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Mummies with Cancer

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sasababe, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. sasababe

    sasababe New Member

    Dear Mummies,

    I have always been an avid reader of this forum since I was pregnant, continued when i gave birth in Oct 2007.

    In March 2008, I stopped visiting this website.

    It was heart breaking for me, particulary reading the Oct 2007 thread(the mth my baby was born) which I was once a huge fan. I remembered reading the joyful times and occasions that mummies wrote abou spending time with their babies always bring a smile to me that I want to do the same too. Previously, when I read that some Oct mummies bought bumbo chair for their babies, I followed too. I was a first time mum like most mummies in the thread, going through maternity leave together and enjoying the similar times of our babies growth.

    However, in March 2008, i was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. My oncologist told me that my life span is likely between 2 to 5 years. I was devastated because then, my baby was only 5 months. I was angry and sad with myself, resenting for having such a condition while my baby girl was still so young. I rejected reading the thread and visiting this website. I cant bring myself to envy other mummies having so much fun time with their babies yet mine is so short lived. I cried very very hard.
    (I am sorry if I meant resentment in this statement. It was not meant my intention.)

    Now,my little girl is already coming 9 mths old. Almost 3 mths after surgery and post treatment, I have slowly come to terms with my conditions. At this time, my condition is not considered terminally ill, so I am trying to act as a normal person.

    During the darkest period of my life, it was difficult being a first time mum to my cute baby because there are a lot of things that I need to learn and experience. She shared with me her laughter and her joy and makes me forget that I was a brain cancer patient. Knowing that I cant be there to see her grow up, it pains me in the heart.

    Being a parent, I matured a lot and see through how life can be so unpredictable. I sob very hard at times when I envisioned the future where my girl does not have a mother to teach, talk and cosy with. The worst torture to a mother i feel, is not being there with her through her growing up years.

    I am back in this forum again because I have become stronger mentally and would like to find mummies with similar conditions because I know that you feel alone at times.

    (1)I was once lonely because my family were not in the same path as I was.
    (2)I was lonely because I kept this matter hush hush from other friends but to my close friends only. Yet most of them do not have a child yet. (3)I was lonely because I do not have a friend who has been through this condition before.
    (4)I was lonely because I dont know what to do.

    Once my family kept telling me that there is a cure for my condition. I asked my oncologist and i checked the Internet, there is NO CURE. I was very sad because my family were in denial of the illness. I have no choice but to be brave. I tell myself that if i DONT HELP MYSELF, NO ONE WILL CAN HELP ME. My thoughts are it does not matter now that I will have short life span, what matters most is that I can see my girl grows up as much as time permits. Thats my biggest wish.

    Pondering how the future holds for my little girl, it worries me a lot. I believe if there are mothers out there with similar conditions, they worried just as i do. Mothers in many ways think alike. I hope to start this thread so that people like me can have a place to discuss and talk about, not so much about our condition but about our babies.

    Is there someone out there?

  2. miss_clean

    miss_clean Member

    Sad to hear about your condition. It's not the end yet, i think and i hope. Treasure every moment for now, and still live your life to the fullest. I have heard of ppl who changed their lifestyle and habits and recovered from there. It takes time, of course. Try going organic from now, for yourself and your family. Cancer may run in the genes, so how about going organic so dat your family may benefit? Too much processed and preserved foods now, pls steer clear of them. Take foods high in antioxidants, be positive. I hope this will help. Take care.
  3. priceless

    priceless New Member

    Hi Sasababe,

    Im sorry for u. Well guess u're not alone.
    I just had mastectomy done in Nov 07. Mine is aggressive & at stage 2. Removed 15 lymph nodes, 6 are cancerous. My tumor was 3cm during the surgery.

    My onco, breast surgeon and company doc urged me to go for chemo. Im sure u're aware how bad chemo is.

    I was crying the moment my onco told me that i cant conceived after the chemo and worst still I MUST NOT GET PREGNANT during this 2 years provided i take their medication (which i cant recall cos i simply dun bother)

    Jan 08 i got married and then, i got pregnant! How happy is that however, doc told me to watch out for these 3 things - losing weight, coughing for 2 weeks and back pain w/o activity movements.

    Pls do not easily give up hope, Sasa.. If there's a will there's a way. I was down myself too especially after the surgery. Pain everyday. Noone can feel this pain. Stupid rite? However, pls stay positive.

