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Mummies in USA

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by yuki, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. yuki

    yuki New Member

    Hi mommies,

    My cousin's hubby have been posted to work in USA, Arizona. My cousin and her 5 year old daughter will be going as well.

    Any one can help on the following issues:

    1. Any recommended school for my 5 year old niece? The fees for international school seems to be very x. (US$400-500 per month)

    Is the state school good enough?

    2. How much it cost to give birth in USA? Heard it's very expensive. PLease give an indication.

    Please note that the company doesn't give them alot of allowance so they are working on a very tight budget....


  2. cosmo

    cosmo New Member

    Hi Yuki
    I am in califonia and I gave birth here last year. Firstly, healthcare cost a bomb here. The first thing she and her family need is to get health insurance. Without it, it's almost impossible to pay for healthcare. She shd check that it includes prenatal, birth (normal and special), hospitalization and if it covers the infant in the 1st month. Depending on plans, the premium and out-of-pocket costs varies. There are plans that you pay high premium monthly, but the out-of-pocket expenses is very low. There are plans that you pay low premium, but deductibles is veryhigh. She shd also check if there's any exclusion on pre-existing conditions, for example if she's already pregnant.
    Where I am, normal birth including prenatal is about 6-8K. A friend had a preemie, the bill came up to be abt 25K. Again, these figures are the billed amount, so your payment depends on the insurance plan.

    I am not clear abt the schools but think she can find school ratings somewhere. Public schools depends on where you live, there's a zone system. Public schools can be good schools too, all depends.

    You need more info, let me know. Feel free!
  3. doodbug

    doodbug New Member

    Hi cosmo,
    which part of California are you at? I'm moving to LA for 2 yrs next month - just delivered in end June and am thinking of having my 2nd kid in the US. How did you manage to cope delivering in the US?
  4. cosmo

    cosmo New Member

    Hi doodbug
    I am near SF. Sad that you are not nearer. Always nice to know more SG friends.

    Wow, you'll be moving with a newborn! Remember to look for health insurance. Very impt. Hubby working? Maybe his company already has group insurance, so it might be easier. Will u be a SAHM?

    Any qns, feel free to pop, I'll try to offer my opinion.

    Abt pregnancy here, I enjoyed it. But I cannot compare to other experience, my experience here was good (only 1st bb). Think coz I have a good GYN/OB and the hospital I go to was fabulous. I had LDR room - think I got it right, anyway it was labor, delivery and recovery room, so I never moved, bb was also in the same room. I had no help since giving birth, hubby and I coped well. We cooked and all. As for me, I don't believe in the confinement customs, so it was ok. I believed in eating well, healthy and not falling sick, basically, I believed in taking normal care of self, so I was not upset abt no help.

    In fact, MIL came in the 3rd wk postpartum with SIL. I had more difficulties then. Anyway, I won't go into details.
  5. yuki

    yuki New Member

    Hi cosmo,

    Thanks for your reply. I almost give up on this thread already.

    Glad to hear that you are coping well together with your baby [​IMG]

    Do you get the health insurance here in S'pore or in USA? The prices that you quoted are in S$ or US$?
  6. cosmo

    cosmo New Member

    Prices in USD. Get the health insurance in USA.
  7. yuki

    yuki New Member

    Thanks Cosmo! [​IMG]
  8. laputa

    laputa New Member


    the private/international schools here cost US$900 to $2000 per month so its better to let your niece try out the public school first which is free according to my hubby's friend.

    the gynae checkup here is not as good as Singapore, I have my first boy in singapore and delivering my 2nd boy in the states. the cost here is much higher for a gynae checkup and your cousin should ask around for recommendations for a good gynae and then go and interview the nurse. make sure your cousin choose a gynae that can do the ultrasound scan in her room. the first gynae we found which is walking distance from my apartment does not deliver unless it is within office hours and the ultrasound is done by the ultrasound department. the second gynae which we found which we have to take taxi to, can do the ultrasound, urine test, sugar test, triple test all at the gynae clinic. also the gynae will deliver unless the gynae is out of town. so eventhough transport is a hassle, we rather go to the second gynae.

    Arizona has alot of SAF people.


