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MOMMY CLUB - Yr 2007 P1's (Yr2000 Millennium & Dragon Babies)

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by vinegarqueen, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    We continue from here...

  2. rains

    rains Member

    haha ... Thanks VQ! No opening speech ah?

    My kid's swimming lesson is $40 for every four lessons. I just go for cheap cheap kind, as long as she gets to learn swimming.

    I'll cut and paste my query here:
    Does anyone know where to go for a small painting class? I'm not keen on Crestar bcos I'm looking more at water-colour painting, the kind that teaches you to draw realistic painting.
  3. wen

    wen New Member

  4. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    HI Ladies,
    Our dragon babies are in P1 this year. How time flies. My son will be 7 next week.

    Your boy is in P3 this yr. Morning school right ? So much better than PM session isn't it ? At least can take a nap after school.
    After 3 years of morning session at Arise, he is finding it hard to adjust to the different session. From 3 1/2 hours to 6 hours.
  5. rains

    rains Member

    Thanks, Wen,

    Yes, it does look expensive to me. Maybe when I'm richer, then I'll send her there.

    My husband helped me to measure my kid's height. I'm such a number klutz I'd probably measure wrongly. She's 119cm.

    I was reading our thread on registration for P1 (got a little nostalgic). Alot of tremors in that thread, haha. I saw the 'firing' between myself and another mummy. And there were other mummies. I wonder how they've been.

    My husband also feels that it's a pity to give up ballet after so many years and after an exam. I know how it feels like to feel tired sending the kid to the class. I stopped my kid's ballet previously becos I found it a hassle to rush down to her class every Thursday. But now I'd wished I didn't give up.

    Guess what? I was just asking my kid whether she has wushu as part of her lessons becos I saw this parent of her classmate asking if they need to buy the wushu uniform. She also did a pose with an imaginary sword and asked,"Is it the one with a sword one?" When I said yes, she said,"I want to join wushu!"
  6. wen

    wen New Member

    just to share some points that we talked about during parenting talk yesterday :-
    1) Know learning style of the child...everyone is different.
    2) Provide a conducive environment for learning at home.
    3) Maintain a good parent-teacher relationship

    I managed to exchange number with one parent of the same class...and the snacks were delicious...so all in all a good session. Next week is the 2nd session.
  7. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    hi hi, good morning.....

    Wen, got any notes to share?

    Rains, i also think veri sayang to drop after 3 years... see how it goes first... i dropping my gal off abacus class... so your gal going for wushu? i missed last week wushu class leh cos i thought of waiting for the notice but apparently thr annoucament...

    btw, does any one of u prepare lunch box for your kids for recess time? any ideas to share cos i got to prepare either the night before or early in the morning as my gal going for student care.

    also does your kid's school got enrichment program like chinese/english/swimming/inline skate/sailing, etc....

    last weekend, i was going thr them... vision blur man...

    rains, sorry. no comment for art class as my gal only like her own style of drawing... so me did not do research on it....
  8. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    which sch did ur DD go for abacus class?
  9. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    Vq, those rc one....

    i paid $130 for 10 lesson...

    any ideas for lunch box?
  10. rains

    rains Member

    hi dorothy,

    I - actually it's my husband la - pack lunch box for my kid for recess. There are a few types: egg sandwich, kaya and margarine sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich, cheese and margarine sandwich. But it turned out that she likes kaya and margarine best.

    We usually use two pieces of bread. After the ingredients are put on and the top piece of bread placed, we'll cut it into 4 small triangles so that the size is more manageable.

    For egg sandwich, it has to be prepared the night before becos it is more time-consuming.