    Im praying hard too here to be able to go tru this pregnancy and deliver the baby smoothly.

    Yep, what Missy13 said is true, change lifestyles, taking organic & supplements help alot. But doc even unsure if it runs in the genes.

    Stay positive & clear ur mind will benefit u & family.
  4. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member


    U r not alone. Can I hv yr email so that we can chat fr there?
  5. cream

    cream New Member


    Maybe u want to provide me your email too?
  6. sasababe

    sasababe New Member

  7. sasababe

    sasababe New Member

    hi missy 13,

    thanx for yr kind words. Its ironic that ppl have to learn through things ONLY when they been through it. U knw what i mean. Its like before,i m so carefree, dont bother about this and that. And then having a kid, then i started to know how my mother cares and age while taking care for me for so many years. While this condition, then started to cherish life. Isnt in the first place, i shld already.. but i guess hopefully, its not too late. I am cherishing everything i have now. Thanks once again.
  8. miss_clean

    miss_clean Member

    Hi Sasa, i just hope for the best. Will keep you in my prayers ya, just wish everyone well. I was quite depressed when a fren of mine got diagnosed with CA breast during her pregnancy and she was also still bfg dat time. Was in a state of shock for while. She has since passed on. I oso dunno wat to say. Just never expect dis kinda things to happen to my own fren... Have you staretd tp take organic foods oreadi? What about vitamins with antioxidants? Do you have prob finding them, i got sumting quite good to recommend if you need. Cos i undrestand ca patients can's take vitamins which affect their hormones.....sumthing like dat. Take care.
  9. sasababe

    sasababe New Member

    hi roslina,

    Congrats that u r preggie. U knw breast cancer has been soo advance that there is a cure already. But i m truly happy to know that u will have a little baby soon.

    My little naughty, she is so cute now i.e.9 mths that she makes me laugh so often that at times, i forgot that i m a cancer patient. I laugh at myself thinking abt it at times.

    Kids are a medicine to cure all sickness i believe. it just sad that my wish to have 3 kids cant be attained but i m contented with 1 little playful girl who always at the right time, shower me with her megawatt smile that makes me want to smile or rather laugh loudly. How adorable kids can be, i never knew till now. *smile*

    wish u have a smooth pregnancy and hang on. the pride to hold yr little baby will be coming soon. The anticipation can be nerve wreaving... haha

    Ah..i miss the infant stage of my little girl..when she just do nothing by sleep on my arms. Now, she wriggle here and there like a chubby worm. Makes me scratch my head sometimes but i enjoyed it very very much.
  10. cream

    cream New Member

    Hi Missy

    Can I noe wat stage Breast CA your gf have?Really sad to noe tat
  11. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member

    Hi Sasa,

    I am in the same boat as u. I was diagnosed with brain tumor too in Aug05 when I was abt 13 wks pregnant, op in Oct 05. I have a 3 yr old girl. Coz of the major op, I had to deliver my son when he was barely 24 wks. Of coz, he couldn't make it. After this ordeal, I become a stronger person. I was quite surprised to see yr posting as yr posting really reflected what I had gone through.
    Can we exchange emails n chat further from there?
  12. sasababe

    sasababe New Member

  13. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member


    I have sent u an email.
  14. cream

    cream New Member

    Hi Sasa

    Please check your email
  15. sasababe

    sasababe New Member

    hi cream,

    not sure wat happeed.there is no content in the email u send me and it was put in the spam inbox.. mayb u want to resend me?
  16. ilovedaddy

    ilovedaddy New Member

    Hi all,

    I was looking at the thread discussing about logico game sets and happened to see this discussion. I have history of lymphoma. In common term this is cancer of the lymph node. I been thru 6 cycles of chemotherapy and my last treatment was way back in 1996 August. Now I am a father of a 3 year old son. I just want all mummies here to know that there is always hope as long as u dun give up yourself. I did not have any special diet then as organic foods is not common then. All i see is a specialist doctor at SGH and follow his prescribed treatments every 2 weeks. With better drugs available today and other supplements, i believed you stand a better chance of getting cure.

    I will also like to share with your another great onco specialist Dr. P.T. Ang @ Mount E. He is the best in the region. If i am not wrong, he is the dr that cure our PM.
  17. janlee

    janlee Member

    Please do not give up hope.

