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Macdonald's McCafe @ East Coast Park

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by icechoco, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. icechoco

    icechoco New Member

    Dear Mothers,
    I am starting a petition here. If you agree with me, please write in your opinions and say you agree. I will then write to Macdonald's with this petition in a hope that Macdonals will create awareness among our fellow Singaporeans.

    It's a sunday. I brought my 3 year old son and baby to Macdonals @ East Coast park after a short stroll at the park. Macdonals at east coast park is divided into Macdonals and Mccafe (joint together). It's a good family environment because there is a playground outside. I ordered my favourite Mocha frappe, 2 cheesecakes and 1 white choc raspberry cakes. My hubby ordered his fav filet o fish meal and my son had his french fries. We sat at Mccafe since there isn't any place at Macdonals area. Unfortunately, it was raining very heavily. So my son couldn't go out to play. Halfway through, my son threw tantrums because he couldn't get his coffee packets. My hubby tried to calm our son down.

    There was this couple opposite us. The man was surfing on his laptop and his pregnant wife was reading a book. He looked at my son very rudely many times. So i asked him, "Is my son disturbing you?" He did not answer me and waved his hand. I asked again. No response. The family behind him responded and smiled, "No. it's alright." I asked the man again but no response. In the end i got up and told hubby to make a move even though it was raining heavily. I told the man, "It's a Macdonald's Mcafe." He just ignored me. There was no shelter towards the carpark and we didn't had any umbrella. We had to walk quickly in the heavy rain with my 3 month old baby.

    This man and his pregnant wife have been there way much earlier than my family. I believe i have spent more than him even though our intention is only to stay there for a short while for a late breakfast.

    I felt that if the man is unable to tolerate children's noise, i think he should not have sat at Macdonald's Mccafe as it's a family restaurant. Or does he knows that? I think if he wants peace and quiet environment, he should have gone to Coffee Bean which is just opposite McCafe. it's a "higher" class environment and i don't think i'll bring my children there if they can't behave.

    I want to write to macdonalds with this petition so that i have the assurance that i can bring my entire family to Mccafe. If in any case i meet such fellow Singaporean, i am able to stand up for my rights and inform him politely without feeling hesistant. If Macdonalds is not agreeable, i will not bring my entire family to Mccafe anymore and i will create awareness among the mummies that it is not a family restaurant.

    Mummies agreeable?

  2. nellu

    nellu New Member


    aft reading your post here, I can identify with your feelings but I think there is no case of sorts or any substantial reason at all for you to raise this to MacD's. this is purely private.

    I too had encountered similar situations. In fact, worse! I was criticised by a new mother recently when we went to the Baby Fair at Taka, for allowing my 15mo to throw a tantrum next to her and caused her baby to cry. The place was a public area (at one quiet corner of the events square at B2). And the reason my upset son and I were there was because it was a place quiet enough for him to settle down! I too was really angry with what that woman had said. In fact, i retorted with a "well, wait till your kid is as old as mine. We'll see..." But do I have a cause to put in a petition to the building management of Ngee Ann City? Well, i think i can't. SImply because i can't make the people managing Ngee Ann City control how the other people react.

    Similarly, I don't think MacDonalds can do anything abt that mean guy. But I'm sure they'll assure you that you can visit them, tantrums and all! In my pt of view, you'll have to learn how to deal with such mean people and sad to say, there are many on this island!! Also, don't apologise to other people for your son's tantrums. This is normal behaviour for a 3yo. If they want to pick a fight with you over this, then I'd say they are idiots!

    Please DO continue to bring your family out and enjoy whatever you want to do. Do not let such people dampen your spirits.

