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Just Kids Learning Place Bukit Batok

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by cherph, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. cherph

    cherph New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Anybody has enrolled their children in Just Kids Learning Place (JKLP)Bukit Batok Branch ? Both my daughters are enrolled for K1 and N2 flexi classes. I have some unpleasant encounter with them recently due to the way they handle certain matters. Any bad experiences from you ?

  2. jumanji

    jumanji Member

    I am one of the few unlucky ones too. Not only once, but lots of times. But due to personal problems, i have to send my daughter to another school. Thank God i remove her from that school.
  3. dabee

    dabee Member

    hi cherph jumanji

    are you able to share with me ur experiences w Justkids bukit batok on this thread? otherwise can PM me?

    I sent my boy to justkids at marine terrace this jan09 but stop after 3 weeks cos he cant adapt cried very badly every morning n hv nightmare abt going to school.

    any mommies there has any feedback with justkids at marine terrace?

  4. jumanji

    jumanji Member

    sent u a pm
  5. coeee

    coeee Member

    Hi jumanji

    Pls pm me to share your ur experiences w Justkids bukit batok, im abt to enrol my 2yrs old girl there.

  6. forgetmenot

    forgetmenot Active Member

    Hi jumanji,

    Can pm me too? I like to know more too..
  7. jumanji

    jumanji Member

    already sent u guys a PM.
  8. dabee

    dabee Member

    hi jumanji

    thanks alot for ur PM. [​IMG]
  9. coeee

    coeee Member

    Hi jumanji

    thanks for your PM too ;)
  10. zhuzhu_bibi

    zhuzhu_bibi Member

    pls sent me pm too..im also considering them
  11. berlinelee

    berlinelee New Member

    i withdraw my kids last year after being with them for last than a year. The study materials is good but teachers are very very detached from the kids. They are always trying to 'chase' parents away. Management is 'horrible' including the Chinese teachers & transport. Just feel that the teachers are not very passionate about kids, system not flexible and just like doing business with customers.
  12. berlinelee

    berlinelee New Member

    I still have their uniforms. Anyone interested just PM me. Both boys (4yr) and girls (3yr).
  13. mabelchek

    mabelchek New Member

    How about Just Kids @TAMAN JURONG branch? ... previously known as "BG Childcare".

    We were plannng to enroll my 22months gal there for half-day program.

    Any experience at this branch can share with me? [​IMG]
  14. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    oh no. I am also gng to send my 18mth old to playgroup in Jan09. Is it really so bad? no wonder their classes seems to have not many kids..
  15. kingspark

    kingspark New Member

    Hi Jumanji

    Am interested too as considering to send my kid there. Pls pm me. Thanks!
  16. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

  17. rara

    rara Member

    Hi mummies,
    kindly PM me your feedback on Just Kids Bt Batok as I'm considering that for my 18th mth girl for half day or flexicare option. Thanks in advance.
  18. baby_jo

    baby_jo Member

    Hi mummies,

    Thinking of sending my girl to Just Kids Bt. Batok in Jan'09.
    Can to share with me some feedback/experience.

    Thanks in advance!
  19. dear_dear

    dear_dear Active Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Anyone can share with me feedback to Just Kids @ Taman Jurong?
  20. puppee_lurve

    puppee_lurve New Member

    hi mummies,
    my son is 19months old... he was in JKLP bukit batok infantcare for a few months (all praises for them) & just switched to playgroup 1 month ago... sad to say, the standards are nowhere as good as infantcare... they give general answers when we ask about how he did that day... didn't use his cup at all for the first few days (don't know if they even fed him any water) till i asked about it... returned us a wrong towel when that towel was written with someone else's name...
    their school bag is provided & is of poor quality... the zip was spoilt despite minimal usage (only 2days/week)... the admin lady who replaced it for us admitted that some of the bags were of poor quality... then 1 day after they replaced the bag for us, they spoilt it again by trying to squeeze everything in, then refused to replace it again, despite promises by the teacher who spoke to us in the morning... their reason is that they only replace it once, but we suspect that its because we had verbally informed them that we were looking for a new childcare center nearer to our place...
    luckily, we decided to act early & managed to secure a place for him at a new one just across the street from my house (jurong)...
    just when i thought these problems would stop, today was the worst! they fed him the wrong medicine! he is G6PD deficient & has to be careful with medicine... although the wrong medicine fed was later confirmed to be pi pa gao, but can you imagine the consequences if it wasn't?
  21. springles53

    springles53 Member

    any mums sending kids to taman jurong just kids
    pls tell me your feedback asap, thanks thanks thanks in advance!!!
  22. mabelchek

    mabelchek New Member

    Hi Springles53,
    My gal joined in the 3hrs N1 class in Jan2010. The ctr is well organise & clean. Teachers there are friendly and patience too! My gal enjoy herself when she is there and she looks forward to sch every morning[​IMG]

    After attended for 3 months, she now start to talk in sentence and sing and dance along too!
  23. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    any feed back for their tampines branch?
    I am thinking of changing him to other cc, as I noticed the teacher in charge use Mandarin extensively, even to Malay students.
  24. lisaseetho

    lisaseetho New Member


    Any feedback on Just Kids Learning Place (Yishun Branch)?
  25. baby_jo

    baby_jo Member

    My daughter is in Just Kids flexi playgroup since Jan'10.
    But recently find their standard drop. Especially their class size. 1 teacher : 12 children.
    It used to be only 6 children. Then they kept increasing and even combine AM and PM session together.

