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Maid is too costly, not worth paying IF U have a better choice

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by hifive, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. hifive

    hifive Member

    Early this year, agencies ganged up to jerk up Indonesian FDWs salary to $450 - no experience when compared to HK or Taiwan FDWs. No 'real' punishment for these agencies. Even if fined, employers won't get compensation/refund. Those who were made to pay $450 were struck at $450 in order not to make their exisiting FDWs unhappy.

    Now, with Halimah's brainless suggestion, she's making employers pay $530 a month for an inexperience helper? Include $265 levy, employers must bite their teeth and obediently pay $795/month? This amount is higher than Hong Kong or Taiwan!! Govt and Halimah, once again, purposely forget to factor in levy also came from employers' pocket. Other must-pay-expenses due to Spore MOM's system were also purposely ignored. They focused on salary but not live in and other expenses so as to fool people FDWs were lowly paid! The true fact is, employer had to spend above $1000/month to have a FDW in Spore.

    We helped to make our govt rich. How much had they been milking us all these years? Alot! So much revenue generated till they insisted levy cannot be scrapped. Worst of all, gov/MOM refused to revamp the existing system and be fair to us, the FDWs' employers.

    As of December 2010, there were 201,000 FDWs working in Singapore. $265 normal levy X 201,000 FDWs = MOM earns $53,265,000/mth from FDWs' employers. Subsidized $170 levy x 201,000 FDWs = 34,170,000/mth. FAT FAT

    MOM gave this reply "The Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) levy is used as a pricing mechanism to regulate the demand and inflow of FDWs. Like all levies, the FDW levy goes into the Consolidated Fund to finance Government expenditure in general." .... via email, dated 20 Jun 2011. MOM refused to convert levy as maid's salary. They want to keep for themselves, thus, causing non-FDW employers to think employers are paying their maids peanuts.

    <font color="0000ff">Why cant our govt spare employers from all these unfairness? Can the maids be responsible for themselves?</font> If FDWs get pregnant, runaway, or incurred unnecessary medical expenses on off days, they should bear the costs and inconveniences themselves, as well as compensate their employers. Once they failed to carry out the work outlined before employment, pack and go home at their own expense. Don't let agencies blackmail us with those upfront loan.

    <font color="ff0000">PAP, Do you want all the women to stay home for our children and families? Do you want women to stop giving birth in order to avoid facing FDW issues? Do you want working adults to give up their jobs in order to take care of their aged and bedridden parents?</font> By not working, some of these people would have lesser money and qualify for financial assistance if they are the sole bread winner. The tables will be turned, end up govt pay them to stay home. CDC financial assistance now set at $2500/mth household income. The same amount required to hire a maid in Spore - MOM regulation.... shows not everybody rich to have maid.

    There are really people who hired maids out of no choice. If your parent 'qualify' to stay in a nursing home, would you throw them there or hire a maid so that you can see them everyday? If you work shift or weekends, is there a daycare centre that operates 24hrs- affordably?

    <font color="119911">Remove the security bond and insurance policy. Make each FDW buy their own insurance and medical policy. If they job hop, new employers need not suffer any losses as this policy follows them till the day they leave Spore. Currently, policy is effective the day FDW's name tag to you, not the day she steps into your house. If FDW worked one day, insurance company will still eat 20% of the 2-year policy. If this policy is removed, when FDWs are sent back to agencies, employers need not worry what kind of problem they could create, eg commit suicide or runaway. At the moment, transfer maids not staying with employers are still under her employer's sole responsibility until name officially transferred out.</font>

    <font size="+2">Make maid agencies and MOM play greater roles, take up some responsibilties since they profited the most.</font>

    Hope ministers and govt bodies who refused to wake up and listen to citizens' frustration, cant find ways resolve them, should get their bonus SLASHED.

    Be fair to us.

  2. hifive

    hifive Member

    New employer ....
    If you want to save yourself from mental torture and financial drainage by irresponsible maid, stay home. Don't envy people who can hire maid.

    If you've children, I believe most of you have since this is a motherhood forum ..... treasure the time you spend and grow with your children. They may make you angry or feel like throwing them but remember, this kind of headache is still acceptable compared to a live in stranger... you feel yourself powerless!

    If you're able to fully control your maid while working full-time and can make MOM rules in your favour, then ..... congratulation.... Can share how?

    As a maid employer, you lose in some things. You can scold your kids but you cant to your maid because your precious onces are in the hands of your maid. They can take revenge if you're not careful, especially when maid has no other family member to supervise her.

