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Hi mothers,

Anyone has a maid who wants to transfer?

She must be able to speak English, must be reliable, look after 3 kids (3, 5, 7 years old). And must know how to cook.

Interested, pls PM me.




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I've a Filipino maid for trf. She has been with me for half a yr. Good with household chores n children. She's 32 this yr and has two kids of her own. Thus far we do not have any complaints about her work as she is able to work well with clear instructions. We r letting her go due to personal reasons. She has no outstanding loan. Currently we are giving her 400 with 2 off days a month. We will release her before 3 may. You may drop me a pm if u wish to arrange an interview.



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Hi, I have a Myanmar maid for transfer. Worked with her prev employer for 2 yrs to take k of 3 and 5 yrs old boys. Her duty includes sending both boys to school, do marketing and cooking daily and of coz household chores. With me for 1 mth + only, need her to take k of 10 mth old boy, but she does not wan to be alone with the baby. Good points: Can speak English, understand simple chinese, can cook well and do marketing alone. Household chores i would say ok if u tell her ur expectation. A bit slow sometimes. Anyone interested to know more can email me at [email protected]. Her pp is expiring in Oct. Hence might need to negotiate with the agent on how to settle the renewal fee. PP needs to be renewed before transfer can be done. I would recommend tranfer done through agent as her fren is working at the agent.



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dear mummies,

any reliable Transfer/Ex-sin helper to recommend?

To take care of 2 girls (4 yrs old & 2 yrs old), send/pick them from childcare, cook for them and good with household chores.

Preferably can speak either English or Chinese (cos we can't speak Malay)

Pls email me at [email protected] or sms 96604532.

Thank you!!



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Dear Moms,

I am also looking for a reliable and responsible Indonesian Muslim transfer maid to start early September 2011. She must have finished her loan.

She will mainly be taking care of 2.5yo girl and must be good with household chores. Preferably between 25-30 yo.

Kindly contact me at 91918475 if you have any.

Thank you[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Posted on Monday, September 26, 2011 - 9:41 am:       

Hello mummies, I'm looking for a good Filipno maid who can help take care of my 5 years old and new born baby. She can cook simple Chines food and do housework. The most important she has experience to take care of children (toddler/new born). Willing to wait till Dec 11 if she's good. Please email me if you have a good maid to transfer. My email is [email protected]. Thanks.



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Hi Catherine,

My name is also Catherine and I currently have a Philippino maid. She is 35 years old. All and all, she has worked for me for 21 months. She helps to take care of my 1 year old and 5 year old (both sons). She also can cook chinese food (which I give credit to her).

Her overall house-chores responsibilities are ok but not to my expectation (I am quite a fussy person when comes to cleanliness). She can follow instruction well and can understand english.

When comes to children, she is easily adapt and getting used to the children. Both my sons are ok with you. She likes children too.

However, the fall-back with this maid is that she is very forgetful and sometimes can be ignorant. That's why she has to be reminded many many times.

I am letting her go earlier is due to some personal reasons. Think she will be available for work in new employer by 24th November 2011.

If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected] for further information.

Thank you. :)



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Indonesian muslim maid's available for transfer.

29 yrs old / widow / 2 kids.

She is good with kids (I have 3 children ranging from infant - 6 yrs old currently) and can cook malay dishes well. She wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and would start cleaning before my children wakes up. Understands basic English. Experienced in using appliances I have at home too.

Request 1x off day per month and has a handphone.

Interested mummies, you may email me direct to [email protected]



Philipino maid for transfer.

Good qith children and household chores. SHe's with me for one week. Transfering her because sending my newbornt to infant care hence do not need a maid.

Asking for $450 with 2off. still owes me $450

sms 93361656 as seeking to transfer her soon



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Looking for a transfer maid. Urgent.

Filipino, good with children, not afraid of dogs. My #1 goes to daycare, so mostly she'll look after my #2. Able to cook simple dishes would be good but not necessary.

Willing to pay up to $450 plus 2 off days after 3 months probation.

Pls email [email protected]



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Hello mummies, I am looking for a reliable and experienced maid with no outstanding loan. Must be good with children and household chores, able to communicate in English and willing to work with no off days. I have two boys (aged 3 YO and 7 mths).

Please PM me if you have a good maid available. Thanks!



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Our family consists of 3 children (age 5, 2, newborn), 3 adults (ah ma, husband and myself), and 1 dog. Looking for a transfer maid (Indo or Phil) who can start immediately.

- Speak English

- Housekeeping

- Cook for family

- Take care of 1 maltese dog who is quite fierce.

- All my kids go child care, both me and husband working. Prefer maid who can manage housework during the day, cook for family, and at times fetch my children back from school.

- 1 day off per mth

PM me the details.



Looking for indonesian maid to look clean house, cook and look after 2 yo & 6mths old girl (both in school so take care only off sch). Sms 96993727 if you have. Staying at Holland Ave