    And since you mentioned that his wife is pregnant...well, just hope that when his day comes and his kid will rue the day for him...by then we'll see how he can cope with kids. I'd say "good luck to him and his wife!"
  3. icechoco

    icechoco New Member

    hi nellu,
    Thanks for your encouragement and pov! Actually, i can't remember when but it did appear in The Straits Times that certain areas we're not allowed to bring children under 12. For example fine dining areas etc. So i'm not sure whether McCafe allows us mothers to bring our kids there. That's my concern. If let's say, that we can only bring in our kids at Macdonals area but not Mccafe, i will understand and in the future won't bring them to McCafe.
  4. nabmum

    nabmum New Member

    Hm... just a tot... But why u even bother to ask him if ur boy was 'disturbing' them? If me i'll just act as tho i own the place and they are invisible hehe [​IMG] Come on it's a public place wat! Heck care with these ppl next time yah [​IMG] they dun have a clue about how unpredictable kids are til the same ting happens to them.
  5. audreylau

    audreylau New Member

    I agreed with you nellu. There are plenty of them out there, where we can't really control. Just wait till their day comes then they will experience it too.

    Maybe you will disagree with us where you think that somebody should stand out to fight for rights or justice. But there are too many of them and we can't really have them change [​IMG] So what we can do is to calm our toddler [​IMG] Don't be so upset.
  6. icechoco

    icechoco New Member

    I guess it's just me. If my son is misbehaving, i will scold him and teach him. But my most concern is that recently got article in The Straits times that certain areas we're not allowed to bring kids under 12. So i'm not sure whether McCafe is the same? If it is, i hope then they can relax their rules a bit to ensure that it is a family restaurant like their Macdonalds.

    My POV, Mccafe is Mcdonalds. Then again, i'm just generalizing. That's why i was quite hesistant and i walked out in the rain without umbrella even though it was raining heavily.
  7. icechoco

    icechoco New Member

    Hi Audrey,
    Thanks for the encouragement! But i'm more concern whether can we bring our kids to McCafe?

    For example, when you go to Coffee Bean / Starbucks, you will see a lot of students there studying. They put up a notice regarding timings of when you can study and when you can't. When i go to these places with my colleagues for a quick coffee, sometimes we can't even find a place to sit due to these students studying. What i'll do, i'll inform those crews at the counters. They will try to get these students to clear the table. Once, i apologize to these students and said," I won't be long. Just let me have a drink and you guys can study again. " They were quite OK.

    Ok..even though this is a total different issue. But it's something similar. Whether we know what we can do and what we can't.

    If it's a hawker center, then different liao. No law except public law! [​IMG]
  8. nabmum

    nabmum New Member

    McCafe n Macdonalds is the same thing rite? I've never seen a no-kids allowed sign before. Haha no smoking sign have lah [​IMG] I even bring my 3YO monster to coffeebean or starbucks and nobody sends us away before... as tho they dare to in the 1st place [​IMG]

    Haha... my motto is to stay anywhere i please till they call the building security to drag me out [​IMG]
  9. icechoco

    icechoco New Member

    That's the thing. We're unsure. McCafe may have a different marketing strategy. It could not be a family restaurant.. we're just generalizing because we think its Macdonalds.
  10. nellu

    nellu New Member

    we can. I brought my boy to mcafe before. no one chased us out.
  11. nellu

    nellu New Member

    as for the studying thingy at Coffee Bean/Starbucks, the cafes only put up the timings simply because they do not want the students (who usually order only one drink and hog up the tables and power sockets) to affect their biz! What would you do if you wanted to just sit down for a while and enjoy a latte, you walk in the cafe and see loads of students there and the staff just shrug their shoulders when you complain that you can't get a table? Very likely, you might not want to visit them again right? So that's what coffee bean/starbucks and whatever other cafe fears...

    and i want to add on. While i agree that some fine dining place should exclude young children, but I do not believe in excluding children from more expensive places and take them instead to family restaurants. Sometimes taking them to more adult places will present opportunities to teach our kids appropriate behaviour rather than letting the environment condone the undesirable behaviour.
  12. baibies

    baibies New Member

    hi ic, i encounter such person a few times.. cos my son is super active type.. and sometimes he can even keep going to ppl's table and ask question.. its really embrassing for us when the ppl just ignore him or brush him off (my bil is one of those ppl).. but we oso met some nice ppl who will talk to him. Many times those nice ppl are ppl with children, they will just smile and say children is like dat. normally we will gently draw him back to our table so he doesnt disturb.. but once in a while when the ppl is really #$%! i will just sit back and let my son continue.. very bad of me la i noe.. but sometimes when you see those ppl face hor... REALLY cannot resist. ofcos normally i will carry my son back...