    I also rather not have help but my MIL said she might come and do confinement for me. the problem is she tend to say say and not do so my parents are waiting for a comfirmed yes/no before booking their air tickets. my parents are coming to help out by bringing my older boy out and also do the washing/cleaning/ironing. but my parents are coming after my in-laws go so that we have a longer period of help.

    also we are staying in a one-bedroom apartment due to high rent so my in-laws would have to sleep on an inflatable bed in the living room when they come over. my parents are opting to stay at a nearby hotel so as not to inconvenience us. my FIL very nice wont complain but my MIL will complain for months. actually its my FIL who thinks that my MIL should offer to help but my first confinment my MIL didnt help at all and only clean my kitchen whenever my FIL drive her over during confinement.
  9. yuki

    yuki New Member

    Hi Rochelle,

    Thanks. My cousin's hubby is in SAF that's why they are there. [​IMG]

    My niece has settled very well at the public school near their apartment.

    Which state are you in?
  10. laputa

    laputa New Member


    my nephew is also in Arizona with his wife. he is an aircraft technican if I dont remember wrongly.

    I am in California.
  11. sraikh

    sraikh New Member

    Hey Ladies,
    I am in South California, abt 20 miles from LA.
    I have three kids.2 Singaporean and 1 American.Abt health insurance, my DH's company pays for it and we pay some $200 every month.

    Any questions, if anyone wants more info, please email me at sraikh@yahoo.com
  12. doodbug

    doodbug New Member

    Hihi! Is this thread still alive?

    Sun, I am living in West LA now....where abouts are you at? Which hospital did you deliver your American kid?

    I'm currently covered under a very good Blue Cross HMO plan - the bad thing is that I cannot choose my gynae. But so far, my experiences with the UCLA medical group has been really good. My first baby had to undergo a hernia surgery in early Nov at 4 mths old and everything went really well. I'm currently expecting our 2nd child and will be delivering at UCLA Santa Monica.

    Health insurance here costs a bomb but it is an item you can't stinge on. My son's hernia day surgery came up to US$12,995 - it would have been uncopable without health insurance.

    Are there any other mummies in the US?

    Hi Rochelle, whereabouts in the US are you at? My current gynae does not do ultrasound but it is done by the ultrasound department. At first I had alot of hesitations with this system. But in all honesty, I found the ultrasound department extremely professional and as they specialise in ultrasound, they really can tell alot of things. I delivered my first child in S'pore under one of the gynaes at the WC Cheng clinic - all the detailed ultrasounds were done by Dr TC Chang who really specialises in ultrasounds - he is a gynae too.

    I'm just wondering whether the baby gets US citizenship if it is born to an SAF dad currently residing in the US?
  13. ainchon

    ainchon Member

    This thread still alive?

    Are there any mummies in USA?
  14. romona

    romona Active Member

    yes. In Irvine, CA.
  15. divachamp

    divachamp New Member

    I am in San Jose.CA
    Looking for a good gynae. Any recommedations?
  16. misaryeo

    misaryeo New Member

    Hi there, I'm in Dallas/Texas. Any mummy out here?
  17. regi_meimei

    regi_meimei New Member

    Any mommies coming back to s'pore for hols soon?? Can tompang to bring sometin back ?? Thanks
  18. melmama

    melmama New Member

    Hi Divachamp and other mommies,

    I am in San Jose, CA too. [​IMG]
    I gave birth to my baby last year here in US.
    My gynae is very experience and pretty good so if anyone wants a recommendation, I can email you the info.

    Btw, did any of you whose babies are born here in the US applied for S'pore citizenship for your babies? If both parents are Singaporean (not sure if it's by birth/immigration), our US born children are entitled S'pore citizenship if we apply for it. The child will be holding dual citizenship until age 21 where he/she must choose one.

    We applied for our baby and she is now holding dual citizenship. Thought this will give her more options as to where she wants to live/ be at in the future. [​IMG]
  19. poppi

    poppi New Member

    Hi, I will be going to San Jose for holiday...any good place to recommend for shopping
  20. melmama

    melmama New Member

    Hi Poppi,

    You've got mail. [​IMG]
  21. divachamp

    divachamp New Member

    Hi Melmama,

    Can you pls email me : cleo@chengcompany.com asap

    I am looking high and low for a good gynae.
  22. melmama

    melmama New Member

    Hi Divachamp,

    Just sent you a mail. Hope my information helps. [​IMG]
  23. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member

    Hi, stumbled upon this thread. Is it still alive?

