Looking for members of Hokkien Huay Guan


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Dear Mommies,

I'm very keen on enrolling my kid in school affiliated with SHHK, but noticed that in order to be a member I'll need 2 referrals.
Are there any existing members here who can help, or anyone who know any existing members please?

Thank You so much

Dear all,

I would love to join Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) and need help from 2 kind referrers/sponsors to join. Appreciate if you can help me out!

Please contact me at 81262700. I can meet you at your convenience.

Thank you very much in advance!
Hi, i am also very keen to join hokkien huay kuan. Not sure if you have managed to find the referal. If yes would u br able to help refer me?

Hi, I am also seeking sponsors so that I can join hokkien huay kuan. Would be very grateful is anyone is able to help, pls. Thanks in advance!
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Thank you flattop. Yes, there is some madness to this. Not everything is technical perfection; some of this is “art”. Simply using the F1 fairing does not really work. And I do not mean to criticize those who have done that, but this is my effort. MikeV