Korean Aesthetic Facial | Eyebrow embroidery at your Home

Korean Aesthetic Facial | Eyebrow embroidery at your Home


Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy is Singapore’s first one-stop provider of Korean beauty treatment and cosmetic training. With state-of-the-art facilities and expert therapists, our goal is to help all women achieve their natural radiance and look good effortlessly.

We aim to make every person feel empowered by bringing out the utmost potential of their beauty. In line with our philosophy to embrace our own skin, we address imperfections by nurturing our patients’ qualities from deep within.

Our Passion
We aspire to be the leading premier beauty hub in Singapore providing first-class Korean aesthetic treatments. Our services range from aesthetic facial treatments, body therapy, semi-permanent make-up, natural eyelash growth and
We are the first to introduce BB Watershine Treatment into Singapore.

Our Promise
Total beauty management and lifelong satisfaction is what we guarantee our valued patients. We implement a 1:1 personal care system so we can concentrate on attaining your desired results.
Our aestheticians and consultants are formally-trained licensed professionals from South Korea. With over 10 years of experience they are focused on delivering the best care for our clients. From initial counselling to final treatment, they will be more than willing to attend to your needs.

Visit our website at http://leenayoung.com.sg/ or message us at https://www.facebook.com/Pitanguisingapore/
Take your first step in achieving a youthful glow! Contact us at (65) 6717 8080 or Whatsapp 8779 0177 to schedule your first home visit
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Beauty Services in Singapore for Pregnant Mamas | Lactating Mamas | Confinements Mamas Who can’t travel out to make themselves looking great;)

Never leave your house again with these home aesthetic beauty services delivered straight to your door!
As much as we love a good pampering session at the beauty salon or a total bliss-out at the spa, the reality of feeling too large to leave the house or having your confinement or needing to care for your young kiddos can make the logistics for pampering all-too-difficult.
Lucky for you, because Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic catered out the best at-home beauty services available and Tame your tresses by our Aesthetician and let us pamper you the same way without leaving your comfort home
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Appointment Format :
Time : Weekdays 1030am - 1200pm, 1.00pm - 2.30pm, 3.30pm - 5.00pm , 6pm-7.30pm
: Saturday 1030am - 1200pm, 1.00pm - 2.30pm, 3.30pm - 5.00pm
Treatment :
Portable bed : Yes if require $10.00 / No
Transportation Charges: $30.00
Total Amount :

Payment Mode:
Please transfer payment to
OCBC Business Account : 695385518001
Paynow : 201605128N
I appreciate if the following details can be email to kspmu.asia@gmail.com or Whatsapp 8779 0177 to after payment has been made ( kindly indicate SMH Home Service)

Terms and Conditions
1. Our home service operates strictly by appointment with full payment received and is subject to availability.
2. 24hours advance notice is required for any reschedule or cancellation but limited to three (03) rescheduled appointments only.
3. Cancellation Policy -
A) Booking cancelled less than 2 hours before appointment time shall be classified as treatment utilised.
B) Booking cancelled less than 4 hours before appointment time, customers will be charged 50% on the full price of all treatment(s) booked.
C) Booking cancelled less than 12 hours, 20% of your payment will be forfeited.
Min 4 working days is required for all refunds to be credited into your accounts.
4. Home services are STRICTLY for Ladies only.
5. Customer is obligated to provide a workplace that is physically and emotionally safe for our Aesthetician from dangerous conditions, harassment or discrimination and they (Aesthetician) should be respected for their safety and privacy.
6. Our service Aesthetician reserves the rights to refuse service to anyone whereby presence of her safety and well-being is being compromised. Strictly no refunds in the event of such case occurs.
7. Personal Valuables - The Customer shall undertake to keep all personal valuables out of sight or locked away each time before the arrival of Lee Na Young's Aesthetician. Lee Na Young Asethetic & Academy Pte Ltd’s Aesthetician or representative shall not be held responsible or liable for any losses and damages.
9. Grace period - The customer shall allow 10mins for pre-setup and 10 mins for pack up prior before and after treatment time.
8. Under advisory guidelines on enforcement of the PDPC Act, Aesthetician and customer are not allowed to provide or exchange their personal data including personal contacts in any form.
9. For any assistances, enquiries or disputes, customers are advised to contact Lee Na Young Aesthetic Hotline directly at Tel: 67178080 / Whatsapp 8779 0177.
8.Lee Na Young Aesthetics & Academy’s Management reserves the right to amend and revise the Terms & Conditions from time to time without prior notice to customers.
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Goldtox StemCell Aesthetic Facial
1 session $250.00 4ml ( 75mins) or 3 seasons $650.00