    Unless it's compulsory, I won't let her join wushu.[​IMG]

    O yes, her school got some enrichment programs, but I'm not letting her go for them. I think it's not necessary and I want her to enjoy and settle down in her P1 first. I'll worry abt that one when she goes up to P2. Inline skating is fun. Her school doesn't have it tho. I'd have let her join otherwise.
  11. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    rains, thanks for your suggestion. but my gal is in the afternoon session n morning she going to studentcare... so i have to prepare something which will not turn bad...

    btw, does anyone know where to get materials on hanyupinyin prounication? cos i dont know how to... just now, my gal ask me, n i got no answer...

    also where to get the meaning for san zi jing?
  12. rimilyn

    rimilyn New Member


    Try Popular Book Store! They have materials on hanyu pinyin as well as san zi jing.
  13. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Ladies,</font>
    r u aware that our regional library open FREE classes to teach children SAN ZI JING???

    i got to know fm another fren... bcos its free n guess whats the number of the waiting list when my fren called? 200 plus..... !!!!
  14. rains

    rains Member

    Rimilyn is right. I got my san zi jing book from popular too.

    I'm skeptical about how good the free class can be. The last time I took my kid to the free story-telling session by the library, it was so boring I felt so bad I put her thro it. The only good thing about it is perhaps the high participation rate of the children. It'll make the kids want to memorise the san zi jing when they see other children able to do it.
  15. tling

    tling New Member

    I oso got my san zi jing bk n CD fm Popular.

    For Hanyupinyin, u can try Popular, they do sell VCD on Hanyupinyin. Everyday, my DD will bring lunch box for her recess. Normally, I give her bread n fruits. Depends on wat she wants!
  16. jjb

    jjb New Member

    Hi all mummies, I was reading thru' this tread and am curious why r most of you preparing lunch box for your kids' recess? Cos' my son only pack lunch box for the first 2 days and he wants to buy food himself after that. He is really enjoying buying and getting to try different food every day! BTW, he didn't know how to buy food himself before going to school. Think he finds it fun and all grown up now..ha..ha..
  17. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    hi, good morning.thanks for your idea... currently, i have prepared cookies, baby tomatoes, mini vitasoy drink, compact bread( those with filing) n biscuits... but i know my gal will be sian pretty soon... i can prepare bread with kaya or cheese cos her recess is 3plus...n i got to do so in the morning.. by then, i think the bread will turn bad...

    Hi JJB, this lunch box tingy only started 1 week plus ago. she initiated it... i think my gal sian to go round thinking what to eat. she told me she only go to stall with no q... also i think with lunch box she got more times to explore the book shop with her friends. cos evryday, she will report to me what in the book shop. i still give her money $1.20. but she is expected to bring home $0.60 back everyday... cos i told her i will reduce the amt if she dont save.

    my gal is still coping with the money cos before this she also dont need $$ n also how to buy... but occasionally, she will buy things back for us, like fruits or stationary...

    other than baby tomatoes, any fruits to suggest? i thought of getting cherries n strawberries.. but scare will stain if she drop on her uniform.

    thanks all, for the advice on san zi jing... can i know why nowadays they must learn it... my gal told me her teacher asked her to pei.

    VQ, i dont library... lazy to travel.. cos i stay bet bedok n tamp library....
  18. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">JJB,</font>
    for me, i m preparing lunchbox for my DD, for the fun of it!! my DD requested as some of her frens r bringing sandwiches, so she wants to join in the fun too!

    <font color="aa00aa">Dor,</font>
    same here, my DD also sick of thinking of what to eat during recess time everyday...

    i m preparing lunchbox for her on every wed. as sch starts at 1.20pm this day whereas recess time is 3.55pm..the time between is quite close n i doubt she can eat so much food fm sch canteen.
  19. rains

    rains Member


    I prepare lunchbox for my kid becos she eats very slowly. There was once she told me she wanted to buy bee hoon to eat for recess. I still packed sandwiches for her just in case she didn't have time to eat the canteen food. She came home with the lunchbox empty. When asked why, she said there were long queues for the stalls selling bee hoon, so she reckoned that she wouldn't have the time to eat after buying it.

    Hey, I never thought of putting fruits in there for my kid. I'm going to ask her what fruits she wants for her lunchbox.

    Personally, I think san zi jing is interesting. There're lots of values and stories about filial piety, diligence etc to teach and tell to your kid. For teachers, it helps kids in word-recognition altho I don't think it's necessarily true. My kid's school doesn't ask us to get the kids to memorise, but I hope my kid can memorise it. I myself hope to memorise it one day.:p Occasionally, I also get my kid to memorise Chinese poems - I'm still quite cheena where these things are concerned.[​IMG]
  20. rimilyn

    rimilyn New Member

    Rains, 1 question from me, are you going to wear cheongsam during CNY? (Just joking, OK!)

