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Looking for nanny at jurong West/Boon Lay?

Discussion in 'Confinement Lady and Nanny' started by jenny04, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. jenny04

    jenny04 New Member

    Hi, is anyone looking for a nanny near Jurong West Boon lay area? My son's current nanny (Chinese, experienced taking care of babies for 10 years plus) is available as I've stopped working. She stays near Jurong West Street 64. She is highly recommended, and took very good care of my son for the last 1.5 years, so I'm helping her find a baby to look after.. please contact me
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017

  2. Josleepy

    Josleepy New Member

    How to PM u through this forum if we are interested ?
  3. jenny04

    jenny04 New Member

    I hv PM-ed you
  4. Josleepy

    Josleepy New Member

    Thnks. We contact you with your hp number.
  5. eveneo1987

    eveneo1987 New Member

    Hi can you provide me the contact
  6. jenny04

    jenny04 New Member

    Hi I have PM
  7. xChloe89

    xChloe89 New Member

    Hi, can pm me the nanny's number? Thanks!
  8. jenny04

    jenny04 New Member

    Hi you can contact her at 96164806
  9. perfectmoment78

    perfectmoment78 New Member

    Thanks Jenny for recommending a good nanny. Auntie Doris is very responsible and take good care of my daughter. She can cook very yummy food and my bb hardly fall sick under her care. Now I still hesitate whether to put my girl in childcare or not after she turn 18 months... If not because of the distance, I really want her to continue taking care my dd.

    For other mommy, auntie Doris moved to Boon Lay Ave last year.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  10. Felice Koay

    Felice Koay New Member

    Is she available now? I am looking for April
  11. Felice Koay

    Felice Koay New Member

    Hi , may I know if she is available now? I am looking for April
  12. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    Agreed with perfectmoment78. Aunty doris is really a good nanny as my boy is currently under her care and every morning when we send him to aunty doris place he will smile at aunty doris when he sees her.
  13. Felice Koay

    Felice Koay New Member

    Hi mummy, may I know how many children she takes care at 1 time?
  14. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    She took care of 2 children at one time. I think she wont take more than 2.
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  15. outakako

    outakako New Member

    Hi can share her contact to me? Thanks in advance
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  16. jenny04

    jenny04 New Member

    Hi, her number is 96164806..
  17. kinobear

    kinobear New Member

    i am due next year and need a nanny around late march -april 19. May i know if she is available ?
  18. katie_0329

    katie_0329 New Member

    I need nanny staying near jurong west st 64 to take care of my child ,of intereated do pm me ,thx
  19. katie_0329

    katie_0329 New Member

    Is your nanny still available ?
  20. appleclp

    appleclp New Member

    Hi, I have a contact for experienced nanny staying at Jurong west st 81. Are you interested?

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