Lei Ziman Strikes Again!


ai yoh, veri

from Lei ZiMan then now
" duplicate " EnXuan(javiers_mummy) topic ????

can anyone enlighten me pls ????

is the FB abt " Ziman " up alrdy ???


See Ziman's fb? Then must find someone who is on her friends list..or u go and send her friend request lor!

I get my FB updates via comments left on the blog..and she unfriended one of them who did that.

As for En xuan's case, I did not take the time to read thru the posts but i would be quite dissappointed if that little girl that En Xuan tried to help was really her hubby's ex-wife daughter? It's clear that she has some serious issues going on in her life so I just wish her all the best in resolving them.

Also, i'm a little indignant that my thread got hijacked (humph) but still, whatever, LOL!


oohhh i thought chloe actually saw her status update on FB!! hahahaha.. sorry sorry too excited liao... hahahaha


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I read already super jialat lei on both the threads. I will not do any comments till Enxuan pm me pls. cannot be after <font size="+2"> 4 BIG LESSONS</font> STILL havent learn to be wise... mentality got problem

Christina Low. Wait I pm u.. here messy already..

Bell u naughty girl.. add fire and petrol.. exp le

Roz did I add u in FB??


Yah that's what I meant. They took their profiles off from public search.

You want to see more, hah? Really? Go read the blog...got good link to see her in action


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Is it the same person???

I already have 4 abortions before and each time i feel very emotional abt it. I cried myself to sleep every night... Sometimes talking to "them" as though they are by my side always. My bf is scared when i do this and i try not to do it infront of him.

i use to love and care for his daughter much... Have a lot of patience for her... However, due to my bf not wanting to keep this baby has cause me to hate his daughter alot...


En Xuan (enxuan)
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Thanks for all ur post. After reading what i expected, i thought i will be "moved" or change... but i feel nothing. Thus, i guess i am really able to be a real cruel and harsh woman in order to get what i want. "i will stop at nothing to make her miserable". The ex wife has made me very displease with her. Of cos,since i cant vent my anger anyway.. i take it on her daughter who she left and abandon for a man / affair.

Outcast, i posted this here despite i knew peoples bombard cos i know both Helelina &amp; Ng Xiang Kai is reading. Not only i dare to say this to her but to the people ard.

imk not like her know how to sweet talk and lie. i find it too tiring. i prefer to spell out whats from my heart. i dont want to accept means NO WAY. So, dun try to push ur responsibility to me. Do get ur daughter back to urself. Dont tell me u cant raise her as u have another daughter with ur affair. You tell me n treat me as a fool. Thus, i am not going to spend a single dime cent on ur fu*king girl. Even she beg for food, i feed to dogs than to her. My anger is ur cause. Helen, u can act n hide behind a nickname. cos u have no guts and honesty. dont need to sms me anything saying abt my post here yet u dare not reveal ur true colours here.

Listen Helen: U choose to leave n abandon here to have ur lustful way of life as a whore by fu*king around when u re pregnant n even married. This is ur retribution. People usually say, punishment does not come ur way..but ur decendents. Since u dont care about her, why should i? shouldnt i concentrate and give my son the best? If i need to divide my spending of money, time, love, care, concern and teach him to study for ur daughter... i wont. Cos my son is going to get the best. i will give my son two portion of food more n see ur daughter die. This is how muh i hate her. I want her motherless and fatherless. You call my son a dog, ur daughter will be like u... a FREE WHORE when she is in her teens like u...

Thats all i have to say. Helen. do save this up n give ur lawyer to fighht for her sole custody if u want. i dont mind as this reflect my true sentiments on u n ur daughter.


roz: got good link to see her in action <---- please post here, u have so many posts already leh, dunno where to dig...


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Roz, sorry to mess up ur thread. But this en xuan is really more disgusting than lei ziman.

Calijas, i strongly feel is the same person. Can feel the same hatred when comes to inlaws n hb daughter.

