Kid with Diabetes Type 1

Miss Lemonade

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I'm a single mum, my son was born in Feb 2008. He was diagnosed with diabetic type 1 in 2010, fully dependent on insulin injection.

Any mum here have experience, be it knowledge or ur kid also a diabetic type 1 patient.

As my son will be going to Primary 1 next year, I'm kind of lost. He will be stepping into a total new environment, and there are many external factor like others kids may joke over his sickness. As he need to test his glucose every 3 hourly. I can't ask him to hide somewhere to test it.

I'm now so worried, and hope anyone here who have knowledge on this can enlighten me.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry to hear that. You might want to discuss with the PIC/Form teacher how to prevent all these from happening. Trust that the teachers will arrange or do something to it.
Hope it helps and God bless!