Liposuction - anyone has experience to share

hi stardust, not sure about the procedure as i haven't done it myself, but i know it is at around $1k per spot, quoted by TCS Clinic @ Central. HTH.
Hey stardust, I actually registered an account to reply you.

I did twice for my whole body in Bangkok - upper arms, thighs, calves, back, stomach and hips.

I was so crazy, both times I booked a flight immediately and went alone. Second time I even woke up halfway through surgery.

Although a lot of before and after pictures are assuring but real results will never be perfect.

If you do locally, I suggest going to renowned surgeon. All the best!
It depends on which part(s).

Woffles Wu quoted me a staggering $42000 for both thighs. Overall can remove about 5 litres.

If you really intend to do I suggest locally if you can afford, otherwise Medan or Korea.

Just note that post-op you still have to invest in Manual Lymphatic Massage for smoothing out the bumps which will be another $2-3k.
Why take the risk when this is nt a permanent solution? I hv a permanent solution and u only need to take a 3 month program and solve the problem once and for all.

Guarante effective, no side effect and no regain in weight.

Chance upon this thread. There is no need to do liposuction which is so expensive & so risky.

I have better way of slimming and it not only brings down my fat level but also give me the hourly shape which i long wanted for.

You can text me or call me at 8228 1378, i will be glad to share with you how do i get rid of my pear shape & downsize into XS!!
Hi mummies,

I may not know the exact reason you are considering liposuction but pls read up more before u decide, not just about the cost. U can read up conveniently the comprehensive info at Wikipedia:

If you are not overweight but just wan to improve body shape, there are better way and options to do.

If u are really obese, liposuction would not give u the long term solution, because it does not reduce your visceral fats that brings the health risk & study has shown that visceral fats is directly associated with weight rebounce.

I hav strong believe in TRA & Ageloc galvanic body spa, TRA helps me & my friends reduced both subcutaneous fats & visceral fats to regain health, beauty & confidence.
Ageloc galvanic body spa has did very well body shaping & contouring, these are non surgery, lower cost & absolutely no risk.

If you have friend who is a NuSkin distributor, you can find out more from them but please treasure your life.
If you would like to know more, I am happy to share with you my knowledge, u can contact me at [email protected]
Just control your diet and exercise regularly.

If not, even if u do lipo without changing your lifestyle, the fats will rebounce eventually. My friend also joined thosr expensive treatment/package, spent thousands and doesnt work on them.
Hi, helping a friend to clear off her unopened items of Tra complex (Craving Controller) , Duoleen (fat blocker) and Diene O Lene (fat burner) at very low price.
Interested pls pm me.
The cost of liposuction surgery depends on the area of the body as well as the amount of fat that needs to be removed. Larger areas cost more. For example, the cost of liposuction to the lower abdomen costs around $2,000 in the United States. Add the upper abdomen, and the cost may reach $3,000. Liposuction to the outer thighs may cost $1,600 each, and total costs will combine all targeted areas. Medical tourists may benefit through plastic surgery centers in Argentina, where charges costs are less, generally under $3,000, which in many cases includes lodging. Liposuction in India costs one tenth of what it costs in the United States.
if anybody want to opt for liposuction surgery with nominal cost at your nearest clinic by highly qualified & experienced doctors then please do visit aboutclinic
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I am a newbie. Could someone share your experience with me if you had done liposuction + breast augmentation together? Is it advisable do it separately? You can PM me. Thanks in advance.
My bf in his 30's has developed a big belly due to work entertainment. He tried to go on vegetarian diet and hit on gym daily however his belly still remain very big and I recommend him to Dr Shens (did my breast augmentation with him) for vaser liposuction.

His recovery is fast and he can walk the next day (in slow motion mode ;)), by the 2nd week he has already resume his full activities.

I'd been dealing with stubborn fat pockets that refused to go away despite diet and exercise. After researching surgeons to perform my liposuction, I chose Dr. Colin Tham. I am happy I made a great choice. Dr. Tham spent the time listening to my worries, thoroughly explaining the VASER Liposelection method, and answering any questions or concerns I had. The results were remarkable—immediately noticeable yet natural-looking.