Enxuan, be kind to others so u will get blessings. U believe in karma? If ppl child beg u for food u rather feed the dogs n see her die. Have u ever thought that one day ur son might be in a situation whereby he needs help? Today u are pregnant with no 2 n u need help too. But u habour such a evil thought towards a young girl. Seriously, pls wake up from selfish way. Ur bad doings will goes to ur kids, ur grandkids n pass on... Don't put ur misery on kids....
many discussions within a thread itself.. =p

gathered tt the reason why Ziman has followers's coz she took things foc under some sob story and sell them as her own, reaping profit fr the sale?



if u dun 1 / dun like the gal from yr hb's 1st marriage then dun bother much abt them.

shld u or yr hb have the lawful custody then take care of tis gal lah.

cursing , swearg will lead u NO WHERE ~!

GOD is WATCHING all of us everyday lor !

Retributions CANNOT be SEEN but can sense &amp; feel it, can see later .........

yr own kids grown up, how wld they see in u ?

u veri chek ark leh !

yr next exchange tokens for yr items :

LISTERINE MOUTH WASH bottles many units !!!


Nelotte> yah hor blog got a lot of links. I PM u k? Dun want put here..

Mimi> classic Mimi response lor...u crack me up every time.

Bewildered> sometimes no need sob story lah...she will just come and take lor


may god bless the daugher. may every kids in this world healthy and get loved from parents. i do feel sad reading this thread. hope enxuan will stop hate. love the life. every kids are innocent.


En Xuan, i hope its not you in the sgbrides thread.
I treat you as a friend because we are both at the same age, you came to my house twice and we talk everything under the sun.
I read in sgbrides, everything wrote there seems to be the same thing you told me.

Even if its you, i also have no right to say or judge you also.
If i know that you have that kind of thinking, i should have advise you more when you came to my house.


Eh....maybe what she wrote may not be real. She may not treating the girl in the way she mentioned, but she purposely wrote in such a bad way so as to make the first wife angry and worry as she knows that the first wife is reading.

But for whatever reason, please dun teach ur son to hate people. From all the stories and drama (like ah di) we have seen, they wun get their happiness by living in hatred. So why make ur beloved so unhappy....like u? We definitely have the full control of our feeling and the way we want to live our days. There is always a fighting between our "Buddha" and "evil" in our heart, but one that controlled by "evil" will always be a loser. If the first wife is such a bad gal as what u thought, she must be very happy to see u in this "evil" mood so that u will be in real "he'll" one day.

Think again, if u reaaly believe in karma.
Dear All, pls forgive Enxuan. She may be wrong but I also think that she is very hurt within...she is facing so many things in life and is trying to cope. Guess smh and sgbrides is the place she use to ventilate her frus cos she may not have any place to ventilate. Pple who are hurt may not know that she is hurt and is hurting pple.

Enxuan, seek a consellor. They help u ventilate n help sort out your thoughts. Emotions that are bottled up aren't doing good for u.


I'm wondering if she's having depression.

If yes, Enxuan, please seek some form of help as others have advise, talking to a counseller would really help.

Exactly.. I was rather disappointed when I saw her post up to gather clothes &amp; books for the 3 yr old gal. If it is genuine, I will definitely help as I have gal’s clothes/stuffs to give but I really cannot convince myself to rule out the possibility that that is not her husband’s daughter. I mean there are just too many coincidence..

I always believe in honesty when u want to seek help in others. The reason why I brought up this experience is bcoz she has asked for help again for her no. 2 when in actual fact, I have no intention to reveal her identity until she admitted it herself. I want to let her know that we should not take things for granted and treat SMH as a very convenient place to get free stuffs, especially to take whatever she can and then sell/exchange it for other items, regardless of its value.



get help from these hotlines chatting for +/-45mins per chat sessions :

<font size="+2"><font color="0000ff">SOS hotline : 1800-221-4444</font></font>

<font size="+2"><font color="119911">AWARE : 67745935 ( mondays - fridays : 3pm - 9:30pm )</font></font>

i've been chatting with these chat-volunteers counsellors for many years liao, it's P &amp; C as u dun nid to reveal yr <font size="+1">! REAL NAME !</font> and they dun tell you their REAL NAMES too .

alternatively, call MCYS for the nearest family centres :


there's a mummy here (dunno still active or not) whom is a volunteer councellor in one of the "popular" family ctr ......