    You won't know the bruises were abuse or geniune careless knocks/falls
  3. coping

    coping Member

    i agreed with what u shared,, i have my own maid problem... n it was my 6th maid for less than 2 yrs..thanks to the Govt, i go ivf and have twins but no help... can get maids but not easy to find hardworking maids..
  4. dingdong

    dingdong New Member

    Hi Dew

    I totally concur withy you. Have been discussing with hubby intensively also about raising the prob of rsising FDW costs to PAP! Its ridiculous for me to pay $1000 +/mth for a FDW.

    Have you written to MOM before? Or you can upload unto the MOM facebook page? I support.
  5. hifive

    hifive Member


    I've sent email, got a reply that says "Generally, the employer
    should ensure the worker's welfare and interests are well looked after. These include non-statutory requirements such as proper orientation, medical care, hospitalization expenses and providing for the worker's
    social and recreational needs.

    As an employer, it is your prerogative to resolve any employment-related
    disputes with the worker amicably."

    [​IMG] Shows MOM only cares about maids .... simply refused to turn and look at how much injustice were imposed on us .... the guai guai and defenceless employer. We are employer but the whole 'company' is just a household made up mainly by 2 parents and children, how to fight with a cash rich, influential organisation and pro-maid people who can just drown you with their saliva.
  6. mammymissualways

    mammymissualways New Member

    Strongly agree!!
    you know my ex-maid who murdered my dog (husky), she still working in singapore and MOM/Police still side to the maid as use it as an accident!! ís already almost 3 yrs, i still very clear remember what the maid did for me!! i HATE HER BADLY!!!
    I totally agreed that if you can make it yourself or get part time or sth where... DONT HIRE MAID!!! it will make you more headache and upset!!!
  7. shirley_htt

    shirley_htt Member

    Really? I thought maid is cheaper. My hubby's family side strongly supports hiring a maid but me and my parents side no. This is because my hubby's side relatives happen to come across good maids. But I do not like the idea of living with stranger and the idea of having a maid really turns me off.... so would rather send my child to infant/childcare than hiring one.

    Now carrying the 2nd bb, I wonder whether I can cope. Sometimes did argue with my hubby when he raised the issue. Sigh!
  8. leshia

    leshia New Member

    Having maid is really a headache. Their pay and off day day kept increasing.. Argh~
  9. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    IF i have a better choice...I got money.... I stay at home with my childrens and be the big children OIC....

    Pay and Pay, increase with no brain, help other than other internal.
  10. mammymissualways

    mammymissualways New Member

    Yes, really no point!
    of cos look after yourself will be much better.. somehow, Singapore is one of the high living standard country. one person working for the family. quite stressful! only that we can get part time or somewhere to help... but not MAID!!! they dont know how to do everything, waste your hard earn money! only intend to enjoy life here... we all pay pay pay for nothing!!!!
  11. liquidskycc

    liquidskycc Active Member

    I dont have a maid, I've been contemplating for 5yrs.. I chat with many at our neighborhood playground. I've met few very responsible and hard working maids but the rest just dump the kids or old folks and happily chit chat, picnic session, on their mobile phone. What an irritable eye soar.

    Being a SAHM is truly not easy without help either. I've got no help thanks to inlaws. 24/7 - 365days no pay no increment no bonus no leave no mc no sleep in no late nights no movies no nice holidays no dating whatsoever!

    But what Dew shared is so true, children grow up - cherish them, make you angry make you cry and make you laugh - their silly antics ;)!
  12. crystal~07

    crystal~07 Active Member

    i fully concur with Dew! 2 kids FTWM, no choice, so have to hire maid. 1st maid was still ok, finish contract + extend for a bit.

    preggie with #2, so ve to get another maid. tis 2nd maid full of attitude. 11mths into job, now say she dun wan follow my #2 to ILs' place in the day, oni wan to stay in my hse. for wat? no one is at home, bb at ILs' plc but she dun wan to go, can still threaten me if not, send her back to agent.

    i called up my agency (it is unfortunately one of the 16 tat raise the income ceiling to $450/pm) and got shout at tat i shdnt bother them. side the maid say maid have the right not to go ILs' place cos official wk plc is my hse. i reasoned tat cos bb is over there, maid must follow, agency replied tat we can tell the maid to go but maid HAS THE RIGHT NOT TO GO!!!
    so maddening.

