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Looking for Good Piano Teacher

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by cj_mum, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member


    I'm looking for piano teacher for my 6yrs old. Do you know any good Yamaha Piano teacher for 1-to-1 session at Plaza Singapura? If not, any good private piano teacher staying near NEL mrts or goes to student's house? Thanks.

  2. janice_hosoon

    janice_hosoon New Member

    I'm staying at Punggol area. Can offer beginner piano lessons to students who can come to my place.
  3. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks. I hv already found one for my child.
  4. belleavue

    belleavue New Member

    Hi CJ mum,

    I am looking for a good private piano teacher for my girl as well. May I have your piano teacher's contact?

  5. elmomo

    elmomo New Member


    I am looking for private piano teacher for my 3.5Y O girl. Anyone got recommendations? I am staying in Bt Panjang area. Tks.
  6. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Belleavue,

    I hv just started my child with a teacher from My Inspiration's Music School for less than 2mths, so can't comment whether she's good or not at the moment. If you're interested, can PM me, will give you her name.
  7. mellie

    mellie New Member

    Hi elmomo,

    have you found a good teacher yet?
    i'm staying in the same area and am looking for a piano teacher as well.

    if you don't mind, can share with me?
  8. elmomo

    elmomo New Member

    HI Mellie,

    still no luck yet. Sigh........

    guess it's not easy to find one esp on wkends too.
  9. mellie

    mellie New Member

    haha.. i'm so blur, which part of bukit panjang u stay. i know of a teacher in senja, her students got distinctions for piano exam.

    i stopped for personal reasons.
    i try to find her contacts and tell u ok? else, i know her hubby owns a shop @ lido there, can check it out there.
  10. elmomo

    elmomo New Member

    hi mellie,

    i stay in Fajar, if u got her contacts, can email me at j_yeong@yahoo.com. Tks.
  11. jsd

    jsd New Member

  12. annielc3

    annielc3 Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a good piano teacher who could come to our place at Upp Bukit Timah. Anyone has a good recommendation, kindly PM me ok?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. pink_tulip

    pink_tulip Active Member

    hello mummies.
    May I ride on this thread?
    Hoping to get your opinions...

    For a child who has completed 2 years of JMC at yamaha and is going on to one-to-one piano learning, what kind of piano would you get for her? She is not sooooo passionate about it (maybe not at this age?) but can play those songs learnt at yamaha decently. SHe also wants to continue to learn. She does not dislike lessons. She practises daily (but does not take initiative to go practice - needs reminder) She has a younger sis who has just started JMC too. The younger one is very excited. She seems more 'passionate' but eh... dunno whether will last or not.. :p

    Now, I need to buy a piano. I am thinking of getting a 121cm piano that will last her till higher grades -that is, if she/they make it to that. If not, I can sell if off. Thinking of getting a new one. My hb and I do not play piano and we don't have the confidence to buy a used one, though that will of course be more affordable (less 'risky' too i.e. shd the girls dislike piano and stop learning in future, we wouldn't feel the pinch). But a used one can present problems if a not-so-good one is chosen. Quite undecided about this. My heart is inclined towards stretching budget a bit to get a new one. Then hopefully, girls will enjoy it and use it for a long time. If I get a used / low one, and they like piano playing, I will have to buy another one when they reach higher grades. But is buying a new one for young kids an unwise move?

    Pls share your experiences with your children. thanks.
  14. bishanmum

    bishanmum Member

    Hi pink tulip,

    I was also in the same dilemma as you two years back. Then finally we settled on a Yamaha one in the lowest range which cost about $3000+ because couldn't afford something more than this price.
  15. pink_tulip

    pink_tulip Active Member

    hi bishanmum

    Thanks for sharing. Are your kids still playing the piano and enjoying it?
  16. cellow

    cellow Active Member

    hi pink tulip,

    I played the piano and had lessons till Grade 8, and am sure that my parents faced the same dilemma. Like Bishanmum, they bought the lowest grade Yamaha for me (and my 3 sisters) which I still have in my home now... and then when I was preparing for my Grade 7 exam, they bought an European brand piano (forgot which brand it was now...) that cost them $15k or $18k. Which was *blink a lot of money for one generation ago. My family was a single-income earning family - dad is a teacher, so it must have been quite a stretch for them....

    First piano was bought in consultation w the Yamaha piano school's teacher. Second piano - they were more choosy - they got a family fren who played the instrument to go shopping with them and test out the pianos.

    I think the feel and tone of each brand's piano is very personal. BUT if you know someone who plays or used to play the piano, take them piano shopping as well.