    My mum was diagnosed with advance breast cancer when she was 36 and the 2nd time at 42. And she managed to keep a healthy life style by avoiding food like, SOTONG, CRAB, PRAWNS,etc... She tried to have more veg and fruits. And keeping a life a cheerful and happy one. She knows she got mission to fulfil, she has been chanting and praying to have a good health to fulfil her role as a mother because back then, my sis is only 13. She got to live on and make sure the children and the husband have someone to take care.

    And back in Yr 2006, she was once again being diagnose with ovrian cancer. And she was also given 6 rounds of chemo. She was actually 56 yrs old. And today, she is well and is taking care of my 1 yr old son. I believe her strong determination to live on, keeps her going. She continue to chant for her good health.

    Just lately, I was given the news that I have a growth at my right ovary, and CA125 test actually show a result of 104. I also have chance that this growth might be cancerous... I am completely depressed and asked where is my son future, what is going to happen to my son & my hubby? I was totally devastated. I cried while I was chanting. But I know this is my karma and I know only me can turn this karma away. Only me can change whatever impossible to possible.

    Just to share... My son is a miracle baby. I got 3 doctors who claimed that is not possible for me to conceive naturally as I went through 3 major operation. I got endometrosis, polyds & intestine actually intercept each other. But I am able to conceive naturally. The docs are not able to explain but credit to my strong prayers.

    I am not here to preach about my religion, but to remind each mummy and daddy, we have a very impt mission to fulfil. We must stay strong and positive for our family. The only way to fight with the cancer cell is to stay and remain cheerful. I know it takes time to digest the news. I also cried so hard but i know i don't have more time to cry, i need to fight. I am sending strong prayers for myself. I must win this game.

    I wish everyone good health and best of luck...
  18. proudmommy

    proudmommy Member

    dear sasababe
    don't give up hope
    don't stress yourself over this, enjoy one day at a time with your precious baby girl
    be happy, be joyful, as my christian faith believes joy heals the sickness
    God bless you
  19. sadsinglemummy

    sadsinglemummy New Member

    Hope i am not too late to be here.
    I believe that happy helps to take away your illness, exercise will helps to circulate your blood and drink more organic fruit juice that helps to wash away all those toxic in our body.
    Try to go for green and fresh fruits that belongs to organic.
  20. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    hi all

    are there any special diets for cancer patients?
    meat/dairy etc?
    my dad has been told he has advance cancer i doubt much can be done as its liver cancer. i hv not heard of liver cancer survivors. sigh.. i hv changed his diet to organic greens etc but not sure if the cancer will kill him faster or the diet will get to him ..

    i read up a lot and graviola (from soursop ) seem to be able to keep cancer away..
    see reviews.. but dunno if its all false hope..
    i will try it.. if anyone wants to order let me know.

    anyone tried any supplements before? essiac tea etc?
    here i am trying to self medicate my dad. if these supplements works, there wldnt be cancer to begin with right?
    i hv 2 young boys to care for on top of my sick dad.
    so stressing..
  21. zestyzan

    zestyzan New Member

    HI ep, I'm sorry to hear abt your father. I don't usually post here, but after reading that you are looking for self medication, I believe I may have something for you. The right supplements do work, and I'm not talking abt just testimonials, but clinical studies that show that supplements can help reduce the cancer cells (on mice). I've attended some clinical seminar by scientists and also hear testimonials frm patients' case with end stage liver cancer that shows improvement with the right supplement with the right dose. You may wan to contact my friend, she runs a consultancy with her grp of medical professional and they help manage their patients who want to use supplements to better their condition. The testimony abt the liver cancer patient was frm their case. I used to be skeptical, but after learning abt the difference in this particular supplements, i don't see why we shouldn't try for the sake of our love d ones. I've been taking the supplememnts myself, also my family including my mum who was a stage 2 breast cancer patient. You can contact her at anazor@gmail.com, her company's vanya. All the best!!
  22. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    just read this post and hope i'm not too late in sharing this bit. My SIL was also diagnosed with brain tumour abt 2yrs ago. She has 2 very young daughters. Unfortunately for her, her tumour is non-operable. The drs literally opened her skull up and closed it back and told her it can't be operated on coz it was too close to many major nerves. After radiotherapy and diet, the 5cm tumour managed to shrink a fair bit. Lately she's feeling giddy again and i hope it's not back.

