helping my girl with her science. Thanks
  22. biyan

    biyan New Member


    Mindchamps programs sound interesting, many parents these days will find 2 or 3K ok for 1 or 2 kids, money well spent if it can produce results. But as working adults we have attended many self-improvement programs, problem-solving trainings, presentation skills and so on.. many times during the training we feel that the skills taught are useful, yet once we step out of that classroom, all are behind us, money wasted. Is Mindchamp any different?
  23. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I have never attended any self improvement programs with regards to parenting. I don't think I am good in that. We as adults is difficult to change. The habits/behaviour have been with us for so long. To implement, we must unlearn, relearn and be conscious of our actions very now and then. But actually when we are stress up, we just burst.

    For a child, it is easier than adult. They are still developing. And as the saying goes, practise makes perfect. Once you get the hang of the technique, it is a breeze.

    You can call up Mindchamps and there would be a salesperson despatched to your home or wherever you want. This salesperson would explain to you what the organisation believes, who is the founder and what are the success stories. Then he/she would do a little study on your child. You would see it with your eyes. There is no obligation. You are also free to take a look at their premises at HDB hub. You would be surprised a lot of students attending their courses.

    There is no one single technique I used for Science NOW after attending Mindchamps. It depends on topic. Although I said the technique I used coincide with what Mindchamps teaches, it is just one aspect of it that coincide. There are several techniques. They give parents an insight of what the programme is, so that we can guide the children after the course finish.

    For teaching my girl science, in the first place, I bought a lot of Young Scientist. It is very colourful magazine, not cheap about $50 for 8 copies, from Popular. Whenever she is free, I ask her to read it. She likes. I also brought her to Science Centre to explain the concepts. Next to it, there is a shop. You can buy those "toys" to implement the concepts too. Popular also have but different "toys", maybe sold out. Examples of the "toys" are human body parts, how volcano erupt. It is a lot of work & money. And out of 4 subjects, she scored the highest in Science.

    Regarding your question on what I do after I found out school teacher touch & go, I send her for Maths class. But before that, I know she is weak in Maths. I have been spending a lot of time on Maths since P1 up till now, the most of all 4 subjects and yet this is her weakest subject. I am very detailed in my teaching of Maths. I teach difficult problem sums (RGPS standard very high, they have the habit of giving next year syllabus in this year exam). I teach her same problem sum many times but never get into her head. Besides on the ball with school homework, I also pre-teach her next semester's syllabus during holidays.
  24. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    looks like you have a lot on your hands! Wow, i really admire you. I am so lazy sometimes, don't really bother. I guess i'll really have to put in more effort from now! Thanks for your tips!
  25. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member


    actually the 9 days program is the same. It is just that it is more intensive, nine full days.

    If money is not an issue, (about 2500 for nine days, or 16 sessions, which means about $156 for a 3 hour session, which means $50 per hour) then by all means , because you would definitely learn something. The problem is whether would you and the kids continue to apply the method learn. There is a Chinese saying, something like, the Shifu will show you the way, after that it is up to the individual disciple. :)-)

    What I don't quite like about MindChamp is their marketing method, as a result , you pay much more because of the commission that goes to the so-called agent.
  26. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    thanks for putting things in perspective. I was actually contemplating it, with so much positive feedback here and the media.

    Not a very disciplined person myself, I do foresee the problem of getting my girl to continue after the course is over.

    I think I'll just concentrate in helping her cope with her school work as yet. Actually, $50 an hour is quite a hefty sum there!
  27. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I was sort of influenced by my girl's classmate's mother. She told me a lot of improvements in her child's behaviour before the end of the course. At that time, I was very stressed. Everytime ask my girl do homework, without trying say don't know. Ask her learn spelling, never learn. So after hearing the change of behaviour to more mature, take more responsibility towards own homework, then I called up for them to arrange a salesperson to my house.

    The changes in child's behaviour is not overnight. In the past, I can see my girl dread to learn spelling. Now when I ask her learn, I don't get that type of "sian" face. Sometimes she learn herself without I ask. When I teach Science, she pays attention and get into her head. When in P3, her Science teacher was bad, always MC, test paper go home & do meaning I teach. This happen every time, not just one time. One of the time is due to my girl sick so the load comes onto my shoulder. Luckily I am the type of person that will make sure she knows the syallabus. Basically her Science result is due to my teaching.

