Maternity insurance and life insurance for newborn


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Hello, im in my week 19.
1. want to know what insurance should i get? 2. what does the insurance cover?
3. which insurance coy would you all recommend? and why?
4..when should i get it? before my week 20 scan?
Thanks in advance. :)


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If you already have existing insurance plan, you can contact your agent who can help you. If you intend to shop around as there are various companies selling maternity insurance, then use a broker who can source the best for you...


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If you already have existing insurance plan, you can contact your agent who can help you. If you intend to shop around as there are various companies selling maternity insurance, then use a broker who can source the best for you...
may i know where to find such broker?
Maternity plans cover pregnancy complications and baby congenital issues. Can start to apply from 16 weeks up to 36 weeks ( differs from insurer to insurer)

Can get from

- Axa ( bundled with either ILP/savings/whole life plan)
- AIA (bundled with ILP)
- GE/Ocbc (no bundle)
- Prudential (bundled with ILP)
- Ntuc (no bundle)

After baby is born, quickly buy a hospital plan (shield plan) - if baby is pre-term (under 37 weeks) then can only buy from Aviva under moratorium underwriting option cos all other insurers will postpone the case and ask you to apply in 1-3 years time.

For Zika cover, get a personal accident plan that covers infectious diseases from insurers like Sompo or NTUC

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I bought the OCBC Max maternity plan (mainly because I didn't want my plan to be linked to an investment-linked policy.
I got it quite late (after my 20 week scan) though you can enrol much earlier (week 13)

I also realised during the Mt Alvernia maternity tour that they partnered with AXA to offer a complimentary 6 month free personal accident plan (BandAid) that covers mummy and child. Coverage duration starts from date of enrolment (latest by 36 weeks).

I'm sourcing around for personal accident plans and integrated shield plans for my baby.
I'm concerned with illnesses.

So far, I've spoken to AIA (you will see it as part of the SG babyclub during baby fairs, also gives a free giftbox) and AXA.

AIA offers typical hospital coverage (integrated shield plans), personal accident plans (covers HFMD etc, no minimum waiting period unlike the other companies), life insurance and critical illness plans separately.

AXA has similar plans, but they also offer a add-on rider option for their integrated shield plans to cover HFMD, dengue etc.

Yet to decide.

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Hi Frankie,

Thanks but no thanks. I got into this forum rather late, am already in my final weeks (coming to week 36 + already bought the OCBC/Great Eastern plan)

I didn't know about this AXA plan beforehand. Will pass on the information to any friends if they ask. Cheers.

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Btw, you still can redeem your free gift and we will share with you on same baby shield and accidental coverage with HFM
Oh, I didn't know about it.. But I was in touch with another AXA agent (she processed BandAid for me), who already told me about the AXA shield and rider with HFM etc. Wouldn't it be duplicating the info? In fact I have the booklet with me now. :D
Will be delivering at Mt Alvernia.


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AXA has very suitable plans that are not ILP related. Premiums are supposedly competitively priced.

The agents will say it's important to get it by the 20th week (before the detailed scan) ,- their point of view is that in case the detailed scan (done around 20th week) comes out with something, then you would already have applied for the policy-avoiding unnecessary delay/further underwriting.
Apparently, insurance companies are very strict with prenatal plans, so the earlier you get the better.


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Yes. definitely hv to get it as early as u can as pregnancy complications are increasingly common and can happen anytime. Once you have even the slightest complications like unknown cause for bleeding whatsoever it will be difficult to get approval.

You can PM if u need further info. Im from AIA, and have agent friends at GE as well.
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If any mummies still looking for maternity plans, you can pm me as my advisor is a broker where she can do comparison for you. She's also pregnant, might be able to relate better.


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Hello I'm also expecting now and my hubby is from GE itself. While Brokers are able to source from some of the insurers, they can't provide from the major ones like GE and pru and as mentioned earlier only 2 (GE and NTUC) of them don't bundle with other plans and leave u the choice to plan carefully. GE/OCBC's plan do give u a premium voucher should you wish to follow up with their shield plan or ilp.

Currently am in my 7th week so have to wait till 13 before we can purchase. I know they do have some promotions ongoing catering for mothers and their babies and have referred some friends to him. If anyone is keen to find out more u can pm me on it.