Wake up looking YOUNGER with our Goldtox Stemcell! Using 99.9% fine gold extracts ✨ and apple stem cells ✨
Intensive restructuring concentrate which has been formulated to renew and accelerate skin cell regeneration!
skin will feel younger, tighter, hydrated and regenerated in just one session! Bid goodbye to open pores, dull & shaggy skin

Suitable for all skin type except eczema skin
Safe for confinement , lactating mother

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watershine BB.jpg

Watershine BB Treatment
1 session $250.00 8ml ( 75mins) or
3 sessions $650.00

Water Shine BB Treatment (驻颜粉底) is an immediate skin brightening and rejuvenation treatment with micro-needle derma roller with KFDA approved skin color ampoules (100 percent natural ingredients) which are produced only for this special skin treatment.

This treatment is effective for any type of skin. Immediate results guaranteed.
1 treatment is 1 shade coverage so the more you do, the more coverage of the skin tone will be achieved.
Best treatment program will be 3 sessions for every 2 weeks and the coverage will last up to 4-6 months.
Have natural make up glowing skin with no downtime.

Suitable for all skin type except eczema or acne skin
Safe for pregnant , confinement and lactating mother

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Oxgyen Elixer Facial
1 session $180.00 ( 75mins) or 3 sessions $480.00

Oxygen Elixir ~ rejuvenation during Pregnancy.
During pregnancy, it’s better to stick to the most basic of facials. This is not the right time to do whitening & anti-ageing treatment
Oxy Elixir can help to balance your skin condition, take care of oily skin, large pores, acne breakouts that you get during pregnancy

if you’re looking for a relaxing and refreshing time, a gentle facial can make you feel and look great. Facial treatments can enhance sleep and relaxation.
So, Go ahead and Pamper yourself with Oxy Elixir

Suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin ,
Highly recommended for pregnancy , confinement / lactating mummies

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Black therapy.jpg black therapy .jpg

Black Therapy
1 sessions $200.00 (75mins) 3 sessions $540.00

Black Magnetic Therapy... The magnetic force and the magnetic field removes fine dust and heavy metal in the pores and promotes metabolic circulation in the skin to provide whitening and skin regeneration.

Achieve clearer & brighter Skin❕
✔All Skin Type except Acne Cyst Skin
✔Shrink pores
✔Improve blackheads problem
✔Deliver skin nutrition
✔Purify, Deep Cleanse and Detox
✔Improve skin complexion
✔Whitening effect

Suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin ,
Highly recommended for confinement / lactating mummies

gold therapy.jpg20953844_1160569100741597_8514634348934367156_n.jpg21106351_1160569097408264_7952531880267776782_n.jpg

Gold Therapy Facial
1 session $220.00 (75 mins) 3 sessions $600.00

Luxury high end Gold Facial uses genuine 99.9% 24k gold foil peels to promote rapid collagen and skin elastin synthesis. Detoxify impurities on skin to regain bright and youthful looking appearances .
We're using the full range of Korea Made - Golden skin care including 5 foils of gold peels on each facial treatment

Benefits of Gold on Skin
1. Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Spots Can Be Reduced
2. Stimulates The Skin Cells
3. Premature Aging Of The Skin Can Be Prevented
4. Gold Can Lighten The Complexion
5. Collagen Depletion Is Slowed Down
6. Sun Damage Can Be Treated
7. Allergies Can Be Treated
8. Inflammation Can Be Treated
9. Elasticity Of The Skin Can Be Increased:
10. Glowing Radiant Skin

Suitable for all skin type esp dull tired skin
Highly recommended for confinement / lactating mummies

V-Line Magic Lifting
1 sessions $200.00 (75mins) 3 sessions $540.00

This therapy is innovative for improving sagging skin, to makes skin vital & elastic.
It's fantastic combination of Aloe Vera & 24k gold + rice pearl mask. A total rejuvenate lifting, brighting facial.

Suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin ,
Highly recommended for confinement / lactating mummies

efa5165e-187e-46b2-baf8-0ed9d7e2c75c.JPG 46479370_1528096643988839_6365308967677067264_n.jpg
Vanessa Quek, Semi Permanent Make Up Aesthetician

No need to worry that the lips stick will be gone after your meals, eyebrow will be gone after your gym session , eyeliner smudge after work ?
You wake up having a pinkish healthy lips , neat full brows and sparkling eyes well sounds so convenient right? So what if you have no makeup skills? You don’t need to anymore ...

SPMU Charges ( 2 sessions)
$499 Microblading Eyebrow
$599 Microdotting Eyebrow
$699 Combo Technique / Misty Eyebrow
$299 Classic Waterline Eyeliner
$699 Tinted lips