    The Mindchamps course is not boring. All children likes it. I think when the children likes, they pay attention and absorb and takes interest in learning. That's where behaviour change.

    I was advised to give it a try to see whether things improve or not. Their Marketing method is not a factor to consider at all. Most important is what they teach, whether the children can retain and benefit from the course.

    I am not marketing for Mindchamps. I am just sharing my experience. One Chinese saying, si bei gong ban and si ban gong bei. We want to ensure that we work half the effort but the result is double instead of the other way round. Not forgetting working mothers have limited time when we reach home and there are 4 subjects. If Mindchamps, the professionals, have done study on their techniques, surely they would be more effective than our own way of teaching. Remember I mentioned my girl took long time to learn spelling and now shorter time? The time saved can be used for other subjects or other productive things.

    It is not a matter of discipline yourself to get your girl continuing applying after the course is over. It just come naturally when studying. Same for me. Just be conscious that there are such methods, then apply it.
  28. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    You can pay by 12mth or 24 mth 0% instalments. I chose 12mth and paid $203 per month. If money is an issue, you can choose 24 mth.

    Go to their premises and see for yourself. Their talk given to parents is always full house.
  29. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    Thanks caroline
    Will have to consider. Asking $$$ from hubby, have to tread carefully. He's not quite in favour of these programmes, and is already not too happy i spend so much on my girl's music and french class!

    i've heard so much that I am also very tempted to try.
  30. biyan

    biyan New Member

    Nowadays primary schooling seem so difficult. It was not too long ago (20 over years) that I was a primary student, also went through PSLE scored 255 points 2 A* and 2 A, assume that it is still the same scoring system.

    I could remember those Maths problem sums in P5 & 6 were difficult, especially the last few. English was always a struggle. I was from a Chinese speaking family and only went to PAP K2. I got my breakthrough in English when I started to read one Nancy Draw story book a day in P4. I read for fun, Nancy Draw adventures were always exciting.

    Science was ok because the exams tested the knowledge found in the original science textbook eg. AIR is a matter, has no regular shape, has weight etc (in P3)

    Looking back, it wasn't easy, I did study very hard because I knew that I have to do well to get out of poverty. I did not do well enough to get scholarships but managed to complete basic degree from NUS. I gave tuition to primary students after O levels, continued during A levels and thro U, the income was good enough for school fees and I had some savings left after NUS.

    Enough said about old days, I had hope that my child do not need tuition, I had started him on "I Can Read" for phonics, hope that he will pick up enough phonics skills to read and get on to read lots of books for the fun of it. I strongly believe that self motivation is the most important element for study.

    One more belief that I practise on my child, Mandarin speaking first since baby and added English along the way. As a result, he likes Chinese, that is his mother tongue. He spoke broken English until about 4 years old and from 5 get used to speaking English with me. He cannot speak English like an angmo but he also do not speak Mandarin like an angmo.

    Sometimes I wish I can give my child a poorer family enviroment to motivate him.

    Thanks for hearing me out.
  31. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    My girl is also taking music lesson. I know myself but still engage teacher to teach. What is your girl's grade? Are you working?

    Why take French?
  32. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    Thanks for sharing, Lim

    My girl just started on violin. Still beginner. Have to learn by ear coz cannot see notes. a real struggle. i can't teach her coz i only learned piano, but will be learning violin soon! But i can still help her by playing the notes for her, and she listens and plays it on her violin. We're now beginning to enjoy duets together. Bot some books for violin and piano, and we play some simple songs together. She loves that!

    French? because she's not taking Chinese at PSLE. She is visually handicapped, and is unable to accurately decipher the Chinese graphic characters. Her eye doctor wrote the recommendation. If not, she will fail the subject miserably, and pull down her overall grades. Not very good for self-esteem either.

    We need a subject for replacement when she goes into secondary school. She decided on French herself, and because I have taken French in the past, am able to help her along. i think she wanted French because she was so impressed when her mummy could actually buy her Euro Disney tickets, and get her round Paris with her smattering of French! I was surprised myself, that anyone at all understood me!

    Anyway, i love the French language, I think it's beautiful.

    Tho she's not taking Chinese, I have engaged a tutor to come and speak to her in good Mandarin. It's not about school work, more conversational. My Chinese cannot pass, don't want her to pick up wrong stuffs. This lady is from China, very pleasant (that's important to my girl), and very patient too. comes once a week to chit chat with my girl. Tells my girl stories, and asks her questions after that, all in Chinese!

