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Learn Piano at 35 years old

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by baby_district, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    I am thinking of picking up piano lessons but i am 35 years old, any advise if any of u pick up at later age.

    Any good teacher (home based) to recommend.

  2. pinkbunny

    pinkbunny New Member

    my colleague's wife is a piano teacher. i think you have the choice of going to her house at jalan membina (tiong bahru) or she may go to yours. if you PM me your contact, i can ask her to contact you? then you can ask her about prices etc. good luck!

    by the way, me too, i'd like to re-take up piano lessons too. stopped about 15 years ago hehe.
  3. micsarah

    micsarah New Member

    Hi baby district,

    I am also 35 years old and thot of learning piano. My girl is starting to learn how to play piano and i also feel like learning to motivate each other.
  4. me too.. although I am not 35...!!!
    I also dont have a piano at home...will buy when I learn...or is it that I have to buy before learning..

    Who came first the Chicken or the egg
  5. liloblue

    liloblue New Member


    I have a friend who's teaching at her home. She's staying in Woodlands. You can pm me for her number.
  6. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    My son is learning and my husband urge me to pick up (although at 35). Will be getting a brand new piano.

    My husband is thinking of picking it up too, but i need to have a male teacher for him incase he fall for a female piano teacher.

    I am staying in Tampines so other areas recommended above a little too far.

    Anybody here took up piano lesson at a 'older age'. Is it true that we are not very flexible with our fingers??

    Pink bunny at least u have proper lessons before.
  7. adepoh

    adepoh Member

    just to share. i have no piano knowledge as well. i learnt alot from sending my gal to Yamaha junior music course. As the course requires parent participation, i learn to read notes etc.
  8. pinkbunny

    pinkbunny New Member

    baby district
    haha yes but i was a bad student. don't worry unduly, personally i think what's most important is your enthusiasm.

    honestly i think you should try out the lessons first then buy. it's still an investment and would go to waste if you decide after a few lessons that you don't like piano playing. i remember my parents rented a piano for me. i think it was about $100 a month. BUT please remember that was many years ago. with more thought into my calculation, i'd say it was almost 20 years ago!!! i think the name was robert piano. not even sure if they are still around but hope that helps. or, i've seen carrefour selling the electric kind for about $600. been itching to re take lessons too but not sure if i can afford the time commitment cos i'm due in july [​IMG]

    i got a PM from someone, not sure who. just to let you know that i've passed on your contact to my colleague's wife.
  9. highvolt

    highvolt Active Member

    pink bunny,
    i think there's a music school named robert piano or something like that at Parkway Parade level 3. I am thinking of putting my child there when she reaches 3. DUnno if that's too young...
  10. pinkbunny

    pinkbunny New Member

    oh yes that sounds familiar! gosh i have not been to parkway for so long. i'm not sure if 3 is too young. i remmeber many of my friends started at 5 or 6 but they were forced into it and most of them hated it. many dropped out. i started at 11 and i begged my parents for classes. but in the end also lost interest at 15 or 16 (when other things were more cool la!). maybe see if your daughter is keen or not, because if not then it would be a very big waste of money

    just my 2 cents la. honestly, what most of us hated was that we had to do all the theory stuff as well. for me, i just wanted to play for the sake of playing. i didn't see the point in being examined about composers' lives. that really took the joy out of learning for me.

    i have heard of non graded piano lessons, where you learn just for fun, no exams. but for those of you who want to be graded, i.e. go through grade 1, 2, 3 etc, maybe it is good to consider this too - how do you think you would feel when you are in the exam hall/room and you're the only person in your 20s and 30s when the other candidates are 6 or 7? another thing that made me feel silly. i was at many years older than the other kids and as a teenager, that really bugged me.

    hope this helps!
  11. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    Yes robert piano is in parkway that is where my son is learning. His teacher is Vivien Twang very good too.
  12. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    3 years old is a bit to young to learn piano. The fingers are not quite ready yet. Music appreciation classes would be more appropriate for this age group.

    As for learning piano at 35, it's never too old to learn, but it will take a lot of hard work 'cos the fingers are not flexible anymore.
  13. winnie171175

    winnie171175 Member

    Hi, I am 33 and start taking piano lesson last year and I am happy that finally I take up the lesson which was at a Community Centre at woodlands.

    My advise, go for it if it is your dream to learn to play piano or else you will regret it later.
  14. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    Winnie Are your fingers stiff? And did you cope well?

    I didn't know community centre have piano lessons too.
  15. mummykoo

    mummykoo Member


    i am 40 this year, guess the oldest here to learn piano with zero background, and just started my pop piano lesson last month...
  16. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    learning piano for we adult is a challenge too , i start to learn piano at the age of 29, my teacher always said my finger like people do typing[​IMG] (cos last time always type type..),so spent time to practise in order to take exam ..till grade 2 and theory grade 3(theory is earsier for adult) then stop cos must take care of children no time.. thinking of continuing when my child start to learn, it's better to let your child learn at the earlier age, their finger can be very skillful after training ,but for us need more time to practise. my teacher is serious but quite good , she will let me repeat n repeat playing the same if i haven't played well.
  17. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    kk no matter how old you are, the important thing you enjoy learning, that's enough.
  18. luvet

    luvet New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Me 38 interested to learn piano also! But feel too old to learn to play...

    Where do you all go for piano lesson for adult & go for the exam? What is the different between learning from community center and private music class?

