Mummies staying at Clementi / Dover / Commonwealth

Hi Mummies

Will be moving to clementi end Nov. Would like to join this group to share share information and experience.

I have a 6 years old boy and 10 years old girl. My girl is in NYPS so didi will be joining in the same school next year.

My 6 years old boy joined Columbia since last year August. If you are looking at academic development, you can go for columbia. My son actually quite slow at his age now he has picked up alot though still have problem reading some words as he may not done his blending correctly or he is just guessing. But if you are sending in at young age, you should not have such problem reading is well cultivated within the centre.

I am looking at enrichment classes for my older kids in clementi mall itself. any commets on Confucius as the wait list in Berries is super long and what about mind stretcher for English and Science ?

Morning all mummies, greeting from Taiwan

if no change in the registration phases in 2015, my boy be ur kids' junior

Columbia: Thankyou,We visited Columbia with some gd feedbacks tt it's academic driven, despite feedback of chers arent tt great & caring.
I called & made appt, 1st impression over the phone its sooo noisy . Continually with the visit as im looking for academix driven & leadership training type of program. 1st gd new to me is it's cheap Or rather not cheap but cheaper then i expected it to be. After subsidy it's$600+ . Maybe coz we visit on a sat 1045am, the counter lady who brought us ard gave us that chop chop settle & u go off attitude! She brings us ' tour' the centre. We only request to see the N2 classrm since my boy be in N2 next yr & fr the works we can roughly see the std as both Hb & I r in teaching line. Fr the work it's just normal std, what pissed us off is my Hb went into tt rm not touching anything just look ard with my boy follow suit and was pointing to my Hb abt the toy not even touching . Then tt woman asked my boy not to touch and as us to go out!!!( its definitely not nice tone!! My Hb is pissed !) The my boy wan drink water seeing the water dispenser , she gave no reply just turn ard look at my boy n proceed on with her ' tour' intro. Then when I'm looking thru the timetable, obviously I definitely will .
Can't really rem if I'm pleased w the timetable as I'm pissed by her attitude at my boy. For a 3yo boy u don't expect him to just sit still or follow us deadly right, we r happy our boy explore the centre looking ard but not touching as we had taught him to ask . So back at the counter where the timetable is when I'm asking her abt the curriculum, my boy walked up n down ard the counter corner, she looked at my boy who touch her counter wooden swinging door n she passed a remark ' how kid behave is how the parent discipline him' ( same meaning statement structure can't rem) & sat back at her chair giving me the price list n said something like ' is ur boy academically prepared to join our sch? ( scanned my boy head to toes)It be better he joins this yr ( though i told her im looking at N2 next yr)' . My Hb was aldy pissed by her attitude & sit aside n waiting for me to leave with my boy. And I just told her that my boy is even prepared to join their K1 in term of academic coz I aldy taught him writing & others ( N2 syllabus)
Conclusion: A non-affectionate sch ( based on tt woman). Quite a academic driven sch ( based on timetable without discounted coz I always discounted what's presented on the timetable). A sch to drill theory into the kids but not leadership creative training type ( based on my this visit exp). My Hb 1st response out of the cc: I hope u not considering this for our son.
Nlimm, holiday in Taiwan ? Enjoy. Good for you that your son joining 2015 as my son has to go temp site at Toh tuck in 2013 and 2014. I have to send 2 kids to same school different campus so troublesome.

I know who you are referring to as I also went on a sat and served by the same person. my first impression was with the havelock branch which I met up with the boss Emily's husband and I went through the materials. but Havelock was a newly start up so I did not Like the idea of mixed levels in same class. I had other problems with previous childcare which my son was deeply demoralised by the teacher and I was looking for a place to help him build up his esteem with academic boost. he has to take a placement test as he is joining second half of k1 , they understand his confidence issue so I must say I closed eyes to the attitude issue as long as my son is happy and able to progress.