    I don't want her to become too angmo and forget she's chinese. Here in Singapore, must at least be able to speak, and understand some Chinese. She can write and read simple characters, but will have problems with those that have many strokes.
  33. biyan

    biyan New Member

    Every child has his own interest, some music, others art. Me & my boy signed up for Little Notes music course when he was 3, we skipped many lessons and gave up. My boy loves to draw, he goes to CC for drawing class, $50 for 3 months, he don't learn much, just go there to draw draw. Do you know of any good ART course for children?
    Discover something good about simple drawing, my boy likes to "draw" Chinese characters.
  34. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member


    Do you find the I can read program good ? What you said about Mandarin is very true. In fact, my family is more Mandarin speaking than English speaking, but somehow the kids still end up being more comfortable in English.

    My eldest daughter is a very keen reader. She can read a few books (those thick think one) in a week, but only the English book, she would not touch the Chinese book.
  35. znzyzyzx

    znzyzyzx New Member


    I am not trying to discourage anyone from going for the Mindchamp program. Just giving my view as a parent who has one child attended the program.

    In fact, I let my daughter attend the Smart Kid program by Ernest Wong too.

    Very kiasu, see all this advertisement about dramatic improvement, everything also want to try , :)

    Accordingly to my daughter, she enjoyed both the program , but find the smart kid more enjoyable. Of course , that could be also because at that time when I asked her, she just finished attending the Smart Kid program (and the MindChamp's one was done half a year before that).

    To tell the truth, after attending both the program , I have not seem any mark improvement in my daughter's grade. It could be because she is already above average, so more difficult to see any improvement. (She is in the top class of her level in the school, but she is not the top student of her class, so very greedy, wanted her to be among the top)
  36. biyan

    biyan New Member


    I Can Read is ok, it didn't perform phonics miracle that I had hoped for but at level 1, the material goes into reading comprehension which is good. The angmo teacher's chemistry with the child is also important, the current teacher Christina don't seem to excite my 6 yr old boy. She is old (sorry), fierce and not pretty (sorry). I think I should check for a change in teacher. Another observation, I saw a English speaking angmo boy, maybe about 10 yrs old attending ICR. Anyway, I want to stop once my boy goes to P1.

    For me, I just wish that my boy will be in the top class when he gets into primary.
    Because, I will register him to a neighbour school, need to be in the top class
    to have chance for a good secondary school (very important). I am not so greedy (a little greedy only) don't need to be the top few in the top class. I want him to have time to enjoy his draw draw.
  37. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    you know, i used to have BIG dreams for my girl too, when she was younger. Must go this school, must do this, take that, etc, etc. It was only when she actually started Primary school that things begin to fall into perspective. I don't demand so much now, not because my standards have dropped. On the contrary, I demand a lot; only that she enjoys what she's doing, and that she gives her best.

    I am not trying to discourage parents here with high hopes and dreams for your kids, but please do remember also that they are young only once. there's a lot more to childhood than just doing well and scoring As!

    Now, I help my girl to cope, and hope she can. I still get so frustrated when she doesn't do her homework quickly enough, or if she makes so many careless mistakes. I try to see what i can do to help, that's why I asked for ideas and tips from other parents. Sigh... we've still a long way to go, I'm afraid!
  38. biyan

    biyan New Member

    Have been quite relax at home, never try to drill more into my boy. Since now he is in K2, I hope to prepare him the basics of going to primary sch, eg. just taught him how to tell time. Next will be how to count money. Are there any "must know" things? Maybe those of you who have already experienced the primary one shock can share.
  39. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    From what I see from Mindchamps, it seems it is more applicable for those who have difficulty in learning. Since your child is already in top class, of course, Mindchamps isn't helpful.

    I get frustrated when my girl don't know how to solve problem sums which were previously taught to her. I wish she can be independent.
  40. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    actually, most of what is covered in terms 1 and 2 in P1 would have been taught in K2 at most schools, so you need not worry. For greater assurance, you can always pick up a copy of the P1 texts and workbooks at the bookshops to browse the contents.
    What i find more challenging for kids entering P1 is tackling problem sums - the story sums. They need to read the text and know what is asked of them. Maybe you can try to practise the easier ones with your boy first to prepare him.
  41. maryphuath

    maryphuath New Member

    Like any skills that one learn, MindChamps learning technics actually work provided children who learn apply it to their school work.. Also equally impt is that parents must provide a supportve and encouraging at home to communicate and encourage them to use what I they learn into their school work.

