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LeSportsac Spree by Vin - MEMORIAL SALES (30% OFF $200)

Discussion in 'Spree (Overseas Sites Only)' started by vinnie, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member


    Please join this spree only if you are comfortable with the T&Cs below:

    Rate fixed at 1.32 (to be adjusted if charged higher)

    Domestic Shipping : free for Sep
    International shipping: vpost, based on actual weight.
    Please be prepared to pay more if your item is heavy/bulky.

    Payment :
    POSB saving : 042-09192-8
    1st payment for goods order
    2nd payment for the shipping charges, GST, postage etc
    For internet banking transfer,use nick during transfer
    For ATM transfers,indicate the ref no., time, date and amount of transfer.

    1. Houg Ave 8, blk 611 - will drop off on every sun noon and collection is most time thereafter
    2. Chai Chee Ave, blk 35- most weekdays (8.30am to 8pm)
    3. Bedok reservoir view - most wkends except sun evening
    4. Parkway Parade Centre, Mac - Sat (2pm) - non bulky items < 1kg
    5. Bugis Fulushou building - Sun (10.30am) - non bulky items < 1kg
    6. United Square basement 1 - Sun (9.20am or 11am) - non bulky items < 1kg
    Normal postage - will email actual postage + envelope/wrapper costs of $0.50
    Registered postage - Normal postage + additional $2.25 + envelope/wrapper costs of $0.50
    Smartpac - $5 (<3kg)
    Courier - $6 (size 60) or $8 (size 80). TBA (for bigger sizes)

    Waiting Time :
    - Approximately 3-4 weeks after spree is closed.

    Terms & Conditions :
    - No payment no order.
    - Please proceed with payment after you've placed your order. No confirmation is required.
    - No cancellation or refund is allowed upon placement of order. Strictly no exchange.
    - I will not be held liable for any mistakes made by the merchant.
    - I will not be held liable for shipment delays from the merchant/freight forwarding company.
    - I will not be held liable for the loss of your items en route from US to Singapore.
    - I will not be held liable for any damaged or missing articles, should you opt for normal postage.
    - I will try to avoid incurring GST. But should GST be incurred due to shipping, it will have to be shared among the spreeists.
    - I reserve the right to cancel this spree due to poor response.

    Pm me if you cannot place order here or email me at vinnietan05@gmail.com

    Order Format
    Mobile/ Email: pls pm me

    Item name:
    URL: (Ensure that it works)
    Alternative if oos:

    1st Payment = Price(USD) x 1.32 x 0.6/0.75= S$
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2016

  2. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  3. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  4. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    anyone keen to join??
  5. schiewpe

    schiewpe Active Member


    I am interested. I will go by registered mail. Let's say with just my order, will you order and how much will be the shipping cost? Need to check cos it is my first time buying from lesportsac. Thanks :)

    Item name: Deluxe Everyday Bag
    URL: https://www.lesportsac.com/Deluxe_Everyday_Bag?color=D412
    Color: Happy Hour Print
    Size: Standard Size
    Alternative if oos:
    Qty: 1
    Price: 82 before discount
    Code = SAVE40JUNE14
  6. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi schiewpe

    usually i will accumulate orders to minimize shipping and it should range between $17-$20,
  7. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Still collecting orders @ 1.32
  8. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  9. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Still taking orders...
  10. kkf

    kkf Active Member

  11. kkf

    kkf Active Member

    Funds Transfer to Other DBS/POSB A/C
    29 Sep 2014 06:12 AM Singapore
    Your transaction has been completed.
    You may wish to print out a copy of this confirmation for your reference.
    From Account POSB Passbook Savings Account
    To Account POSB eSavings Account
    042-09192-8 LESPORTSACESPREE
    Transfer Currency and Amount S$82.00
    Transaction Reference 13316457311
  12. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    collection: Postage

    1.small cleo crossbody
    Print: Island Batik
    Price: $58.00
    total: 58x 0.6x 1.32= $45.93

    To AccountPOSB eSavings Account
    042-09192-8 vinnie
    Transfer Currency and AmountS$45.93
    Transaction Reference1331787246
  13. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Anymore orders for 40% off selected prints??
  14. kkf

    kkf Active Member

    opps sorry, realise I have transfer $5 less. Can I transfer together with shipping the next time? :p
  15. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    No prob
  16. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Any more orders - closing batch soon
  17. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Any more orders to share shipping??
  18. luvkitty99

    luvkitty99 Member

    Hi , will you open new spree ?
  19. gremlin

    gremlin Member

    Vinnie, are u doing lesportsac spree? Nobody doing leh...
  20. karis

    karis Member

    Hi, taking any new orders? Thanks!
  21. springong

    springong Member

    hi Vinnie, wud like to order Camille peppercorn print at 50% discount.
  22. zbuzz78

    zbuzz78 Member

    Hi Vinnie, spree still on? Thks, zbuzz78
  23. rainie

    rainie Active Member

    Hi vinnie, are u still taking in orders?
  24. beryl_lee

    beryl_lee New Member

    Hi Vinnie, are u still taking in orders?
  25. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi beryl_lee

    pls submit your orders using USD x 1.43
  26. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    **reviving this thread **
    bunny1184 likes this.
  27. zbuzz78

    zbuzz78 Member

    Hi Vinnie

    What is the formula now? Thanks.
  28. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    USD x 1.38
  29. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi zbuzz78

    found a one time code - 10% off
  30. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    10% off regular items except Paul & Joe products
  31. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  32. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  33. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    USD x 1.4 x 0.8

  34. jodi

    jodi Active Member

    hello Vinnie,

    able to estimate shipping charge for this bag?
    appl discount is 20% right?
    Easy Carry Tote
    Style #2431.E182
    Classic Collection
    Color: Sky High print
    qty: 1

    pending your inputs b4 i transfer $.
  35. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi jodi

    20% only until 11/5 noon
  36. jodi

    jodi Active Member

    next round then.
  37. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    no prob, let u know if i know of any promo
  38. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member


    10% OFF
  39. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  40. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member


    USD X 1.41 X 0.7

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