looking for transfer maid without agent fee or no loan


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Hi Mummies n Daddies,

anyone who is willing to let go the maid or put maid on transfer. preferably myanmar, Indonesian or Filipino maid. we have lovely 2 kids aged 5yrs old boy n 2 yrs old girl. pls sms me 96992561. we need maid asap before this end of year 2016. hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.


Hi all. I just engaged a new helper in mid-Dec 2016. Having the helper with me for almost 2 months has made my family realised that we actually do not need one. Further, my family have decided to separately make other arrangements to ensure that my 2 kids are taken care of.

Hence, I have decided to transfer out my helper.

She is single from Indonesia and aged 23. I have her profile from agency and if you are keen, I can forward it to you.

To date, I find her hardworking and takes instructions well. She knows how to speak simple English. As for cooking, she is still learning. For household chores, she is able to carry out fast and good. She is quite good with kid – able to play with my girl and my girl likes her.

I got her for a monthly salary of 500 bucks without 4 off days ($20 per day). Which means her monthly salary with me is $580.

My package with Maid Agency (Labour Express) is as follows:-

1. Agency Fee = $677

2. Miscellaneous Fee = $200

3. Documentation Fee = $60

4. Worker Placement Fee = $3600

a. $50 + $80 (without 4 off days) = $130 (From Period Jan to Aug 2017)

b. $580 (without 4 off days) = From Period Sep 2017 to Dec 2018

FYI – I am still on my confinement, ending 5th Feb 2017.

I will be visiting my maid agency after my confinement to understand the procedures of maid transfer.

If you are keen, you may whatapps me at +65-97481759 (Ivy) for a discussion.



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