    I didn't prepare lunch box for my girl since day 1 because I want her to learn (i) to buy food (ii) to make her own decision on certain things(iii) to eat fast (iv) save some pocket money (v)MOST IMPORTANT ONE! A bit Independent....If she's slow, she will be hungry.

    I also explained to her not to buy packet drinks from the canteen. Everyday, I will put a pack of biscuit in her school bag for emergency. Lucky she's OK. I tried not to spoilt her by keep on thinking that she is a year end child. I'm quite strict to her. FYI I get her to wash her school shoes (1 pair only) during Saturday (she has 3 pairs of shoes). I'll wash a pair and she will wash another pair at the same time.
  21. wen

    wen New Member

    my boy will buy his food during recess as he also enjoys doing that. it's good for him as he was a slow eater during childcare days and has now improved much.

    however he requested me to pack some light snack for him to eat in the bus because he reaches back around 7.20pm and is really famished by then...wouldn't want him to get gastric. usually will pack "twiggies" or "butter bun".

    i heard of san zi jing but not sure what it does besides making the kids memorise stuff.
  22. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Rimilyn,</font>
    Wow!! u train ur DD very well... let her wash her sch shoes too!! must learn this fm u!

    <font color="aa00aa">Ladies,</font>
    at first, i wouldn't let my DD bring lunchbox as i wanted her to learn buying food herself... but later decided to let her bring on every Wed.. starts fm tomorrow...

    San Zi Jing! i only can recite until abt half only... i hope my DD can remember the whole of it n also know the meaning of them...
  23. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    i have also started to let DD learn to wash shoes.... she got 2 pairs, so she wahes one n the other (wash during mid week) by me...

    i just want her to have a feel or also to "play" together...
  24. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    Wen, your DS by school bus right? so late then reached home? my gal usually reach our place at about 645pm...
  25. rains

    rains Member

    In all seriousness ... as a matter of fact, I wore cheongsam for Chinese New Year. [​IMG] I think I just did it last year - to match my kid's cheongsam. But it didn't look overly traditional since it's a short one.

    O wow, three pairs of shoes ah. I better get my husband to buy at least one more pair for my kid. I had wanted to see whether she found this pair that she's wearing is comfortable. And it slipped my mind that I ought to get her another pair.

    I've always thought I'm quite a cruel mother, but reading the mummies' posts here makes me feel like a spoiling mother. I keep worrying that my kid will feel anxious if she does not have this or that, so I try to anticipate what she needs and do it for her. I was a high-anxiety child - and now a high-anxiety adult - so I don't want my kid to go thro the anguish or mental turmoil I went thro when things are not ready for me.

    Rimilyn, can you share how you get your kid to wash her shoes? I tried getting mine to do it by rewarding her with fifty cents if she finished washing them but she gave up after one or two times - she didn't even want the money, haha.
  26. czyreil

    czyreil New Member

    hi moms!

    i am new at this thread so i am not familiar with some of the things that you are discussing.. my son is in Pri1 also and e is adjusting quite well... no tears or worries from the first day...

    anyways, i am amazed to know that some moms already ask their kids to wash their own shoes... haven't done that with my son though cause shoes are still ok... probably after a month it will get dirty... he is quite clean in his things...

    i do look forward to other discussions here...
  27. wen

    wen New Member

    hi karen...welcome! glad to know your son is adjusting well in P1. it's good to have a thread for sharing our experiences as P1 mommies...we can learn from one another.

    dor, my boy's school is a distance from my home....around 20mins by car so by bus even longer. He finishes at 6.30pm...then need to sing "Mari-kita" so will reach back around 7.20pm lor.

    found an interesting CCA in his school called "Odyssey of the Mind"...sounds funny right? when my boy asked me what it was i jokingly told him it's hypnotism ;p

    it's actually maths-related and activities include problem solving i.e. using their brains lah...and good students will be hand-picked to take part in competitions such as mathematics olympiad...sounds intelligent hor?

    too bad registration for CCAs closed for the year else i can send my boy for the selection process to see if he got this type of intelligence or not ;p
  28. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Rains,</font>
    same here.. i wouldn't want my DD to go thru the those turmoil too.... this might make her having a phobia of going to sch...