    Nvm... jus ignore that man this time.. remember his face, few yrs down the road, if u met him at mccafe with his child, u can stare back angrily at him.
  13. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

    My humble opinion is just let it go. Why be bothered over this? Spend your time on other stuff that deems more important. Eg, reading and playing with your kiddo.
    As the chinese saying goes, a grain of rice feeds a hundred kind of people.I rather u start a petition for ERP than this.:p
  14. nabmum

    nabmum New Member

    [​IMG] if ur starting n ERP petition count me in...a casually drive ard the island ....beep....beep...beep... then cashcard become $0 Haiz!

    IC: sori to off track yah, but i frust about the ERP also lah...[​IMG]
  15. meekfreek

    meekfreek New Member

    McCafe is definitely not a fine dining establishment and not even close to being a high class joint. McCafe is still considered to be a fast food family Cafe. You are entitled to be there with your kids and should not have to leave regardless of whether some guy is agitated or not. People who have kids know they will from time to time throw tantrums and as Nellu said, that guys turn will come soon so he'll get what he deserves.

    If you write to McDonalds they'll simply tell you that as a paying customer you are allowed to be there. Your issue is not with McDonalds anyway. If you see the guy again at McCafe, you should let your kid scream louder and ignore his rude stares.
  16. twinklets

    twinklets New Member

    I agree with Ribena too. Besides ERP, perhaps u may wana petition abt us mummies having more maternity leave, Childcare leave, bb bonus etc.

  17. angelneo

    angelneo Active Member

    Come in and see your suggestion about ERP petition! Count me in!!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Ha ha ha... you ah.....

    Twinklets ah
    Heeee.... I can sense no.2 planning again whor. Government is 'upgrading' the baby bonus scheme liao. Me waiting till then also. [​IMG]

    I agree with the rest. No point making a big fuss and petition it to Mac. They might laugh it off when they received it instead. The guy also has no claim over the area thus, seriously, I don't see why you had moved off in the big rain instead? I understand that it's out of courtesy that you'd asked him whether your child is bothering him. But it's his impossible upbringing to be so rude and not to respond. So, why bother? As you mentioned, his wife is pregnant. Very soon, it'll be their turn. [​IMG]
  18. fan_choy

    fan_choy New Member

    Let me tell you my scenario...

    My then 2YO son was playing around the railing which led to a small platform. In front of the platform is those full length glass window. In T3.

    This caucasian man walked past carrying his toddler, he told his toddler:

    "Don't let me see you doing this"

    (referring to my son)

    As if it's not enough, he looked at my son and shook his head.

    Oh well... I thank him for his concern because the glass window might be dangerous.

    But I always think that as parents, we should not criticise other people's children and although he did not do it DIRECTLY, but loud enough for me to hear.

    For your case, it surprised me that a father-to-be can give you such body language and reply.

    But, even if a father (that ang moh) doesn't know how to be tactful, we cannot expect much from a frist-time father-to-be (assuming it's his first child).

    I suggest you write to MAC and ask them if their restaurant is children friendly, which I am sure they are.

    In any case, I support u lah!
  19. icechoco

    icechoco New Member

    Dear Mummies,
    Thanks for your encouragement!! Some of you mummies respond regarding ERP, maternity benefits really make me laugh. Ok.. more clear-headed today.
    I happen to drop by McCafe today to buy takeaway coffee. Just in luck, she happen to be the manager. So i just asked her casually whether we can bring our kids along. The crew said, "Mdm, yes, you can. You can even bring your mcdonalds food to eat in here. In the morning on weekends, we even give out balloons to the children. Sometimes got some parents sit here and watch their children outside at the playground. No problem lah, Mdm. " I was so delighted.