I think there is another centre in west coast under the pat school house group which my friend daughter goes to and it is good too.
I'm looking at sending my son to playgroup when he turns 18months or 2 yrs old. Currently, shortlisted talentplus @ Clementi CC and Blk 343 edufarm. Any feebacks from mummies/parents who already have kids inside?
I feel it is up to you to decide, when I had only 1 kid, i sent at 18 months for social reason.

My second son probably only join childcare from 2 years old because nanny was attending to his needs without him verbalising his wants so he was slower in speech.

By the way, anyone with 2002 P5 kids in clementi keen to group together for a chinese class ?

Its been a while since i checked this page.

Kidz_Skidz: did u try out the speedy chinese program in the end? i wonder if its like siwukuaidu? Also, how are your kids at ireadnwrite? Are u going to switch to icreative?

I am keen to get feedback on MPM at Pandan valley. Looking for a maths program for my daughter.

Attending a 3 session time module at Neuromaths junior. tried it so far, and they use very hands on materials to teach. The teacher is ex-shishida, and uses flashcards to teach the days of the week and month. Also, do some photographic memory. It is quite interesting.

Also, on right-brain learning, heard that a new school Henguru is opening up in Singapore. The nearest to us is at Fusionpolis. Classes start next year. Spoke to the lady boss, Agnes and she said that it will still help for kids under 6 who have not done any brain training.

Any thoughts abt right brain training? Thanks, ladies.
Hi mummies, I am new to this thread.

Any good cc to recommend around commonwealth area? All the cc seem quite far out, can't seem to find a good & convenient one.
Hi nlimm:
I have shortlisted the Kinderland at SP as well. Heard it is quite nice. I have a few friends who work at SP and their kids are there. They get subsidies from SP and it's really cheap. Thinking to send me son there when he hits 3.

Hi Flowerie123:
I have registered my son for TalentPlus at Clementi CC, waiting to enrol him in 2nd or 3rd qtr next year. It is more expensive than EduFarm at Blk 343. I don't know of anyone at EduFarm, but I do know of kids who attended TalentPlus and are quite happy with it. Would you explore the Phonics class offered by EduFarm?
Hi Cazzie,

Probably I need to check out Talentplus too.
For edufarm, I have heard a few positive feedbacks about it, but they were from other branches.
I am not sure if I will be sending him to Phonics by edufarm..yet to think about it, and probably my hubby will not be very keen on it. (mummies tend to be more kiasu :p)
Angie Mummy: Whc part of Commonwealth are you near to? I know there's a Sparkletots in Tanglin Halt. I also see something that may be a CC in Ghim Moh, the block behind the bus-stop that's across from Star Vista. Dunno if these are near you?
Pixy: Speedy Chinese - cld not get enuf to start a class. Decided against iCreative as not able to get concurrent timeslots for my kids.

I am PTWM with one 8yo girl @ NanHua and one 16mo girl.

My 8yo used to go CWK, but I find that the school curriculum is not fantastic thus lots of enrichment is needed.

Thinking of placing my no#2 into CC so that she can learn the life skills and independence. Any feedback with 1st skool and agape in clementi?
I'm looking for indonesian maid (Understand English) to clean my house and cook and look after my 2 yo & 6mths old girls(both in school, so only take care when they are off school). Sms 96993727 if you have any. Thanks!
selling used Agape boy uniform. $10 for all :
A) 3 x (size 22 top & size 2 bottom)
B) 2 x (size 24 top & size 3 bottom)

Condition: Shorts are good condition. All top looks worn(yellow more than green) except for 1set size 24 which was just bought. See picture.

Please PM if interested.

Also have the bed for sale if interested. thanks.
my girl in P1 this year. any good english and maths course for P1 level?
Or anyone got any private tutor to recommend?
Hi Kidz_Skidz,

I hv being MIA for so long, went back to full time job last March, being so busy..

May I know why you want to switch yr B1 to icreative? Yr B2 is with ireadnwrite now?

My boy currently in I Can Read but I am not very satisfied with it... I am thinking of switching to ireadnwrite as it seems very promising from what I read in the website.