    I'm a SAHM in Northern Virginia. Anyone in that area?
  24. toby

    toby New Member

    Since there is no Canada thread, this is the closest, i guess! Out of curiousity, anyone from Toronto? [​IMG]
  25. happyfeet11

    happyfeet11 Active Member

    just saw this thread! hoping to revive it, anyone still "alive"? keke... :p
  26. divachamp

    divachamp New Member

    Hi happyfeet,

    Which part of US are you in ?

    I am in San Jose, CA.
  27. happyfeet11

    happyfeet11 Active Member

    hi divachamp,

    no...i'm still in sin but might have plans to go over so wanna find more kakis to chat & also find out more about the lifesyle there [​IMG]
  28. happyfeet11

    happyfeet11 Active Member

    understand that babies born by singaporean parents can apply for dual citizenship, in other words does that mean that baby will automatically be US citizen? does the parents have to stay in US for a certain amount of time first?
  29. divachamp

    divachamp New Member

    You can see melmama reply. The baby born here will be US citizen. The baby will be holding dual citizenship until 21 years and she/he needs to choose . Singapore does not allow dual citizenship.
  30. muska

    muska New Member

    hi there,
    Anyone can share the health insurance for pre-natal and giving birth in US.
    What type of insurance can I go for and how much it cost?
  31. muska

    muska New Member

    hmm, i think i need to be more specific with my question, I'll probaly need to know which comp. of insurance could I get?
  32. joyinsep

    joyinsep Member

    Hi All Mummies in US...

    Glad to know of tis thread as I need advice.

    I am bringing my boy to US (most prob San Frans and Las Vegas) for hols...

    Understand that tap water is not drinkable. Is it drinkable after I boil it? If not, can I ask how do we make milk for them? Also, how to find hot water then?

    Appreciate if mummies can share with me wat r the other things I should take note..

    Thanks lots in advance
  33. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member

    hi joyinsep,

    i brought my girl (about 11months old then) on a crazy US trip last month with hubby before we move back from US to SG.

    I don't trust the tap water in US and i've read articles that boiling (US) tap water would increase the amount of nitrates which could pose as a risk to infants especially. So, skip the tap water and buy gallons of bottled water.

    Just ask the hotel concierge where the nearest convenient store/supermart is and buy in bulk or as much as u can carry. At LV, i went to the local pharmacy called CVS and at SF, i went to the supermart called Safeway. I always buy the housebrand coz its the cheapest.

    I believe bottled water is clean enough so I only boil enough to make milk. I also use the hot water as a final rinse when washing bottle as a form of sterilisation. No need to boil bottled water as cool water, if u know what i mean.

    Just bring a thermal flask filled with hot water when u go out so you wont need to face the dilemma of asking for hot water outside (and wondering where the source is from).

    Have fun!
  34. joyinsep

    joyinsep Member

    Hi Fufu,

    Thanks so much... Real glad to see your reply..

    Oh.. U have jus relocated back to SG? Did u have a good trip?

    Can share wat hotels did u stay in LV and SF?

    By bottled water, u mean jus the normal water will do rite? It need not be distilled water?

    How do you sterilise the bottles? Also, yur gal should be taking solids if I am not wrong. Wat solids did u provide for her.

    Sorry for so many questions. If it's ok with you, mayb you can email me joycelyn13lim@hotmail.com

  35. jen

    jen New Member


    I need some info on US. Can anyone advise me
    a) do we hv to contribute CPF over there
    b) what is the income tax percentage do we have to pay.
    c) School - do we hv to pay sch fees - Public school
  36. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member


    any mummies relocating to US or Japan?

    I have an avent electric steriliser on 110voltage that i brought back from USA. Now in SG cannot use, i didn't have time sell it off in US back then.

    any mummies interested just PM me.

    selling for S$45 (about US$28), bought at about US$80 or 90.
  37. fackfaith

    fackfaith New Member

    Hi.. can mommies stationed in the US recommend and advise on which insurance to get for health/giving birth in the US? I will be going to the US in 2011. My hubby and I plan to give birth there so that our child will have US citizenship. This is so when we send our kid to study in the US, she/he will enjoy citizen rates and we definitely do not intend to have our child study in the inferior, half-assed and lousy universities in Singapore. Both my husband and I had the privilege of a four year university experience in the UK/US (for hubby) and Australia (for me) and we knew at the getgo that we want to give our children the best of the best and enjoy the same. Don't you all see how people who graduate from the local unis are frogs in the well and know nothing about what's happening outside of this little red dot.

