Mummies staying at Clementi / Dover / Commonwealth

dodnut: what type of enrichment class are u looking at? the classes are only 3 hrs, it's hard to fit in much into a 3 hrs, esp when they have snack time, toilet time, play time etc. My son really enjoyed his time at CWK

Think they offer Chinese enrichment but it's after school i.e. after the PM session is let out. But my friend pulled her child out of it after 1 or 2 terms. Her child's now at Berries (West Coast CC) and the feedback is the syllabus, worksheets, etc. are better than what was in CWK's Chinese enrichment class.
There are of course other kindys who engage external vendors to run art or music enrichment during school hours or after school on a weekly basis.

For me, I prefer to shop around to compare programmes and of course the standards. Actually there are a lot of good options for various enrichment activities here in the Clementi area too.
Sorry I forgot to intro myself =P

My gal is 14 mths old and I'm starting to scout around the West Coast/Clementi/Jurong East area for a kindy or childcare for her. I'm a FTWM and my MIL takes care of my gal in the day.

1) I haven't decided whether to go to childcare or 3hr sch kindy. If it's childcare, I will start her probably end of next year.

2) For childcare, I have a few in mind:
- Pat's @ Jubilee (cost is my concern)
- Learning Vision @ IBP (I just missed their open house last w/e cos I was sick)
- Little Skoolhouse @ Ayer rajah CC (anyone has any feedback on this?)
- Agape little uni @ Clementi mall (not too keen on this as I feel that it lacks space for kids to run around)

3) For kindy, i think CWK is the only one around the area. I know in Pandan there are Galilee and Pandan Calvary but I'm not too keen on those. In my earlier question, I was asking whether CWK has any after-school hours enrichment for the students.

One plus point of childcare vs sch kindy is that it's like a one-stop shop - u have the enrichment classes to keep them occupied. But if the kindy doesn't have, then u have to sign up with schools yourself and ferry them to & fro.

the biggest concern I have with childcare of course, is that they will inevitably fall sick more often. And then it'll be hell for parents.

Decisions, decisions.. why is it so hard?

kidzskidz - it's quite hard for me cos I need to depend on my MIL to bring her to those external schools and my MIL still needs to cook for us, etc.
Hello, does anybody have updated feedbacks on agape little uni (clementi branch)? Thinking of sending my DD and DS to K1 and PG classes next year.

Can anyone feedback on their syllabus and teacher's professionalism?
Kidz - ya I went for a mini trial abt 5-10 min tdy w my dd.

The abacus they use is very diff fm CMA and teaching is also a bit diff.

My dd went for the 2g (CMA similar) and don like it hence I looking at alternative for her. She seems to prefer this but I think I still need to try out on CMA first before deciding.

The 4 time trial lesson still need to purchase the material and their abacus costing $58, that's why still don know if I shld go for that.

Am also thinking of MPM as well. Too many diff classes so cannot decide.

BTW, u know any good Chinese enrichment around beside berries? I find berries not as good as many had claim. Or is it I too picky. Hehe
Dear mummies,

Any idea where I can buy cheap milk powder and diapers too as Im new to this estate, but cannot seemt to find this kind of medical hall even after 2 months of exploring.
Hello..just wondering if all you mummies are FTWM or SAHM? I am a FTWM with a 9-yr old son and 5-yr old daughter staying at West Coast. Used to be a SAHM but back to be a FTWM coming to 4 years already. But still harbouring thoughts of being a SAHM again on and off.
Hello gingerbelle,

I'm a FTWM with two girls, 7 years and 3 years.
Nice to know you

I'm also staying at West Coast :p
My girl currently studying at Pei Tong Primary School. Any Pei Tong mummies here?
<font color="119911">Zolldoll:</font> Clementi don't really hv e AMK Ang Mo type of bargain finds. All I've managed in the part was to stock up diapers when there's sale @ NTUC, Sheng Siong or CK. Or stockpile when there're baby fairs.
<font color="0000ff">Belin:</font> I c. I'm inclined towards it as it's taught in English + the plc is more secure w inhouse toilet. Bt like you I've yet to make a final decision

My 5 &amp; 3YO r very happy in Berries. I find e centre's tchrs and other staff to be very professional yet friendly. B4 Berries, we weren't impressed w e way things were done @ Confucius Institue.

