Mommies, my edd is may 2019, any recommendations for post natal massage after give birth?


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Hi Ladies,

I just join this forum and tot of sharing my cousin's experience with Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage. My cousin took the Prenatal and Post Natal Massage Packages with them last month.
She told me that the Founder, Mdm Zuria did 5 Sessions of Prenatal Massage for her. After her 1st Session with Mdm Zuria, she told me that it was the best Prenatal massage she had ever had. My cousin signed up the 7 Days Post Natal Massage and the result was amazing and its really worth for the price she had paid for. Her tummy really shrink a lot and she lose weight as well. Their prices are reasonable with good services and great results. You can contact Mdm Zuria at 8751 6141. I already signed up 7 Sessions for Prenatal Massage with Mdm Zuria and cant wait for my 1st Prenatal Session with her next week. I will be signing up for the 7 Days Post Natal Massage Package with her next month as my EDD is in September 2019. You can view her testimonials from her customers if you google search 'Prenatal Massage By Mdm Zuria'. Hope this info that I have share will help you ladies too. Cheers;)