    <font color="aa00aa">Wen,</font>
    My DD school hv this CCA too "Odyssey of the Mind"
  29. rains

    rains Member

    Just to update you on the going-ons for my kid's ballet. She just went for the other teacher's class today. Before that, I told her I want her to try out another class and see which one she prefers. She came out of the class saying,"I want this class." She finds the teacher friendlier, and apparently, the lesson is more fun. I myself feel that this teacher is better. She dances together with the kids, demonstrates frequently and corrects the kids almost immediately when she spots a mistake. One thing off my mind. Phew!

    Your boy is amazing! Only gets his shoes dirtied one month later. For the first two weeks, my kid came home with her shoes very dirty every day. I had to wipe them every day. It's been better now - I wipe them every two or three days.
  30. jjb

    jjb New Member

    Hi mummies, nice to share our joy and anxieties here. My son had his first spelling last Thur and will be having his 'ting xie' tmr. He is doing fine in school and enjoys PE lessons and recess time.

    However, just scolded him tonight for being careless in his work like forgetting to write the date on his activity book (4 times already!), free hand line drawing and also tend to miss out doing the last sentence or question in his workbook.

    I'm not sure if I'm too 'gan cheong' or not as my HB thought that it is quite normal for boys to be careless. Anyway, trying to tell myself to relax and let the boy take a step at a time.

    BTW, do you do revision with ur kids at home? Do you get them to read their text books or do assessment books? Any other suggestions?
  31. rimilyn

    rimilyn New Member

    Rains, when I bought my daughter the shoes, I told her "This is your shoes, you need to take care of them YOURSELF. Don't worry, just try. Mummy will help you. I know you can do it." When school starts, I reminded her again that she'll need to wash her shoes during weekend. One important thing is when my daughter learn or try something new, the whole family will praise her. Her school shoes are not very clean after her first attempt but we just praised her. She was happy and looking forward to do it again. She likes people to sweet talk her!

    By the way, what type of school shoes your son is wearing? So good, can wipe to clean. Is it expensive?

    Wen &amp; Dorothy, did your kids eat a lot during dinner? Esp. Wen's kid who eat a bit of snack in the bus.

    So strange, my daughter never tell me anything about CCA. Do you think I should ask her teacher?

    As for the revision, I'm still using the K2 books. I didn't buy any P1 assessment book yet. Any suggestion for P1 books?
  32. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    HI Hi, evryone... good morning!!!

    Karen, welcome welcome!!
    pls recommend me the brand of the shoes!!! cos i lazy to wash that one pair... i rem my time, i will use chalk to "clean"...i think my gal enjoys washing/ scrubbing her shoes leh... try to introduce them to it... can be fun...

    Wen, i like the name of the CCA -"Odyssey of the Mind".... wonder how it is taught...

    Rains, glad that your gal enjoy the new ballet teacher....

    i just the spelling list... starting only in feb...

    my gal's form teacher is on mc since last week n only be back next mon... wonder how is she... my hubby said maybe she everyday vomit "blood" cos of her class... hahaha...

    JJB, i try to read with my gal every evening or do some hanyupinyin for half an hour to 45min except fri whereby we will go kaikai...i rem during orientation, the school encouraged us to spend at least 30mins reading with the kids.

    Rimilyn, my gal usually eat veri little n slowly for dinner... but on days, which i suspect she skipped recess, she will eat extremely more.

    CCA is not a compulsory things for P1 students, although some school encouraged them to take.... maybe u can lookout for newsletter or call the school?

    as for assessment book, i only get hanyupinyin n maths only.. popular has a wide range of them...

    btw, can i know how many days of PE does your child have? my gal got 3 different days for PE...

    thinking of whether to get another PE t-shirt. cos i already got 4 school shorts...
  33. rimilyn

    rimilyn New Member

    Hi Dorothy,

    My daughter also has 3 PE lessons and I bought her 3 sets of PE attire. I'm a bit kiasu because I worry the attire may not dry in time.