Hi Preciousthot, your kid still in Agape Clementi? N2 class? I am DX mummy.. Perhaps we know one another..
<font size="+2"><font color="0000ff">Hi Mums!!!</font></font>

Sorry, I hvn't had time to check in on this thread... till I actually forgot my password!
Just managed to get around to resetting it.
Will try to follow-up on your posts &amp; queries

<font size="+1"><font color="aa00aa">iCreative:</font></font> Did not sign up my kids in the end. Tho sent my girl there last year for trial lesson. As there was no vacancies in concurrent time slots for both of them, was only given choice to send them in on separate days whc would totally mess up their Berries schedule too (btw he's 4 &amp; my girl is 6 - this year).

<font size="+1"><font color="aa00aa">Phonics:</font></font> Abt 3 wks back, I started my girl on Read In A Week in City Vibes. She's picking up fast and enjoys the class too - even when there's a substitute teacher. Btw this program is available at all Kent Ridge Education branches e.g. Jcube, Rochester Mall, Tiong Bahru Plaza.

<font size="+1"><font color="aa00aa">Speedy Chinese Class:</font></font> Not successful in getting enough sign-ups to start a class

<font size="+1"><font color="aa00aa"></font></font> Yes, both my K2 girl &amp; N2 boy are in it. Both started at 3.5YO. Both are enjoying the classes and learning well. When my girl started, I actually signed her up for the twice a week classes during her first term in the program. Naturally, it helped her to pick up very fast. Bt when her brother joined her, I just let him stay with her in the once-a-week schedule she was already on. He has surprised me by being able to pick up his reading exercise book and just sit and read what he's been taught even tho I hv no energy to revise with him. Bt looking back, I realise at this age, they learn and recall things easily. The program offers a free trial so just check the website and call to arrange. If you decide to sign up, see if you want to mention that you heard about the program through me. It's suppose to entitle new sign-ups to a waiver of the $50 registration fee. My kid will also get $20+ off for next term's fee
<font color="0000ff">Kite:</font> Whc PS is C in? Hope she's doing well. Re primary sch maths: recently I meant a mum who has two kids in Pei Hwa PS. She mentioned to me that Learning Lab in United Square is good. It offers MOE syllabus maths enrichment bt pitches it at a higher level to challenge the children.
<font color="119911">MPM:</font> Pandan Valley branch seems to be better in that it's operated by two teachers (including franchise owner) who have taught there for many years.

FYI: The MPM branch that was at West Coast (HDB) is now in Clementi Central, at the end of the block where Phoon Huat. I made enquiries last year but was not able to find a suitable time-slot for my K2 girl to start there. As in I only wanted weekday class.

Anyway, now most of my kids' weekday afternoons are filled. This year we decided to start give them piano and swimming lessons. Piano is with a private teacher next to their kindy so I'm able to just walk them there after school. Best part is both of them are with the teacher in the piano room at the same time e.g. she teaches one while the other does theory work or practise on the 2nd piano. For swimming, a good friend just moved nearby and organised a swim class for her child and my kids on weekday afternoons so we just cld not pass up the opportunity.

Though this year sees more activities added to my kids' schedule, I personally have found it more relaxing since for most of these, both kids can participate together in the same time-slot. I just really feel very blessed that things are falling in place nicely for their schedules.
<font size="+1"><font color="0000ff">Jurong Bird Park discounted tickets</font></font>

I have 4 adult's admission tickets to Jurong Birdpark to let go. $16/ticket. Usual price is $20/ticket. Tickets are open-dated and can be used anytime till 30 April (date inclusive).

I can provide normal postage or do a meet-up in Clementi Mall at a time convenient for both parties. Do PM me if you want any of the tickets
<font color="0000ff">Note that the $16/adult tickets to Jurong Bird Park is inclusive of tram ride. Full-price of both is $25.</font>
<font size="+1"><font color="0000ff">Sentosa's Kidz Flea - Saturday 23 March, 2-7pm</font></font>

Hi Mum!