    Seriously considering change school!
  26. happi

    happi Member


    which cc u change ur child to in bukit batok area?
    issit bettet than Just Kids?
  27. rue

    rue Active Member

    Just to share,
    just kids bt batok is having their open house on 18th June 2011, Sat, from 9am to 2pm.

    My daughter just enrolled into full day playgroup at 18 mth old. so far, so good, no issues. She only settled down, meaning doesn't cry when i send her to school after 2.5 wks, which i find it gd.
  28. happi

    happi Member


    do they provide school bus?? any idea how much?
  29. vivienne86

    vivienne86 New Member

    Hi any feedback on just kids taman jurong ? Im planning to send my son there for their childcare. Thanks in advance for the feedback [​IMG]))
  30. redpaprika

    redpaprika New Member

    My boys have been with JK BB fulltime since infants. I dun have prob /w admin. Transition from infants to playgroup is difficult. Ratio drops from 1:3 to 1:5 and gradually to 1:8. They are no longer treated as babies, hence, our disappointment with the level of care.

    However, once settled down, I find it difficult to transfer them out nor do I want to. My boys have friends from infantcare. It is easy to sign up for the extra activities like gymkidz, speech & drama. My boy takes private piano lessons there - most convenient for us that we do not need to ferry him to lessons on weekends.

    They do have some staff turnover problem but not very serious. My boys manage to have the same main teacher stay with them throughout the year, most years. I'm also pleased that the Chinese standard is quite high.
  31. jgongzu

    jgongzu New Member

    WTS: Just Kids Childcare Uniforms (boys)-New
    Latest design (orange color not the old design-blue)

    Size S.
    2 sets of
    1) Short sleeve shirts with checker short pants
    2) Long Sleeve shirts with long pants
    for sales.

    Can fit boy ranging from 2-4 years.
    My son wore only for 2 weeks.

    PM me if interest.
  32. baby_jo

    baby_jo Member

    My daughter has been with Just Kids Bt. Batok Flexi since Playground. She is now in N2.

    Was shocked to receive a memo from sch that they are going to increase sch fee AGAIN!!!!

    They had increased their sch fee by $50 on 01/Jan/2011 and NOW another $40 on 01/05/2012.

    Sad to say MCYS approved their increased in sch fee. Time to find another sch for my daughter.
    No end to their increment.
  33. reach1e

    reach1e New Member

    Oh, really? I'm glad that I had just withdrew my son from their N2 class.
  34. reach1e

    reach1e New Member

    Oh, really? I'm glad that I had just withdrew my son from their N2 class.
  35. joselyn84

    joselyn84 New Member

    Hi! Any feedbacks on JK (Yishun)? Planning to place my child for toddlers?
  36. jgongzu

    jgongzu New Member

    Hi joselyn, let me know whether u r keen of gettin the 2nd hand uniform. Look like brand new. Selling cheap. I have the sleepin mattress too. Used for 2 weeks only. Pm me if keen.
  37. superyes

    superyes Member

    Hi, any feedbacks on Just Kids @ CCK? Planning to place my child for 3hrs flexicare.
  38. baby_jo

    baby_jo Member


    Not sure abt the standard there.
    But my daughter's last year English teacher was transferred there. A very nice teacher.
    My daughter love her teachings especially Show and Tell.
  39. superyes

    superyes Member

    Hi baby_jo, do u happen to know the teacher's name? PM me. Tks.
  40. luvgirl

    luvgirl New Member

    hi little

    do u place yr kid to just kids cck? any comment?
  41. abcdisney

    abcdisney Active Member

    Anyone has kids in tbeir k1 class? Hw is the standrard?
  42. baby_jo

    baby_jo Member

    My daughter is in K1 Flexi.
  43. rue

    rue Active Member

    my daughter is in just kids K1. started to give spelling 3 words every week.
  44. Khue Phuc

    Khue Phuc New Member

    Hi ladies,
    Sorry to dig up an old thread but i am hoping to find 2 uniform sets for my boy 20mth. I m sending him to JKLP batok for 3-hr class while waiting for a spot at my workplace

    Pls text me at 9 eight 2 four 3 nine 8 zero if you hv your LO's to let go.

    Appreciate.thanks for viewing
  45. nyimalay.phyu

    nyimalay.phyu New Member

    Hi, Can you share any experience about Just Kid? I am thinking to send my daughter to Just Kid.

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