A neighbour tells me Tien Hsia @ JPt is good too bt more for primary schoolers + that plc is like old sch memorize method.
Any1 keen to meet up? Maybe someone can book a function room and we do potluck + playdate for kids? Like each bring a toy to toy-pool? Something easy to sanitize?
Thanks Kids Skidz, ya realised so when I went to explore. So I also need to stock up lor in that case. Hey, if any ladies do intend to meet up, do count me in and I see if I can squeeze some time to. I have two young ones btw, one 3 and the other 5.
i got a 3 yrs old, he used to attend CWK, but i had to pull him out cos i am a FTWM and needed a full time childcare. My 3yrs old is at IBP Mulberry, they have a lot of curriculum and activities. Heard their JE branch has got a long waitlist
Hi Goddess, Im thinking of enrolling my DD to Pei Tong Pri in the upcoming Pri 1 reg... Can you share how's the circularium in Pei Tong?

Im also staying @ West Coast...
HI Cribcot,

Pei Tong practice holistic learning for the students whereby they encourage children to learn through play. They also have PAL (Programme for Active Learning) for the P1 and P2.
The actual examination comes in only at the end of Year 2. During this period, teachers will assess the students based on some mini test/worksheets during the class lessons by determining their level based on "competent", "developing" or "novice".
You can find more abt PAL at the moe website.
The principal is a pleasant man too. Often see him helping out each time I send my girl to school, helping the students or controlling the traffic when it rains.
So far, am pleased with Pei Tong

will you be in Phase 2c?
Hi Goddess,

Thanks for the information,

Yup, will be in the 2C phrase.. First choice was NHPS but looking at the balance seats of 16 (For 2C) think it will be tough as Im within 1-2km for NHPS, Pei Tong, Qifa...

My next choice is either Qifa or Pei Tong.. so need to make a decision quick before reg next week.
Hi cribcot,
If u r w/i 1-2km from nanhua, it's impossible to secure a place there as past history is balloting within 1km under phase 2c.
U can consider Qifa, Pei Tong or Clementi Pri.
Good luck to u!
Kidz - Ur kids attend berries at which branch? Mine is at pandan valley.

Btw, I might be signing my gal for mpm at Clementi branch. I think it's at former phoon huat shop. Gg dn to take a look at their material next wk then confirm.
<font color="119911">Heysugarbug:</font> Welcome to this community

<font color="aa00aa">Belin1322:</font> They're @ West Coast CC. PV branch too small so didn't hv any vacancy when I asked for place at end of my girl's N1 yr. West Coast has worked out better for us since it's got concurrent class slot for my 3 &amp; 5YO, there's shelter to carpark PLUS shopping &amp; bubble tea for mummy!
Kidz - ya PV slot always very full.

BTW, any mummies' gals went for Ballet Class at West coast Plaza? My gal is there. Any one got feedbk on the school?
My gal took up ballet for a while at Bt Timah Plaza's Attitude Dance Studio. Bt I know e founder of The Ballet School @ West Coast Plaza teaches in many of e west-side Community Clubs and has been doing that for a fair number of years. this said, I believe she employs a group of teachers @ her own centre.
Kidz - ya, my gal started out at CC then after that she asked if my gal wanna join her school at West Coast, that's how I joined them. Else I wouldn't know they have their own school.

But my gal enjoying so I no complain.

BTW, any mums know if there is a website that helps to buy milk powder fm JB and delivers?