My B1 and her two besties are setting up shop tomorrow at Sentosa's Kidz Flea! Drop by their stall, Charlie's Angels, and grab some great bargains. On sale are brand new bags, soft toys, stickers, stationery, craft kits, handcrafted lanyards &amp; hairclips as well as ladies' clothing, etc. Purchase $10 and get one Lucky Dip. 50% of proceeds will go to Hospice Care Association. Come shop for charity + help these 6-year-olds learn how to be little bosses ;-)

Date: 23 March (Saturday)
Time: 2-7pm
Venue: Sentosa (next to Beach Station/iFly)


*Kidz Flea is on till this Sunday, 24 March.
Hi all.
I m staying in ave 5, My gal in p3 this year, i m interested in putting her in smiling star's Chinese improvement programme. U may visit their website for details as introduce by kidszkidz. Min, 6 to start a new class in RC. anyone interested pls pm as I may nt follow thread most of d time. Thx.
any mummies who has their kid in monkey abacus at west coast? I am thinking of enrolling my 4YO and was wondering if any mummies have reviews on the teachers there..
Hi all, my child is 17months now and i intend to send her for playgroup when she turns 24 months. Any recommendations for the clementi area? Hows agape at clementi?
I am not sure about clementi. I know kallang is quite dirty and crowded, located at a carpark and my DS remarked the school didn't bathe. At Cecil, the turnover is very high. There is no principal to replace the one that left and some children were also transferred out the school. Pretty distruptive. At orange grove the turnover of students are high as they are mostly expats.

So generally I think agape has a problem with retaining teachers and their principals / teachers play musical chairs. The centres are also quite crowded and especially for infants there is quite a high occurrence of h1n1, hfmd and chicken pox. when 16 cases happened in one month, the teachers said that all schools are like that,

Also if you want to talk. To someone higher.... You can forget it. You can forget about contacting the directors as they are the untouchables. When I wanted to meet her, I was told just to speak to the principal. Non of the staff know their whereabouts. And when I finally met up. I got a shock of my life, the mmgt behind agape is so close minded and arrogant. And not to say the least.... Very rude. Totally different from the facade they claim the school motto to be. Anything the parents give feedback they just tell you to go another school. More than one parent has feedback the same thing on this forum.

And lastly the graduation concert is super expensive. Few hundred bucks per family to go. Easily can go for a good family tour.
Dear west side mummies,

Anyone send your children to blk 305 clementi ave 4 pcf bukit timah infant care? How is their service? Any feedback to share?

The principle is Shane Yee and She is not as good as what others thought. She is mean to some of the teachers and most of the teachers are foreigners and the Chinese teachers are from China. Lots of complaints of the school.
Management and Principles are not humble and are irresponsible. Schools fees are on the higher side.

Do some research and look for some other options. There are much better schools elsewhere.. :)
Hi, for parents whose child(ren) are in CWK, mind sharing their daily timetable?
My boy is in pats schoolhouse at Ridgewood. Thinking if I should stay put or transfer him to a kindy next year
Hi Mummies,

Anyone send their children to PCF at Blk 330 Clementi Ave 2? My boy will be K1 next year.

Anyone knows catholic or christian kindergarten school in clementi?

Hi Mummies, how are you? I am new to this thread. I chance upon this thread while searching for student care and piano class for my child. Does anyone has relevant information to share? for student care, the pick up time cannot be before 630pm as I work till 6pm. My child is presently studying in Qifa. I am also looking at junior piano and individual classes for my presch and pri school children. appreciate anyone can provide feedback if your child is undergoing these Yamaha programme at Clementi or if you have other to recommend? Thanks in advance.
Hi bubbl3, if jurong is convenient to you, I would recommend creative o at ibp. both my child been through their programme and enjoy it alot.
hi, is this thread still active or is there a FB group that I can join? By the way, I am asking around if there is any child interested to learn swimming at delta swimming complex? Any good swimming coach to recommend?