    I know of a MindChamps education advisor who is very helpful and professional. His name is Alvin Poh. Unlike other sales people who make all kind of promises simply to make their money, I know from a friend that he actually advise this friend's relative not to enroll her sec 2 child into the program until the kid is committed to learn and put the skills into use. I was very impressed when I first heard that.

    By the way, Alvin own a parenting websites where he shares useful parenting and education information to help parents in nurturing their children. I am a subscriber to his parenting newsletter. You can check it out at http://www.learningchamp.com
  42. rangie

    rangie New Member

    Anyone heard of this programme at :


    Sounds a bit expensive ($45 per hour) for PSLE, but if the instructor is good, I don't mind sending my daughter there. My daughter study science by memorising the topics, which is not the right way to do.
  43. jheng

    jheng New Member

    can u pls share some more techniques dat Mindchamps have taught? may b some of us r alredi usin them ourselves. [​IMG]
  44. woriwori

    woriwori New Member

    hihi, m new to thi forum...very interesting sharing so far...i need help...my son is in Pr1 & just got his SA1 results ydy...i wanna cry...in fact i did ;o(...English(28.5/70) & Maths(45.5/100) chinese just pass...so so sad, but of coz, my son can't care less...his still dun understand the impt of this results...alot of careless mistakes & missing pages not completed...except for a 10/10 for both english & chinese spelling, the rest was...ARHHHHH!!! how? i always thot that they should get 80/100 or above for Pr1...& now his results are so poor...i might need to take him out from the group tuition & do 1 to 1 with him...but anything else i can do...alot of parents i know get their kids to complete assessments & assessments from other schools....& m just worried if he fail P1 how??? i get very depress just thinking abt this....anyway, izzit common to failed in their 1st SA??
  45. mamabear

    mamabear New Member

    Hi I'm a newbie to this forum. It feels good to know I'm not alone. My daughter is in P1 and she hates school - it's been very hard transition for her. Everyday she'll say, "I want to quit school". She has home work every day almost, so it's v hard on me too i work long hours. She had no SA in her school but she's also v careless and not motivated to study. But i feel it's so sad because she's only 7 yo, so young and yet so much stress.

    Anyway if anybody knows of a good Chinese tutor who can come to the Tanah Merah area, pls let me know, I am looking for one to speak to her to improve her oral and recognise the zi.

  46. biyan

    biyan New Member

    I will be meeting my son's teacher this afternoon for his SA1 papers and RESULTS !!!!
    So far, I know his partial results are weak 80%. I should not have a problem with
    such results. But when I revised his work with him I observed that he had understood
    most of it, especially Maths. Now I wonder what went wrong during exam. So far, he does
    not have tuition or enrichment class. I still stubbornly think he does not need. My son
    do not like school and homework too. One thing, he has very little homework everyday,
    so without tuition, I am RESPONSIBLE to set homework. ok. ok. I will work a little hard
    after office to make homework.
  47. tt2

    tt2 New Member

    Hi mamabear,
    my 2 kids now having tuition with a china teacher. they really enjoy their lessons with her. We stay around expo and she comes to our house for lesson. If u want trial lesson, i can ask her if she keen.
  48. herbal

    herbal Member

  49. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    Hi Hi

    My dd is going P1 next year. Her K2 teacher feedback that she's too timid and still don't dare to speak up and just freeze if she's given something new. Thinking of sending her to speech and drama to boost her speaking skills and confidence. Can any of the experienced mums here recommend a good place where the teachers are encouraging and curriculum is good for the aspects I mentioned. many thanks.
  50. joe23

    joe23 New Member


    I have a 12yr old girl,and we signed her up for the Mindchamps program A while ago. As is, she was a very quiet child, with no selfconfidence, and had a hard time with essay writing,& science.Exam times was a nightmare. She had no motivation to study, & find it very hard 2 remember what she learned. We have tried numerous of tutors,shichida,etc & for once we've found a programme that met our needs. Mindchamps have helped my daughter so much in the time she started the program. She enjoys doing homework, and the techniques are great. I love the fact she has gained so much selfconfidence. She is happy, & her marks have improved alot. Defenitely worth the money. As all their programs are scientifically proven we a parents can see the difference in our child.Check them out!!!!

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