    My daughter eats very little since young. I've tried appetite booster, chinese physician and GP, but all no use. Nowsaday, as long as she completed one meal (regardless lunch or dinner), I'm happy.

    Any mummy can advise me how to teach young children to eat veggie? I ate a lot in front of them but my kids still don't like it. Make me feel like a goat!!!!
  34. jesschan

    jesschan New Member


    I just joined this portal and my elder son is also in P1 this year. He studies in the morning session and is adapting quite well. His school allows parents to cater food for the first month - so I need not worry about his recess...at least for now.

    He is keen to learn to buy his own food next month when the catering ends but he is very slow with money counting. Any suggestions on how you train your children to count money?
  35. rains

    rains Member

    I think it's true that boys tend to be careless compared to girls. My kid's class got a parent who feedbacked to the teacher that her boy is very careless, always losing things, even very big items with his name on. The teacher said that some kids develop a sense of responsibility later than the other, we just have to keep trying.

    I only got my kid to do some assessment books during the hols. Now got no time. My husband was just saying yesterday that my kid has stopped doing the assessment books. My kid loves to read. So most of the time, I allow her to read to her heart's content. I don't want to turn her off studying by depriving her of reading and forcing her to do assessment books.

    I think hanyu pinyin is quite a challenge for my kid. For a fill-in-the-blank worksheet, she actually wrote the chinese characters and put the pitches on the characters!

    The other day, she asked me why "iu" and "yu" are not pronounced the same way. I got stuck. I quickly went to ask my chinese teacher friends and they explained to me that 'yu' is actually made up of 'y' and ':u' (no such symbol, but you know which one I'm referring to).

    Rimilyn and dorothy,
    Ya, you're right. I think we didn't praise her. Ok, I'll try to persuade her to wash her shoes again and get my husband to praise her together. Hope it's not too late. Thanks!
    Mine is a girl. The exterior of the shoes is made of leather-like material, that's why we can wipe it. Hers is those girlish shoes with an elastic strap across. The brand is 'bubblegum' or something like that. We bought it at Bata. I used to see such shoes at kiddy palace. I'm not sure whether they still have them.

    But at the end of the week, I still have to wash them, bcos there's still a bit of fabric on them, like the strap and the rim at the edge of the shoes. But I've to admit that it takes less effort compared to the whole shoe fabric kind.

    A friend said I may want to try out this 3M fabric protector from those DIY shops or shops selling hammer and stuff if I buy canvas shoes. She said her friends tried it, claiming that you can spray on fabric and you can just wipe the dirt away when it's dirty. I haven't tried that yet.

    My kid has two sessions of PE every week. One is one-hour gymnastics, the other is half an hour PE. Ya, some schools have 3 one-period PE for P1 and 2. It depends on the school itself.

    For veggie, I get my kid to eat one or two pieces at first becos she didn't like it either. Then I tell her,"See? Mummy is eating so much veggie." Sometimes, I pick one or two again from my "so much" to give to her bcos she'll realise that she's eating 'so little' veggie compared to her mummy. I constantly praise her when she eats more veggie, and when we eat with my sisters or parents, I would say things like,"Look! She's eating veggie!" and my family will cleverly praise her too.

    Mine also eats very little compared to other kids. Like yours, as long as she finishes half a bowl of rice with some meat and veggie for dinner, I'm contented.
  36. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Rains,</font>
    i bought 1 'Bubblegum' white shoe for my DD fm BATA too... same as u, i got those leather-like material... no need to scrub like hell... whereas i bought another "Powerpuff Girls" brand fm kiddy palace... leather-like material also..

