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LOOKING for NTUC Insurance Agent

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by jeanie, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. jeanie

    jeanie New Member


    Is there any Trustworthy & Friendly NTUC Insurance agent? Im looking for one, to replace my current agent.

    To me, I find he is very irresponsible. Totally NO NOEWS!! When I want to know more about other NTUC products, he seem like "ai mai, ai mai" type. Call, sms and email him, dont even bother to call or reply back. On festive season or new year or mayb just a birthday, he dun even bother to say hi or send a greeting. Im a customer will also 'auto' send him a regard on all occasion n his birthday.

    Not sure if I'm asking too much? Yet, I still find him kind of irresponsible.

    So, is there any NTUC insurance agent willing to take over?

    pls email to jeant.asean@gmail.com


  2. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    tifi: maybe ur agent too many customers liao. so it's hard to track each individual ones..
    u bot policy frm ur agent very long liao uh? u can go NTUC to request for replacement de.
  3. jeanie

    jeanie New Member

    to be frank, even he got aot of customers, hard to track, but at least when i call, sms or email, he can reply mah.. tis is the worst part lo..no reply at all.. my bro wan to purchase policy from him, i call n email him, he dun reply. until now, oso o news.

    i bought my policy since i was 20 yr old. abt 7 yrs liao.
  4. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    i din buy frm Income.. so i got no agent to recommend... Ur best bet is to call Income for a replacement. I dun suggest ur bro buy frm the same agent then.. otherwise ur bro will have the same prob as u again..
    Juz curious, y not other companies?
  5. clarisocean

    clarisocean Member

    Hi, tifi
    Have emailed you. My is NTUC insurance agent.
  6. jeanie

    jeanie New Member


    coz i find tat havin the same agent may be better mah.. anythin, may be easier to trace. but now, i find tat it is lucky tat din purchase from tat agent.. if not, buy liao, mia.. heng ar. tats y i wan to look for replacement lo...

    hi claris..

    thanks..i will go check my email..
  7. hubbeez

    hubbeez New Member

    hi tifi,

    u've got a PM![​IMG]
  8. nicky05

    nicky05 Active Member

    i am also looking for an NTUC agent. Please PM me if you have any to recommend.

    TIfi, i don't think ur request is too much.. My AIA agent still remembers all our b'days and never fail to send a card. BTW, i don't send my agent those festive greetings..
  9. thenuahcouple

    thenuahcouple Active Member


    if u keen, my hb represent AIA...u might want to contact him at 97374435. His name is sean.

  10. jeanie

    jeanie New Member

    hi all,

    2 weeks ago, i realized my colleague is oso working for NTUC Income. haha.. so coincidence! I've start arranging appointment with him for more policy details. Quite good n in details lo. So I guess I will buy from him in future [​IMG] At work, he is reliable, so I guess for NTUC Income, he is the same as well [​IMG]

    SNG's mummy, if u interested, can pm me for his contact.
  11. inge

    inge New Member

    Hi mama gene,

    I PM you but it says "Sorry, but the user you have selected does not accept private messages".
  12. bladers

    bladers New Member

    Have PMed you, my NTUC insurance agent is good, he explains thoroughly and visits me each time, I needn't meet him at some cafe.

    Let me know if anyone else needs his contact.
  13. geminimom

    geminimom New Member

    Hi tifi, my agent is from NTUC income...he is my agent for 10years and he is still very responsible, attitude is good, very attentive and detailed when explaining to me all the various policies. Even calling him..he will pick up my calls instantly and well..no complaints. His name is ANDREW WEERAPASS, hp no. 97537400, try calling him to believe what i claimed [​IMG]
  14. optimus_ke

    optimus_ke Member


    If you want to try Prudential, can contact this adviser Eunice at 94236048.
  15. filo

    filo New Member

    i never had any insurance. i think i should start bcos i'm 30. anyone took their child uni plan???
    i would like to know more abt ntuc insurance...anyone with a good contact?
    pls email waitingfor2@gmail.com
  16. babystarlet

    babystarlet Member

    Hi, you may contact my NTUC agent, Shirley at 9616 3845,she has been servicing me and my family,she's responsible.
  17. cherisw

    cherisw Active Member

    i believe in not buying all ur insurance from one company esp if just for convenience..dun put all ur eggs in one basket...insurance is sthg u r sticking wif for 20 years at least so no one knows wat will happen.
  18. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    Can someone recommend me a good income insurance agent?
  19. daddycat

    daddycat New Member

    Chanced upon this thread while looking for se baby items. I happened to be representing almost 90% of singapore's insurance companies and find houses. If you are keen to seek a second opinion on what you have purchased or know what is new in the whole market drop me an email.


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