    so now i ve no choice but to buy airtkt to send her home. Yes, I have to pay full for airtkt although her contract didnt end!!!!

    my challenge? 1 toddler, 1 bb, FTWM, go home at nite still have con-calls, do hsework. just got call from #1 teacher in sch tat next yr is crucial yr, i must start tutoring her at home, cannot rely on sch alone....

    signzzzzz..... [​IMG] i wan to quit and stay at home but hard on the hb on 1-income. continue working lor, wat to do??? but i ve given up on maid. if you have a good maid, well &amp; good. but chances of getting a good maid is like striking TOTO....
  13. bb_hopeful

    bb_hopeful Active Member

    agree wif thread starter. seen my fair share of helpers, those who are reliable are far &amp; few.
    we made a choice not to hv helpers as it's too costly (yes! even before the latest pay increase, i alrdy calculated more than 1k a mth!) &amp; i cannot bring myself to trust them fully to look after my gal! so now i work frm hm wif a miserable pay, hoping 1 day i can find a job dat dun nid to OT, so dat i can hv a balanced work-life to tk care of my gal.

    can u imagine my mil wanted to throw my gal 100% fully to a helper at 3mo?!?!?!?! when she cannot even trust a helper who had been in her hse for 2 yrs to take care of 2 pri sch kids????
  14. disability

    disability New Member

    "If you are not happy, you can send me back to agency." or If you are not happy, you can get me transfer". These are two of the common phrases which employers hear from maids easily.

    Simple to them. Employers' nightmares!
    They argued they are human beings, deserved this deserved that at employer's expense. If we let them go due to their 'threats', poor attitude or working incapability (mindset is not to be a domestic helper), who suffered the most? Employers! By pretending unable to work, don't know how to carry out a task correctly after few trainings, weak or saying above, their wish are forced to be granted = sent back to agent. <font color="ff0000">How to hire and pay for a domestic helper when you're the one slogging at home &amp; work or forever at the losing end?</font>

    We suffer time loss to find new replacement, re-train, take annual leave, pay additional costs imposed by agency and MOM.

    MOM collects levy comfortably, agency continues to count money + no responsibilities, maid granted the luxury to rest at agency while employer pays for daily lodging and food (waiting for transfer), etc. Is this how Singaporean employers should be treated?

    We paid levy, paid agency fee and insurance but what protection do we get? Anybody or organisation bothers to know the quality of maid nowadays is not worth the high pay? It is really high pay, compared to Hongkong because employers are paying levy, salary, agency fee, binded by repatriation clause (air-ticket) + security bond terms (runaway means $2500 to $5000 gone), in-house food &amp; lodging, etc.

    A lot of local cleaners or housekeepers do not receive take home pay of $400-500 per month but maids do! Maids don't need to pay for food, transport, housing loan, CPF, education &amp; medical in Spore, etc. So is take home pay of $400-500 per month really low?? Taking into consideration, their demands are so high these days... more off days, chat on mobile frequently, no hanging of bamboo laundry, can't wash windows or car, shorter working hours (mine has 9-10 hrs rest), etc.

    <font color="0000ff">Seriously, if you've a better choice, don't hire maid. The reason why we are suffering is because there's a high demand for maids in Spore. No matter how harsh, how unfair the terms are set, as long as the demand for FDWs didn't go down sharply, our voices won't be heard.</font>

    <font color="ff0000">I wrote to MP, even PM but they don't care! Grassroots came to visit my house and vanished (no follow-up). CEL kept giving suggestions that are non-feasible. Gov, CEL or MOM only read key words, not content of your message/problems so they kept giving wrong or impossible suggestion. 说风凉话 These people are not in my/our shoes or have no time to look at our root cause properly.</font> 事不关己 I suppose, we're small flies, not worth the effort and attention. So what I'm a locally born citizen. I don't have any strong backup to voice on my behalf nor am I or my hubby in an industry or position that commands power.

    Highlighted my situation and reluctance to hire a maid..... I have a special needs child, no childcare or daycare centre setup for her or willing to accept her. Really forced to hire a maid so that I can work. If continue to stay home, we're unable to bear the costs of Sg high living standards. Get financial assistance .... you think so easy to ask govt for money? You able to withstand the coldness of your social worker, insensitivity, continuous financial assessment (means testing) and help (S$) that is insufficient.... having a special needs child or disability is costly in Spore!

    I don't want maid but I don't have a choice. I've stayed home for many years, a financial drainage, used future money .... I have to work but government not compassionate or willing to help.