    A piano is a big investment in your children's musical education.... May your daughters have many happy hours of playing and enjoying music!

    PS. I m biased but I do think the impt thing is to learn how to appreciate good music and to sift good music fm the bad, not pass Grade 1-8 and Diploma exams! Even now, most pop and rock sounds really bad (ie basic and unimaginative) to me in terms of musical composition.
    I like Bon Jovi though! [​IMG]
  17. pink_tulip

    pink_tulip Active Member

    hi cellow

    I like your sharing. I can identify with it. Thank you for sharing so sincerely.[​IMG]

    yes, I do hope they will enjoy the piano, appreciate good music..

    So you come from a big family - you and 3 other sisters!
  18. cellow

    cellow Active Member

    hi Pink tulip,
    yea big family indeed... [​IMG]
    That's prob why my parents decided ok la, send us all for lessons and buy the piano.

    My parents also exposed us to all kinds of music CDs and incorporated music into our lives.... One of my earliest memories as a bb/toddler was being held by Dad and dancing around the living room to FM90.5 kind of music. awww.
    ... Mum sang nursery rhymes to us, but after music lessons, I soon realised that her pitching... well let's just say she hasnt got perfect pitch la ha... heh

    hmmz, deviating fm the thread discussion now... shall stop here. PM me if you wanna know more abt the tone/feel of each piano brand.

    Actually used pianos are normally perfectly fine as well. Lots of parents buy already then realise their little ones dun really like lessons!
  19. bishanmum

    bishanmum Member

    Hi pink tulip,

    Yes, my boy is still using it, just completed his Grade 3 exam. My girl is going to start learning very soon. By then, they would have to take turns to use the piano.
  20. pink_tulip

    pink_tulip Active Member


    the euro piano is a worthwhile buy then, since all of you can play. [​IMG]

    thanks for sharing!


    Oh I see! Completed Grade 3 already [​IMG]
  21. yernying

    yernying Member

    I am a full time piano teacher,teach in music school,hope to find some students.If U r interested,please call me 90252089.thx
  22. sophieworld8

    sophieworld8 New Member


    I'm letting my Yamaha U1J piano (like brand new, bought only last year and rarely used) go for a bargain price of $4700 (retail at $6800). It is still under manufacturer's warranty until 2013.

    This piano is great for beginners to advanced level (>Grade 8).

    Anyone who is able to recommend a successful buyer will get $100 commission as I need to sell it off asap. Moving to another by 21 Aug.

    For more information, sms 9130-9200 as I rarely check my email.
  23. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Hi sophie, iam asking on behalf of my student. Is it sold?
    Is it possible for us to go down to take a look and try the piano?
  24. anatasia

    anatasia New Member

    Hi, I am looking for good piano taecher for my six year old son. Preferably can come over to my place or teacher is nearby. We live in Thomson area. Would appreciate any recommendations ?
  25. solace88

    solace88 New Member

    I have picked up my skills from an experienced female piano instructor last time.

    I can pm u the details if you want.
  26. yernying

    yernying Member

    to Karen Ng,izzit your place near thompson green?I got student there.if u still looking for piano teacher,pls call 90252089
  27. jsd

    jsd New Member

    Hi Solace

    can you pass me your piano instructor number?
  28. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Mummies,

    How do you know whether your child is ready to register for grade 1 exam? Do you get the piano teacher to assess before the registration? Pls advise.

  29. yernying

    yernying Member

    to cj mum,grade 1 actually is very easy.all my students directly take grade 2 exam.for my opinion,if she still very young,can wait a while,then directly take grade 2.normally an experienced piano teacher knew how to do for your child.I always make sure students oledi prepared then register for the exam.

    cos registration period is during Jan to Feb,but the exam period is from June to Sept.means u r not advised to register b4 preparation.cos is ur child take the exam,u must confirm he/she ready or not 1st.
  30. mumworks

    mumworks New Member


    Any good and committed piano teacher that charges reasonable rates staying in Bukit Batok or west area to recommend ?

    Teacher must be able to bring up the interest of playing the piano especially for boys.
  31. bubblesangel

    bubblesangel Active Member

    My DD is attending piano course at Katong Shopping Centre.