    Wish u all the best in your battle!
  23. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    Zesty zan
    thanks! Cos not sure war drugs /supp to give him as he is on chemo. Dun wan any interactions.
  24. joonjoon

    joonjoon New Member

    My heart goes out to all of you here. I have close family members and young friends plagued with cancer. It is devastating but it's not the end of the world! They have all gone through treatments and are now living their lives quite normally. So PLEASE Please all hang in there! I (and I believe many others too) will pray for you all!

    Please remember that some cancer may not be curable but most of them are treatable. That is to say, medical treatments (be it chemo, clinical trials, etc) are these days, effective in bringing the cancer under control (altho not destroying it). So don't give up!

    I've heard of cancer patients going for detox camp and emerging stronger in health and in spirit. I do not have first hand info but I believe this charitable organization may be able to help.

  25. shbbnhb

    shbbnhb New Member


    is this thread still active?

    my hbby had nose cancer,just completed chemo and radiotherapy.
    we are a young family with 2 kids just turn 6 and 3.and i m a sahm.
  26. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    think some s'porean found a cure to nose cancer. read abt it last year..
    so no worries! best bet is early detection.. have FAITH!
    Hang in there!
  27. shbbnhb

    shbbnhb New Member

    Hi ep

    may i knw where u read it?

    my hb was stage 3 when discovered,thats y need chemo too.
  28. jlml17771

    jlml17771 New Member

    I need help on Lymphoma cancer. USA doc diagnoise my 16 month old bb has Berkitt Lymphoma. NUH doc said wait for next report as he feel bb eat well, put on weight, not sick except occassional cough. His face does not show sign of lump. But both KKH and NUH give unknown histo. NUH insist no chemo required. Anyone came across this? Being well yet has unknown hand tumour and yet diagnoise with Berkitt Lymphoma?
  29. mummm

    mummm New Member

    sabah snake grasss was proven can cured cancer patient..give it a try
  30. yixuan

    yixuan New Member

    Anyone looking for alternative to western medicine can email me.

    I read up somewhere on two items:
    1. Kangen water machine
    From Japan.
    Supposed to be medically used in some hospitals in Japan
    I can pass u free kangen water if u can pick
    Up from me. Just pass me bottles. I do not sell the water. Just wanna help only.
    Supposed to help in cancer but I cannot testify from that cos I am not one.

    2. Bio resonance therapy
    Recently was introduced to it by one big firm
    In Sg but v expensive so I look for alternative cheaper one n found it. I can share contact.
    Same goes for this therapy, rumored to help on camer patients. I cannot testify to that cos I am not.

    Sharing these two contacts becos I don quite believe in western medications but sometimes I do understand no choice. So for those who dare to try, then email me at

  31. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Hmm i will still advise to seek for western medicine as they are scientifically proven.
  32. libbyaz

    libbyaz Member

  33. joshning

    joshning Member

    My heart goes out to mummys suffer from cancer when ur child is still so young. Dun give up for the sake of your child. MIND OVER BODY. seek the best treatment offer.
  34. tulips12

    tulips12 Member

    So sad for priceless.
    May God Bless Her Soul.Amin.
  35. kryzzie

    kryzzie New Member

    I am really sad to hear of your plight. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the other mummies suffering similarly. May you all have courage, strength and love in all your days.
    I believe in miracles. My mother had a brain tumor before, and doctors also suspected she had 2 different types of cancer, but she refused to be properly diagnosed because she told me that without their confirmation, she can live with hope and not fear the arrival of imminent death. This was 10 years ago, when doctors said that she would only have a matter of a few years to live. Throughout the years, she has had growth in her nose, on her skin, etc which doctors said that are probably of cancerous, yet again she refused to be formally diagnosed, and these growths have mysteriously and miraculously disappeared several times.
    Each day my mum lives as a testimony of her faith and positivity. Though it is not without strains. She had foolish thoughts several times and was also in IMH... but she has brought so much hope to others during her one-month hospitalisation through her sharing.
    My deepest condolences to Mdm Roslina Bt Abdul Rahman.
    Life will come to an end for all of us, but it is our journey that matters, and not so much the time itself that's left.
    We all grieve for the eventual loss, but we must be strong for the life that perseveres.

    For that, I really am proud of you Sasa for being strong and overcoming as much as you have for all this time, and to come out to share with others, giving them strength and friendship, inspiring them, showing them hope. [​IMG]
    Continue to be strong! *hugs*
  36. ah_meow2

    ah_meow2 Member

    Hi all,

    Is this thread still active??
    Is chemotherapy painful?? Any kind soul can reply me??

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