    They also have inferior EQ, social skills and no streetwisdom and independence. Don't get me started on the low quality teaching, poor curriculum and horrendous study atmosphere with equally robotic and apathetic schoolmates that will intellectually stunt our children.

    It will also facilitate in our plans to retire in the United States and eventually obtaining US citizenship for the whole family.
  38. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member

    HI fackfaith,

    we were under Aetna when we gave birth to our girl in 2007. It is a group policy under the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when my husband was working there. Monthly premium is about US$400.

    Having had the privilege of going through the Oxford and NUS education system, my hubby doesn't think NUS is all that bad. I think your assessment of the local graduates is a little skewed and over-generalised.

    Anyway, good luck to your move.

  39. charmbaby2011

    charmbaby2011 New Member

    Hi to all,

    We are based in New York City and expecting our first child in January 2011. I am looking for a good Confinement lady from USA or from Spore/Malaysia. Any mommies who had confinement help to recommend?

    Many Thanks!
  40. doodleger

    doodleger New Member

    hi cosmo and the rest of the US mummies,

    hey folks,

    so glad to have found this forum with its wealth of practical info and insights to living abroad!

    my spouse and i and my 2 babies will be moving to san fran probably end of this year

    i've lived in singapore all my life so the move is definitely a HUGE change. i'm nervous, worried, yet full of anticipation.

    there seems to be so much things to be settled...

    really need to hear from those who've "been there, done that" to advice me on the things that i'll need to settle before we leave...

    some stuffs like:

    - is the SF's tap water clean to drink? or need to always buy bottled drinking water?

    - do i need to inform all the banks, ICA tat i will be moving to SF?

    - wat is the taxes now? 30%. i heard if i rent out my spore HDB, i need to pay taxes to US govt?

    - wat kind of housing can i rent in SF? wat is the rental is like?

    - since i have 2 kids ( one is 2 yrs old tod, & 1 4mth old baby), any gd PD in SF? wat is the charges like to see a PD in SF?

    - tax matters. my hubby is currently tax payers. but what happens when we leave the country? do we have to inform IRAS? do we still need to declare SG earned income (e.g retainer commissions, rental income, dividends) eventhough we'll no longer be SG tax residents

    -anything to look out for since i hav 2 kids?

    any advice on the above issues or any other issues that i haven't thought of?
  41. xixi0310

    xixi0310 New Member

    Hi. My hubby has recently accepted a job offer to work in San Jose, pending the H-1B. Just wanna find out if anybody else is around that vicinity as we'll be moving over with our 3mths old baby.
  42. divachamp

    divachamp New Member

    Hi Hi
    Welcome welcome to San jose.
    We are in San jose too. I have a 3 years old son.
    Let me know when you reach here.
    Where will you be staying ?
  43. xixi0310

    xixi0310 New Member

    We have not decided, waiting for the employer to start the process on the H-1B. We heard that there's a big chinese community in Dublin, but it's a bit far from his office in Almaden Boulevard, San Jose.
    Maybe looking at sunnyvale, pato alto? Preferably places which can be available for roughly $1,500/mth.
  44. divachamp

    divachamp New Member

    I see.
  45. xixi0310

    xixi0310 New Member

    Hi, any mummies near san francisco bay area wants to meet up?
  46. faith14

    faith14 New Member

    Dear mummies in USA, can u share your experience with the gynaes in USA and the giving birth process? Heard its very different from Spore. Also, Im not sure why the ratio of special needs children is so much higher than in Singapore. I had 3 friends with special needs children and all 3 conceived and gave birth in USA. Am I just being paranoid or is there a reason for this? Hope to hear more sharing here. Tks!
  47. olivesyoghurt

    olivesyoghurt New Member

    Hi all mommies in US, interesting to find this thread.
    Any mommies in San Diego?
  48. geekysnoop

    geekysnoop New Member

    Hi, any mummies staying in New Jersey/ New York? Would love to meet more Singaporeans here. ;)
  49. olivesyoghurt

    olivesyoghurt New Member

    Hi geekysnoop, though I'm in SD and not in NJ/NY, I'd still like to say hi to you ;) how are you getting by there?
  50. xsun

    xsun Member

    I miss USA!

    I miss the spacious malls and supermarkets. Lucky mummies u all!

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