    Can share.
  19. winnie171175

    winnie171175 Member

    Hi baby district

    I have the lesson at Marsiling CC. It need a lot of time for practicing & I am not good at note reading. So for a new piece, I need more time to figure out the note.

    Most importantly is that you know what you want. eg casual learner to be able to read note & play song or the serious learner going for grades.
  20. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    hi Luvet
    the difference between cc and private music class is one cheaper(cc), the private teacher is more expensive. and if you want to take exam, you must attend the classical piano course, if not you can attend the adult leisure piano course.
  21. sh02

    sh02 New Member

    hi Winnie,
    r u taking for grades also?
    how much it costs?
  22. ewoks

    ewoks New Member

    hi there, me already 32 years old & interested in learning piano too but i dun wanna go thru those exams. js wanna learn casually & be able to play some simple pieces...hehe. but i dun hv a piano at home [​IMG] izzit neccessary to hv one if i only want to learn casually?
  23. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    you can rent the piano from music school or at least a keyboard at home for practice purpose. it's easier for u to continue for the next lesson.
  24. berrynaiad

    berrynaiad New Member

    got gd piano teacher to recommend for bedok area??
  25. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    Adult Leisure Course sounds good, think i will check with CC, don't know if i can make it or not....... maybe half way give up.
  26. tunapuff77

    tunapuff77 Active Member

  27. luvet

    luvet New Member

    Hi Lilian,

    Where do you attend your lesson, music school or private? Interested to learn classical piano!
  28. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    congratulations! so now still continue ..ya ur theory test also grade 4? not easy for we adult to prepare exam, spend more time than children to practise...
  29. zelene

    zelene Member

    actually in my opinion, an adult usually picks up faster except that the fingers is not as flexible as a kid, but more practice will fix tat. Also an adult usually can skip grade faster than a kid becos adults understands more be it theory or practical. Bt again most important of all is the interest and whether you enjoy playing the piano anot. I had a student who is 50years old who just started learning piano she is still in beginner. So dun hold back becos of the age. [​IMG]
  30. bluebells

    bluebells New Member

    Ai ya...people, I am also mid 30, and am also considering taking piano for leisure. My thinking is this, it will keep me from getting dementia earlier [​IMG] because need to continue using right and left brain, and it is for the same reason that I let my kids take up piano lessons instead of mind gym courses. So.. go for it.
  31. yernying

    yernying Member

    learning never be late!
    I am a full time piano teacher.I taught a 60 years old lady b4 in music school.

    For my experienced,adult learning piano mostly want to play the songs they like,they r not so willing to read the notes.so actually teaching adult and kids absolutely in different way.

    I m looking for students,if u r interested to learn piano,just call me 90252089,thx!
  32. momdk

    momdk New Member

    anyone can advise if any jurong cc having piano course?
  33. joankum

    joankum New Member


    Frontier community centre at Jurong west central has a Yamaha music school. U might like to check there.
  34. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Its never too old to learn, i have students from 2.5 to 70 yrs old. Of course if you started late, technique will be a prob but note and rhythm reading will be able to pick up very fast. Hence for adult beginners, most of the time will be doing technique studies and leisure pieces to keep you motivated [​IMG]
  35. sulis84

    sulis84 New Member


    I think there are no words to say late for learning everything, like get piano lessons. If you want to learn hard, continuing, and alwasy practicing. I believe you could be a good piano player.. Maybe you can try the piano avenue ? I've heard that they're good in teaching, maybe you can find their contact details and detail of their lesson at 88DB's website (music's category - lesson & category's sub category), good luck with your practicing..
  36. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Practise is the word. I have an adult student who learn for 2 months and he can play canon in and richard clayderman pieces. I think it is a great accomplishment [​IMG]
  37. spade

    spade New Member

    Hi Pianojazzy,

    Can you recommend a good piano tuner (either a reputable company or a specific person)?

    Have an old but well maintained piano that needs tuning. Thanks.
  38. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    I uses this tuner. Will PM you
  39. longan

    longan New Member

    Hi, my son, 7, interested in piano classes too. any good teacher to recommend? Staying at Bukit Gombak MRT area.. went for trial lesson at Christofori Bt Gombak, but a school girl teaching... Any good piano teacher staying nearby teaches at home??.. Tks...
  40. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

    hi baby district,

    are you still looking for a piano teacher at tampines area?

  41. happylucky

    happylucky New Member

    Hi, i am also looking for piano teacher around Tampines area (home visits), kindly recommend, grateful and thanks
  42. klite

    klite New Member

    Hi I started learning piano last year and I am 33 years old.. indeed i find it hard to coordinate my left and right fingers and very slow in reading the notes, but through hardwork and effort, still able to play something decent. Cheers.
  43. prettywoman08

    prettywoman08 New Member

    wow! so i guess even at 38 if i'm still interested in learning, i should still go ahead! [​IMG]
  44. miorei

    miorei Member

    i also wanna learn but keyboard only. :p any recommendation?
  45. jsd

    jsd Member


    I learn till grade 5, dont know should i continue my piano?
  46. yernying

    yernying Member

    to jsd,may i know how old r u?
  47. mlin

    mlin New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    Im also keen to learn keyboard together with my 5 year old son.
    Any good tutors to recommend in Woodlands area?
  48. humpe

    humpe New Member

    Hi Pianojazzy,

    I know this question have been asked before...
    Could you kindly recommend a good reliable piano technician ? Thanks :)
  49. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Hi Humpe, tried to pm u but u do not accept pm. Do Pm me or email me at piano.coaching@gmail.com for my tuner's contact.
  50. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

    very nice and good piano technician

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