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Most popular brand of formulae milk

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by mum2be05, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. mum2be05

    mum2be05 New Member

    Hi all mums, which is the brand of FM u've chosen/giving for/to your bb?

  2. berrywife

    berrywife Active Member

    I'm giving my baby similac excellence.
  3. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    I am giving my boy Enfalac A+ SA
  4. lyn_tan

    lyn_tan Active Member

    Enfalac (bb took this during our 2 day stay at KKH)
  5. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    enfalac a+... same as lyn.... my boi was given dat when in kkh.
  6. cherly

    cherly Active Member

    Enfalac A+
  7. tora

    tora New Member

  8. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    my baby also taking enfalac A+ as supplement on top of BM...
  9. cutecute

    cutecute Member

    Enfalac A+
    My baby was also given this brand when in KKH.

    Similiac Excellence
    When my baby was 7 mth old
  10. qhl

    qhl New Member

    aiyoh.....I should cast my vote.

    Mamil Gold

    (feeling quite lonely here :p)
  11. snow04

    snow04 New Member

    My vote is S26, try similac but my girl does like it...
  12. snow04

    snow04 New Member

    Sorry typo,

    My vote is S26, try similac but my girl does not like it...
  13. linda_thea

    linda_thea New Member

    Similac Excellance since birth.

    BTW, how do you mummies go abt selecting the follow-on for 1 year old FM? I was thinking on progressing to Gain IQ which is by Abbott too since Similac doesn't have milk for 1 year and above. But still thinking if there are other choices...
  14. littleprince

    littleprince Active Member


    u are not alone, my bb also taking Mamil Gold .. [​IMG]
  15. anchovy

    anchovy New Member

    my bb was taking mamex, but no pass motion so change to enfalac, then become constipation, then change to similac...
  16. mum2be05

    mum2be05 New Member

    wah, after this thread, seems like I more headache hahahaha...j/k Thanks for all the contributions !

    It appears that most wld juz 'follow-up' with whichever brand the hospital has been feeding the bbs wif during their stay at the hosp...guess it's natural/common.
  17. pepp

    pepp New Member

    Just for your information, I was advised by the nurses at the polyclinic that currently Enfa series is the best milk powder.
  18. tora

    tora New Member

    Hi Mum05 ,

    Actually you can chose which brand of milk to feed your baby during your stay at the hosp...
    Think the hosp have a few brand to chose from.

    Hi linda ,
    Since my 1st kid , I gave friso 1(0-6mths) then continue Friso 2(6mths-1 year) and Friso 3(1-3years) .

    I think the most important is that the formula milk must be suitable for your baby.
  19. handydog

    handydog New Member

    I used Friso 1 , then now 2. Baby ok with it. PD advised if bb ok with 1 brand, try not to change unless bb allergic to that brand.
  20. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member


    PDs whom I've spoken to said all FM r more or less the same...
  21. mavys_m2bagain

    mavys_m2bagain New Member

    hi linda,
    my gal was also taking similac excellence infant and follow-on. Now she is turning 1 early next month, i have started her with Gain IQ on mixing with her SE follow-on. She is ok with it. [​IMG]
  22. berrywife

    berrywife Active Member

    pepp, I dont think there is a 'BEST' when it comes to FM. Its what that suits or doesnt suit your baby. Plus, I wouldnt trust the random comments 100% given by nurses at the polyclinic :p
  23. starlite

    starlite Member

    To moms who is using Progress Gold now, does your baby have constipation problem?

    My son is on Wyeth S26 milk since he's born. Now at 17 mths, he is on Progress gold. But his bowel movement is getting more and more irregular. Sometimes, he can don't pass motion for 3 days in a row despite the fact that we gave him one fruit serving daily.

    I'm thinking of changing his milk powder to Gain IQ. Any advice on this?

    I also heard that Pediasure is a good and popular formula.
  24. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    I agree with u totally. That time when i brought my boi to polyclinic for jab, they ask if i'm overfeeding my boi. After that i as the doc n she said," Where got overfeed?" since my boi falls into the 50th percentile of the chart.
  25. pepp

    pepp New Member

    wat u said is also true. some babies can't take certain fm. But I tasted Enfa milk and turns out compared to other brands, it's the least sweet.