    HAR!!! That's it man. I'm going to bring my children there again over the weekends.

    Ok, this is rather personal. That man, yeah, i hope God will show him what he's going to get soon. And another thing, want to have peace and nice environment, but cannot afford to go coffee bean, sit at McCafe..cheapo.
  20. sensei

    sensei New Member

    Hi icechoco. Happened to see this post as a fellow member and friend of mine mentioned this to me.

    You are right when you say McDonald's is a family restaurant. That is absolutely right. It would not make sense for McDonald's to restrict their range of customers. But a family restaurant does not mean families enjoy special rights. Your family deserves the right to a pleasant and comfortable experience just as much as any other customer. A family restaurant means it's for everyone, not just for families.

    When the man was looking at you and your kids, he was giving you the message that as a parent, you are responsible for keeping your children adequately-behaved. Even reprimanding your children, which is something you should do, could have been enough to show that you have tried. I'm sure people will be more willing to be understanding that way. Confrontation is not exactly the most mature way of doing things and definitely not the best example for your children.

    As an adult, I believe it is your responsibility to set an example to your children and demonstrate the the correct behavior and etiquette, otherwise they might spend the rest of their childhood with the notion they have some sort of adult-approved special privilege to disrespect a public place.
  21. sensei

    sensei New Member

    Sorry thought my post was removed and commented on it. Didn't realize it's hidden on the second page.
  22. september

    september Active Member


    somehow, did you over reacted and too sensitive or concious over ur son behaviour? yes, the man might hv feel disturb over the noise ur boy make, but he did nt even say a single ting or tell ur boy to keep quiet rite, so there is no need for u to even ask him if ur boy is disturbing him. and by asking tat, it seem tat u r the one trying to stir trouble and not him.

    also, he did not chase u all out of the place, u r the one who choose to leave and risk ur 3 months in the rain. did u see wat u trying to prove? i will say ur pride is too high that u purposely do it to make people feel tat they are in wrong and thus u and ur family suffered. but the fact is u choose the path.

    did it cross ur mind tat if ur reaction and apologetic and juz say sorry when u saw his irritated look, he might juz gif u a weak smile and close the chapter off? tat wat i alway do wen my 20 mths boy did the same.

    people are being disturbed....so no point challenge them and ask such qns, instead, a simple sorry will ease the situation better.

    yes, it might be u and ur character tat u will confront, but like wat hello say, wat example are u setting to ur kids, yes, they true they hv to know when and how to stand on their rights, but confrontation might nt be the best way. did you ever heard of teens being beaten as they confronted the other person?

    furthermore, u still wan to write in to Mac which dun sound mature to me as well.

    and i do tink tat be it people who are married with kids or people without kids, they do understand tat kids will misbehave at times...but wat more impt is how the parent react to it. whether the parent juz dun care and let the kids continue to do it or did they try to stop it.

    sorry, if u find my post offensive but tat is juz my thots...

    anyway, hope u hv walk and close tat chapter off already.
  23. indialilies

    indialilies New Member

    Totally agree with Diana (september).
  24. kentucky956

    kentucky956 New Member

    Chanced upon this thread when googling for last week's Straits Times article on whether you should admonish other children misbehaving in public places.

    Loved the last two posts and wondered if threadstarter has seen them. I'm most interested in her response.

    Subscribing to this thread though it's ages old. Meanwhile, can someone help me with a link to that ST article?

    Thanks all. and Happy New Lunar Year to all.
  25. xsun

    xsun Member

    When im with my kids, im totally oblivious to other ppl cos im so engrossed with enjoying my kids. I gv them my full attention so we are really in our own wonderful world.

    Aw, not all ppl are nasty. I was at the said macdonalds hvg bfast with my then 4yo. He needed to pee. We were still eating. I asked the family at the next table to look after our half eaten food. They were most helpful to do so.

    So dun waste ur engery on negative thgs. All the more we must react positively to show them we are gracious.

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