    <font color="aa00aa">Ladies,</font>
    seems like quite a number of our children r having 3 PE lessons a week... i think nowadays the sch try not to too emphasize on schoolwork but also PE...

    as for CCA, P1 can join "Shu-Fa" but bcos my DD was sick last wk n we did not get the application form so we did not put DD in..
  37. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    rains, i think i got the same pair too!!! both my pairs from bata... cheap n good.

    on veggie. i dont think i can advise much cos i dont like veggie myself... i `only take a lot during preggie... my gal only take selective type of veggie... so when we choose studentcare, we take this into consideration. so we put her in her school student care whereby they only serve veg meals... so this solve my problem as my gal will take in enough veggie n also soya bean... smart hor!!

    hi Jess, on the money part... try to give them in small change like 10cents, 20cents or at most 50cents... teach him to identify the coins... at the end of the day, when he return, go thr his spending with him... for example. u gave him $1 worth of coins. he left with 40cents. then together u backtrack his spending... can be quite fun too....

    VQ, today is wed. what for bento?
  38. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Dorothy,</font>
    miss out something so no bento today.. only sandwiches n an egg, actually wanted to shape the egg into My Melody face but bcos the egg too small so after i put the egg into the egg mould, it did not come out nice.. will try again next wk...
  39. jesschan

    jesschan New Member

    Thanks, Dorothy. Will probably give him a $1 coin and see how he manages it. I suppose he just has to learn somehow.


    Food wise, my children are fairly easy to feed, they eat almost everything, though the speed can be slower if it is not something they really like... I think this is sort of in-born. My niece and nephew are also very picky with their food and my mother always gets angry when it comes to meal times.

    On Hanyu Pinyin, I enrolled my son for lessons last year. So he finds it very easy now. I also find the VCD recorded by ex-TCS compere Wang Yanqing quite useful. Maybe you ladies can consider getting one from Popular. By the way, do you order Hao Peng You from the school? They have some exercises on Hanyu Pinyin as well.

    For shoes, luckily, my son needs to wear black ones, so very easy to maintain, just need to wash the socks daily.I also got them from Bata.
  40. wen

    wen New Member

    Hi Jess, i give my boy $1.50 daily...made up of 5pcs of 20cents and 5pcs of 10cents.

    My friends think it's too much but I rationalise that the extra $ is in case he clumsy drop the food he bought during recess and may need to buy again. He will also call me using public coin phone in school and recently a playful classmate kept pressing the "hang up" lever while he was on the phone with me and he cried coz he lost 10cent.

    Most of the time he will come back with at least 50cents and i will usually ask him what he spend his money on and tally up the amounts with him.

    The shoes he's wearing is also the type that can wipe off easily so to-date i haven't washed his shoes yet. one pair is Reebok and the other is from Bata.
  41. jjb

    jjb New Member

    Thanks ladies for all the valuable advice on assessments.

    My son also doesn't take veggies at all. He will pick out even tiny bits. I'm someone who cannot going without veggies and have demonstrated and explained to him but to no avail. Somemore worst when once when I reprimanded him, he replied that Daddy also dislikes veggies and doesn't take too! 'peng san', bad example from Daddy.

    My son has 3 periods of PE lessons too on 3 consecutive days and he is taking 'Wushu' as his CCA, has attended 2 lessons.

    I give my son dollar-coin so it is easier for him to manage when he is buying food (no need to pour out the various coins and count). Only thing, he needs to count the change he received.
  42. vinegarqueen

    vinegarqueen New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi Ladies,</font>
    i give my DD $2/- per day... n i told her i expect her to at least bring back $1/-. i give her 1 $1 token, 1 50cents, 1 20cents n 3 10cents.

    everyday, i will get her to write down in a notebook what she had eaten n the price of it. then end of the week. i will total up n pass her the $ which she had saved that wk n let her put the $$ into the piggy bank... i told her we will open n count how much she has save during her June Holidays... n she can buy something she likes with the money...

    For Veggies, when she's a baby, i alway cut the veggies into very very small pcs as if part of her porridge, so she eat liao like crunchy crunchy n she likes it... but nw, she likes to eat only "xiao bai cai" n "Xian(4)Cai"!

