Marriott Asia Pacific Club membership (discounted)


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I am selling my vacation package with Marriott vacation club (MVCI) which I bought in 2013 and will last till 2056. Basically you get 2300 MVCI points every year which converts to 92000 Marriott Reward points. You can choose to stay at exclusive MVCI clubs using MVCI POINTS or stay in Marriott group of hotels using Marriott reward points.

Club points can be used for club properties in - Phuket, Bali, Australia, Hawaii and Los Angeles directly or in club connections in other destinations. You can also use your points on cruises

Marriott Reward points can be used in marriott hotels around the world.

Its a very handy membership and we are only selling because we arent able to travel much now due to school and exam schedules. In the past we have used the points to travel to Phuket, Bali, Goa, HK, USA etc

Selling it at a discount at SGD 27000 ( 11.75 per point whereas new membership is available at 15.5 per point). There is a USD250 transfer fee which I can absorb. Then you will have to pay yearly maintenance fee of sgd 1200 (GST Included) starting from the second year. Conversion fee to change MVCI to Marriott points only applies if you wish to convert.

Please let me know if you there are any queries email at
or 93806067