    Their method make it easy for my DD to learn & she can play a song well in less than 2mth.
  32. easy

    easy New Member

    Hi I am looking for a piano teacher that can engage with kid and make piano lesson fun. Does anyone have a recommendation from your experience? I stay around serangoon and would like the teacher to come if possible.
  33. jsd

    jsd New Member

    HI mumworks

    My daughter is atttending paino in cck, if you are interested, you can pm me.
  34. easy

    easy New Member

    I stay in serangoon. So CCK is quite far for me. Thanks.
  35. yernying

    yernying Member

    to easy,I able to teach in Serangoon.u may sms me @90252089 if u r interested
  36. asiancow

    asiancow New Member

    I'm also looking for piano teacher for my 6 yr old son - although I've completed my Grade 8, i feel somebody else teaching my son would be better ...

    Any recommendation ? Any idea what are the difference in fees if come to house or go to teacher's place / centre ?

    I'm staying at Bukit Timah
  37. yernying

    yernying Member

    to asincow,u r rite.next time I also hire piano teacher to teach my daughter.I cant teach her myself.
  38. easy

    easy New Member

    Thanks yernying. Currently trying out one teacher. If not suitable, will try to call you. BTW, which second piano shop would you recommend who is honest. I am looking for a second hand piano. Any of your students selling?
  39. yernying

    yernying Member

    hi easy,thanks so much for giving me a chance if your teacher is not suitable.anywer,I hope the teacher can teach your child well.

    I got 2 students wan to sell out the piano for upgrading.that y I don wan recommend to u.if U wan,of cos u can view it.

    I knew this piano shop,all the piano price I realised are cheaper few hundred to thousand plus if compare with other shops.another thing is the boss willing to give you many gift such as adjustable seat,piano cover...

    but U have to test the piano yourself.no salesman are honest.we actually wan to go there to choose the used piano,U interest to go together?
  40. pizzaria

    pizzaria New Member

    Hi, does anybody know whether it is poss to get a piano under 1k? THanks!
  41. heikal

    heikal New Member

    hello, i have a Kingsburg piano lying around doing nothing for past 2 years. was playing between 2000-2007 till i reached grade 6. lost interest totally after. bought it from chiu piano at thomson plaza and they recommended me to sell on my own to get a little bit more. (selling to shops would get lowball prices apparently)

    its currently at my uncle's place after i moved houses temporarily. hari raya's coming so thinking of letting it go asap for 7-800 inclusive of delivery *will negotiate abt tuning at your place etc.

    will throw in the bench of course and all the books that i've had since pre-grade 1 days. (that's alot of books)

    do let me know here or on my phone at 9183 7469 or email me at heikal.shafrudin@gmail.com

  42. heikal

    heikal New Member

  43. flyingmelon

    flyingmelon New Member

    My 8yrs daughter has a good piano teacher and just passed ABRSM 8. I don't know why the child liked her so much.
    Her contact I can not remember now but I know she runs a piano shop, sell some secondhand pianos near Redhill, web address may be http://www.PianoShop.sg ~_~
  44. kkf

    kkf Active Member

    anyone knows of any good piano teacher who will come to my place in sengkang? thanks
  45. cinchua

    cinchua New Member


    Looking for Yamaha Piano teacher around Bishan/Thomson area. Willing to teach beginner 6 yr old kid. Pls PM me. Thanks
  46. heikal

    heikal New Member

    Hi, posting on behalf of my friend. sold my own piano through this thread last year.


    I'm moving to another house and I'm selling my upright piano for a very good price, this piano needs to be sold by 15th of June 2010.

    Brand: Rubinstein
    Comes with a stool
    Excellent condition
    Price: $800 (incl. mover fee)
    Please refer to the photo attached.

    Anyone keen on buying, please contact Stella at 91377302/+6281586107000 or email to stellafebrina@hotmail.com


  47. starry_chan

    starry_chan New Member


    looking for a piano teacher for my girl. I stay in CCK, please PM me.

    Thanks and regards

  48. jhelen

    jhelen New Member

    Dear ALL,

    I'm a piano teacher, currently have students staying in Bishan, CCK, Woodlands, Yishun, Yio Chu Kang, Toa Payoh, Sengkang & Cairnhill.

    If you're looking for piano teacher, please PM me. I'm not leaving my contact no. here because i have been receiving a couple of nuisance calls. Appreciate ur understanding. Thanks

    Ms Tan
  49. shell

    shell Member

    Hi Mummies
    Any comment on the Yamaha JMC course or 1-1, which is be better for a 5 yrs old girl (beginner?)

    Appreciate a honest reply!
  50. yernying

    yernying Member

    hi,i am a female piano teacher with 11 years teaching experienced,ABRSM Diploma holder is looking for students.any further enquiry,pls contact at 90252089.thx

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