    Advice: If you've a better choice (most of you should be better than me, my folks or relatives don't want us to bother them), especially if you or friend has encountered errant/princess maid, don't try to get yourself in messy business, no fun, stressful, nightmares, money wasted vs quality hired. The new era maids are not here to lighten your loads. If you want a big baby to take care or money nowhere to spend, they fit well!
  15. ck_teo

    ck_teo New Member

    Special need: Well said! Hope Gov cn do someting
  16. disability

    disability New Member

    I'm a real citizen who has email to MOM, MP and MP, these are my email screenshots. Can't blow image big due to constraint in this forum. Purposely cover part of the email address. If anybody wants to get the email of their respective MPs or PM, they are available on parliament.gov.sg website.


    Hi Yvonne
    Thanks for posting.
  17. ck_teo

    ck_teo New Member

    Special needs aft sending email no 1 reply?
  18. mammymissualways

    mammymissualways New Member

    no need maid! if the maid make it anything happen, you have bear it! no one will help you! even you complain to government, dont care! plus the stupid maid still working in singapore!!!!! how unfair!! why she murder my dog without punish, but we have bear all the costs that she made!!! i still very very angry with AVA, government and police depart!! even i ask for embassy help, the government only reply some rubbish answer! totally disappointed here. i hope i can go back to my own country one day! dont want stay here anymore! its waste time!!!
  19. disability

    disability New Member

    I still remember the 1st time I've thicken my face to ask for financial assistance.... purposely carried my girl there as nobody interested to babysit her. At that time, household income was strictly cap at $1500/household. Very tough.

    The coldness and attitude of that social worker really make Sporeans think thrice when trying to get money from govt. Noticed lately, more news on govt trying to help the needy ie low-come group. They have increased the income cap but how many already bitten and don't dare seek assistance? How many who required help but were turned away just because they were too honest and declared too much?

    When the social worker saw my declaration of hubby owned a motorbike, she immediately said it was a luxury. She didn't bother to find out the type of bike and work out the cost of having it. Hubby worked shifts so he either leave house before 6am or leave office after 11pm. It is cheaper, more convenient, more time saving to have a motorbike (pic: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JrDsTS90Lz4/TnBBF90Mo_I/AAAAAAAADOY/B5U8sJoQRAY/s1600/HondaCub.jpg) rather than to flag a cab and be charged for peak hours or spend lots of time on transferring &amp; waiting for mrt and buses, late at night or early mornings.

    When social worker saw I have some money (think about $2000) in my bank statement, her eyebrow raised, when she saw we've life insurance policies, she commented we should try to cut cost ie terminate the policies, don't rely too much on govt, get a job or work out other ways.

    <font color="ff0000">So readers, if you've have a choice, don't hire a maid. Comparing yourself and me, you're much fortunate, at least you don't have a child with developmental delay whereby no childcare centre including Integrated Childcare wants her.</font> When principal or teacher learnt she's 5yrs old yet not toilet trained and can't self feed, they claimed no vacancy.

    For student care centres, they are meant for students above 7 yrs old and can attend mainstream, definitely not for children who rely on others, not independent, requires more attention and troublesome to them. We really had no choice but to hire a maid. Forced to work for our own money yet govt/MOM kept trying ways to make my only resource be taken away ie having so many unfair terms and policies, blindly &amp; super protective of maids and agencies.
  20. disability

    disability New Member

    Yvonne, I wrote to MPs, PM Lee but they don't care! Asked Grassroots come to visit my house and vanished (no follow-up). CEL kept giving suggestions that are non-feasible. Months passed already, no more email or calls ... we're not 国家的栋梁 or filthy rich people, why should govt waste time and resources on us?
  21. ck_teo

    ck_teo New Member

    Social needs, I don noe social worker will chk so mani tings. If their job is to hlp y they don seems to hlp? I ting gt 2k is nt much to a big sum. Hw long cn survive w 2k? I gt 1 insurance dat is for my DDs if ani mishap, I die my dd cn survive w sum $. If No insurance, den they no $ hw? We might nt b Pillars of the country n not wealthy too but dat doesn't mean our life is nt impt.. Askin for hlp still nd them to ask tis n dat really too much. Is so obvious u nd assistance! Aft reading, I realli feel fen nu! Y we r sporean n we r treated like tis. Look at HK, those ppl wan $ they jus apply Zhong yuan n even if out of job gov will still hlp but us?

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