Lactation Therapy/Consultation

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Dear Mummies and Forumers,

We provide lactation consultation/therapy for mummies/mummies to-be.
We are confident and good enough to say that mummies will see results and feel the differences after the 1st session.

(consist of the following but not limited to)
1. Clear breast engorgement/blocked ducts - Prevent painful "hardened" breasts
2. Increase milk supply/flow - Ensure baby has enough to drink
3. Better milk quality - Ensure baby is drinking "thicker" milk
4. Getting baby to latch correctly - The most important step of all

The points stated above are the basics of what is needed for a good breastfeed.

We have come across many mummies who took breastfeeding lightly during their first pregnancy.
Some even thought that they are doing the right way but in fact not.
There are many more in-depth knowledge and small tips that every mummy should know, such as how to deal with jaundice.
More will be shared during the session.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Text us @ 8789 1877
We will be here to help you and your baby walk through this tough but fulfilling journey! =)

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Liquid Gold from a fellow mummy.

Breast milk is often called “liquid gold” because of the incredibly powerful benefits it provides to your baby from the moment they are born! Your early milk, known as colostrum, is often yellow-ish in color and helps your baby’s body begin adapting to life outside the womb. In addition to being packed with infection-fighting white blood cells, antibodies, and other valuable nutrients, colostrum benefits include protection of the stomach, intestines, and immune system as they fully develop in the hours and days following birth.