    *nod nod* my PD also say same thing.
  26. helena

    helena New Member

    hi mummies,
    can anyone tell me the difference between friso blue and friso pink?
  27. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    Think the blue tin one is for newborns to 6 mths. Pink one is for 6 mths to dun know when. U can read the info on the tin. There's number on the tins. Blue one is Friso 1, Pink one shd be Friso 2.
  28. tora

    tora New Member

    Hi Helena ,

    Now they change the tin already .
    Last time , blue (friso 1 for 0-6mths) , pink (friso 2 for 6-1year ) and green (Friso 3 for 1-3years) and orange ( friso 4 for >3years ).
    Now , they have change to Friso 1 , Friso 2 , Friso 3 .
    And they have two type ...with gold and without gold .
    With gold is slightly more expensive ..which includes AA , DHA...
  29. handydog

    handydog New Member

    Friso Gold 1 & 2 comes in 1800ml, even cheaper than the Friso 1,2 (2 cans). More worth it to buy.
  30. helena

    helena New Member

    skyblue and tora,
    Thanks. I still see the blue and pink tins around. Is Friso the same as Frisolac?
  31. handydog

    handydog New Member

    yap..change from frisolac to Friso.
  32. mngo

    mngo Active Member

    I am using Friso Gold. Not sure if it is good?
  33. pringles

    pringles New Member


    those of u who use Friso on your bbs....do u find it makes your bb grow fatter?
  34. micky12

    micky12 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I have 2 tins of mamil gold step 2 to sell, each tin @ $17.50. Interested parties, please email me at darrenmicky@yahoo.co.uk
  35. irenevinc

    irenevinc New Member

    Hi Handydog & mngo & others ,

    Do you find any problem with your baby after the Friso change to new Friso formula ??

    My elder gal have fever and diarrhea .(friso 3)
    And my baby have fever and constipation.( friso 1 gold) .

    Not sure if the formula become to heaty ( like S26 )

    Anyone of you have this problem ?
  36. beanie

    beanie New Member

    Hi irenevinc,

    I do not have such problem. I understand there is still friso regular in the market. You may like to consider to stick to friso regular in this case. So far my gal switch from Friso regular to Friso Gold and is ok. Passing motion every day. Will be taking Friso 2 soon.

    How about yours?

    Now my only problem is, my brother bought me 6 tins of Nan 1 and is still in tact (he is so naive to think that formula milk is the same and when his friend told him that Nan is good, he bought 6 tins for my girl as a gift. I have not use it since my girl is doing well with Friso. Furthermore, I ordered directly from Friso just last month (heard of their promo from firned, 6 + 2 tins free). Now my girl is reaching 6 months in two weeks time, I will have 3 tins of Friso Gold 1 and 6 tins of Nan 1 leftover. Do you think I can still continue to give them to my girl?
  37. handydog

    handydog New Member

    So far no problem..I'm using the new frisco regular (2). Stool still the same. Cd it be some virus that is caught b/w yr kids, esp now in cold season.

    Beanie, how did u order from them? from internet? is the promo still on?
  38. beanie

    beanie New Member

    Hi handydog,

    The promo is a one time off deal for Friso 1 only. I called the Friso hotline to place my order. How much did you pay for your Friso Regular 2?
  39. anchovy

    anchovy New Member


    Anyone buy similac from agent?
  40. handydog

    handydog New Member

    I bought the 180L at 34+ at NTUC.
  41. handydog

    handydog New Member

  42. mum2be05

    mum2be05 New Member

    Anyone practice 'mix feeding'? That is feeding EBM in the day n FM in the nite?
    I tot of doing so, but not sure which brand of FM to feed my bb in the nite, reason being that I've heard that we aren't supposed to use hot water to warm up our EBM, so in this case, it's gonna be quite a hassle juz for a feed esp at nite...
  43. puff

    puff New Member

    hi beanie
    my girl is taking friso 1 too!!

    can i have the friso hotline number so i can check with them on the offer?
  44. lyn_tan

    lyn_tan Active Member

  45. beanie

    beanie New Member

    Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for helping me to reply puff,


    You may call them up and enquire on the offer. Is really a good buy and they deliver to your door step.
  46. puff

    puff New Member

    i called them but they said there is no such promotion!!! they said customers could have ordered thru some clinics
  47. lyn_tan

    lyn_tan Active Member

    puff, u must know how to "pretend pretend" insist hv n play them ard!!

    or could be we hv spoken to different agents - that's why the one u spoke to said "no"??

    i always call for eunice - she know's my needs and as and when - she'll always hv samples/ newsletter for me.

    normally when u call they will put you to the agent incharge of ur district.
  48. beanie

    beanie New Member

    Hi puff,

    yah, that's what I do too, but just that I speak to another staff by the name of May Fung.

    you may like to try calling them again.

    good luck
  49. puff

    puff New Member

    lyn and beanie
    i called them again, spoke to adeline and she said dunno of such promotion, she told me eunice has left

    then i asked for may fung who told me she is not in charge of my area (sengkang)!! she is taking care of the west district

    how ah??
  50. beanie

    beanie New Member

    Hi puff,

    Sorry for my late reply. Why dun you ask May Fung to pass you to the staff who is in charge of your area?

    May Fung has been very friendly and I even got my cousins to order from her, the only thing is they all stay around the West district.

    Maybe you can call again and either ask for the staff in charge of your area or ask May Fung for help.

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