    As for hanyu pinyin, she was with Berries since last yr n during the yea-end sch holiday. i enrol her into the 3-days "last min hanyu pinyin brush up" class. i m quite relax on her chinese nw...

    any mommy here put their child with british council for english class?
  43. rimilyn

    rimilyn New Member

    I give my daughter $1.20 each day. After school, she'll record the money which she had saved on a table calendar. At the end of the week, she will tally her piggy bank with her records. She is allow to use 1/3 of her saving once her piggy bank is full. However, if she LOST her books or any stationery in school, she needs to pay me with her saving.

    Wen, looks like your son is quite close to you. My daughter never use the public phone to call home. She's too busy playing with her friends during recess. By the way, she did tell me that one of her friends bring handphone to school.

    Lastly, can anyone explain to me, why lao3 hu3 (tiger in hanyu pinyin) is lao3 and not lao2? Same for lao3 shu3 (mouse), it's lao3 not lao2. Thanks!
  44. rains

    rains Member

    Let me see if my version is correct: there's this unspoken rule (or has it been spoken?) that when two 3rd pitch coincide, as in lao3 hu3 and lao3 shu3, you pronounce the first 3rd pitch as 2nd altho in written form, it still appears as 3rd pitch.
    This is the way I've looked at it for years and it has never failed me since.[​IMG] But for children, it's still incomprehensible to them bcos their vocab is not as advanced as adults.

    I give my kid $2 every day bcos when I gave her $1 the first day, she ended up borrowing 80 cents from her friend. The next day when I gave her $1.50, she came back with an empty purse. But these days, she comes back with either a full $2 or $1.50. But when we asked her what she had bought with the 50 cents, she said she can't remember. "Long time ago," she said.
  45. jesschan

    jesschan New Member


    Rains is right, whenever you have two consecutive 3rd pitch, the first one should be read as 2nd pitch but it is still indicated as 3rd pitch on paper. That's the rule, just like if "i" and "u" appear together, you should put the pitch indicator on the second one. I believe the teacher will teach them all these rules gradually.

    As for vegetables and other food, we always tell our children what each type of food is good for and that they need a balanced diet in order to be healthy and strong. My mum-in-law also always tells my children little grandma stories to make them eat. Eg. brocoli will make them smart and she calls it "mathematics vegetables". She also told them that they have to finish every grain of rice on their plate, else their spouse will have pimples on their face. Interestingly, all her grandchildren choose to believe her and always finish up their plate!
  46. jess88tan

    jess88tan New Member

    hi ladies,
    Me new comer, my son P1 1st week already got teacher's comments.
    So sad.
  47. wen

    wen New Member

    Rimilyn, the "lao" word by itself is the 3rd pitch so paired with another word the hanyu pinyin should still show 3rd pitch though pronounciation is different.

    ya, my boy is very close to me...he's my only precious. anyway before P1, he has never used a phone to call us as he's in childcare so no need to do that. i guess it's interesting to him to use public phone.
  48. rains

    rains Member

    hello jesstan,
    What did the teacher say la? Don't be sad la. It's very common. I once saw this boy - it wasn't even the first day, it was just orientation - jumping up and down, walking here and there in the classroom as the teacher was talking becos he couldn't understand English. The teacher called him "a child from hell". What can be worse than that?
  49. rimilyn

    rimilyn New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the hanyu pinyin explainations. My daughter was quite amazed that her mama's friends are so clever. She was asking me why last time my chinese teacher never teach me!!!

    Jesstan, rains is right. Don't be upset about the comment for too long. It's not healthy.

    Usually, if someone gave negative remarks on my girl, I'll think whether is it a TRUE remark and consider the seriousness as well. Of course, at that very moment I may be upset too but I'll not show it in front of my daughter. I'll make the remark as my next goal to achieve. However, if the comment is not true, I'll just forget about it.

    Are you willing to tell us what comment does the teacher make? Could it be a misunderstanding?
  50. jesschan

    jesschan New Member

    Jess Tan,

    Don't be upset. My son got reprimanded for being mischievious and had to stay back for five minutes during recess in the second week. Luckily, he took it quite well and understood that he had to bear his own consequences for being naughty. So now he knows that he better not "play play" in class because I told him that the next punishment will be more serious ... maybe have to stay back in class.

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