MTB - first child : any gentle MALE gynae?

Lea Fariante

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Hello all.

First post in here!

Got a faint BFP this morning and suddenly all the emotions swells up!
Im clueless in almost everything so really hoping to start in finding a good gynae.

Heard males are more gentle? Anyone with recommndtns? :)
would really appreciate the help and kind support :)

Thank you!


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Doc Khoo Chong Kiat fm KKH.. been seeing him since 2007 for my fibroids till he deliver my baby at 2013.. now preggy with #4.. going back to him.. he is quite popular in KKH..


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I highly recommend Dr adrian.

His stitch work is very good ( my c section scar is hardly visible :))

He doesn't speak much but is very patient in adressing any questions u, he has been doing this for many years so you'll be in good hands if hes your gynae.


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My Wife and Sister usually recommend doctor Phua Soo mear from Kovan... They said that he is Super gentle.. Also won't anyhow recommend u to buy this or that only essentials, can give it a try if u want.


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I'd recommend Dr TC Chang from TMC, he's very uplifting, encouraging and patient. Stitching skills excellent too.
unlike some of the mummies here, i wouldnt recommend Dr Benjamin Tham because he is really popular and the queues at his clinics are usually very long. Even with an appointment, i always will need to wait for about 2 hours on average...which i dun feel is acceptable for a private gynae..
there was once i was made to wait for close to 3 hours and upon asking the nurse, i was told that its because on that morning, he had 8 new patients.. i was not the only mummy frustrated.. several other mummies sick of waiting also went to the nurse to check when is their turn..
therefore.. unless u do not mind waiting the entire morning away, u r better off elsewhere as i believe there are other gynaes who are as good as him.


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I recommend Dr Tan Eng Loy from SGH.

He is very experienced and patient to listen to your queries. As a private patient, I need not wait too long, waiting time about 30 - 45 mins, or could be as soon as 15 mins by appointment.

He is very comforting and assuring to first time mummy like me especially during delivery.
His encouragement made my delivery a breeze though I need some stitches.. The wound heals within a week and could bearly see it now ..