Thx much
Hihi. My son went to Berries @ West Coast CC when he was 2.5 and I found it rather beneficial because we don't speak Mandarin at home. But we stopped after we moved overseas for a while. Still thinking whether to send him again since he has daily Mandarin lessons in nursery school.

As for The Ballet School, at what age do they take students and how much are their lessons? I was quite put off by the girl who was manning the counter a few months ago, because she was very unfriendly and totally not interested in explaining the types of courses they provided. She sure made me feel very unwelcome. But I'm sure she's not the owner because she's pretty young (like teenager or early 20s). Want to send my kids for lessons, also so difficult
Heysugarbug - they can start as young as 3.5yrs. It's $155 for 8 lessons. I don kn if the price also varies with diff level a not? My gal is under the preschool level.
Hi mummies!

I'm new to this thread. Stumbled upon it when "kiasu-ly" looking for playgroup.

I have a 9-mth old son. We're staying at Clementi Ave 5, in laws at Ave 2, so looking for all child-related stuff within Clementi.

Looking for feedback on the TalentPlus class at Clementi Community Club.

Thinking to send my son there when he turns 18 months.

Any comments on the teachers, curriculum, etc?

<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">SMILING STAR SPEEDY CHINESE CHARACTER RECOGNITION</font></font>

Hi mums! This course is for 4-7YO. I'm looking for min. 5 other kids to start the class with my daughter. It was recommended to me by a parent of a K2 boy from my daughter's previous CC. Right now the nearest location is @ the RC Centre in Blk 343, Clementi Ave 5.

<font color="ff0000">But Smiling Star needs a min. of 6 students to start the class. Class schedule can be arranged according to popular vote.</font>

<font color="119911">Course fee: $200 for 12 lessons. Think another $20-25 for course materials.</font>

Please see this link to Smiling Star's prog write-up for more details

<font color="0000ff">Class Schedule:</font> I'm hoping to organise a class for 7:30-9pm on either Mon, Tue or Thu nights. Or if need to be on a weekend, Smiling Star's orginal time-slot of 9:30-11am on Saturday.

Please indicate your preference and once we can get 6 students, I can approach Smiling Star to start the class. I'm hoping the class can start after National Day weekend.

<font color="aa00aa">If you prefer another time-slot, do list it and we can put it to a vote too. Looking forward to your replies.</font>
<font color="119911">Gingerbelle:</font> They continue w Berries. Bt we don't speak any Mandarin @ home so I'm keen let my 5YO take up the Speedy Word Recognition course to help lay a stronger foundation.

Any mum keen? It's for 4-7YO.
<font color="0000ff">iCreative Learner:</font> Any1 sending their kid to iCreative? Y'day I sent my 5YO to their Clementi West Learning Hub for a trial. Bt gathering more info b4 I decide whether to let her attend the course in the long run.
Any mummies here enrolling for Nanhua Pri next yr under phrase 2B? Im one of them, but think needs balloting even if Im within 1km of the school. And I also want to find out about their after school care too, any info on this?
Dear all mummies,
I am new here , allows me to join your group.
Im looking for cc for my 3yo boy.
Any of you could help me with some feedback for Agape little uni( Clementi), mulberry ( JE), Columbia academy( JE), kinderland( SP) ?
Hi mummies

I'm intending to enrol my 4-yo into Yamaha's Junior Music Course. There's a new intake starting this October at the Yamaha Clementi branch, but the Monday 8pm class is currently empty. So I was wondering if there are any parents out there who might be interested in enrolling the kids for the same class. There needs to be a minimum of 6 kids to start. This is a parent-accompanied class.

These are the information I've gathered:

Registration - $32.10
Term fees - $321
Materials - $127.90 (can last for 2 terms)

Just in case you have any enquiries, Yamaha Clementi's number is 6740 9361. They have lessons too on Thursday evenings and weekends, but I am looking at Monday evenings specifically. Hopefully there's enough participants to start a Monday class. Thanks!