Enxuan - I am sorry that you have to go through all these at such a young age. This is considered mentally and physically torture. Can you try to help yourself by calling the helplines given?

23years old is a age where some are still schooling, some just joined the working society. To some people it is considered mature age but it does not apply to everyone. With her "imcomplete" family background and a "challenging" future to face, if i am in your shoes, i might not be able to take it too... At least i find that you are strong enough to face it.

Why not give people a chance to help you, you need to untie the knot in you. Encountering all these at 23 years old is not easy, let's say a 3 years old. As compared her future is worse than you. You might be staying with your mum, but she? She lost both of her parents (she did not choose to come to this world facing all these). Even if you feel that you cant bring yourself to help her, also dont hurt her.


Roz thanks for the update on Ziman, i've been following ur blog! It's always very entertaining to read about her. And don't be angry that ur thread got hijacked, fm Ziman to EnXuan, it just got to show that there are many people out there with problems.

If Enxuan is still reading this thread she will know that there are many ppl who wish to help her, and if she takes courage to seek help, its actually saving her, her family and a little innocent girl's life!

May all be blessed!


Her husband must be very rich otherwise "smart" ziman won't be so stupid to marry him. Anyone know some rich guys to intro to ziman!!! Ziman u don't have to thank me, you can ask for LV CHannel bags for free. All these got higher selling values!


if her husband is rich then why she stil goes around "cheating" pple... she felt challenging to have con pple of her story and able to the little money out of it? disgusting woman... cant believe SQ girls would be like this... haiz..


Bell> True. But even if she did figure it out, what is she going to do? Not like she going to confront the person right..

shar and busymama> well, I still don't think they are rich, lor. But even if they were, low class is low class lah.

Actually SQ girls are known to be quite materialistic and very 'atas'...


i think ziman maybe living a normal life which she kinda hates. Maybe she hates her current life, no work, no $$$, no nice ex. cloth and good food, maybe the husband didnt gv her money tat's why she wana make some extra $$. There's alot of "maybe". hehee


Bell> really? what's your source? LOL

but I suppose if that's the case, then they are meant for each other lor.


If you cant find enough money from here, try providing services to man la... Since you say your husband always so innocent dont know about your deal. He can drive you there, wait for you, while you provide services to other man (above market price)...


Kak, not dote will not help her to take all these things de mah! You know how men are! Sure don't wanna trouble themselves with such things one...


Bell> Oh yah..I suppose. Supplement income, probably. But he doesn't know what she's doing, and/or chooses not to get involved, I'm sure.

eee. youtube video. urgh.
Wah, tt's really her?!

Yall da best!! Like tt also can find...

Btw, does she knows tt she's v high profilein here? If yes, y'd she still wanna updl her bday video?

Perplexed.. ??


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Haha! Ziman, no matter in which tiny holes you are hiding, pple can still find ways to drag you out! Aiyoh! U sounds 'Chinna'! Good in fakes!


heard her voice in her gal playig drum tokg like <font color="ff0000">ANG MOH</font> !

background got so <font size="+2"><font color="ff0000">MANY TOYS</font></font> <font size="+1">( must be CONNED back ) !</font>

her skin so <font size="+2">FAIR like HAINANESE CHICKEN thighs ! </font>

Now, I knw WHY she kept tellg she has a <font size="+2"><font color="0000ff">" SON " </font></font>coz' her gal has " BOYISH FACE " ...... must be <font size="+2"><font color="ff6000">DESPERADO WISHING to have a SON</font></font> ( like me desperado hopg 2 have preggie for a gal ) !