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* JTS: BAD confinement nanny *

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by angel9, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. angel9

    angel9 Member

    Hi everyone,

    just to advise about my bad experience with a confinement nanny:

    BEWARE of this confinement nanny:

    Chew Yong Ying from Ipoh. Also known as AH YONG. Ask to see her passport to verify it is her. Born in June.

    She is about 55 years old. She is the replacement they sent because the other confinement nanny's father died halfway through the confinement period.

    What she looks like:

    She is very plump and is a bit hunched over. She burps very loudly too. Talks a lot. Can speak and understand English although not very well and she pretends that she does not understand. (She speaks to and teases my daughter in English all the time). If you need her picture, I am happy to send it to you.

    What the living arrangement is:

    We let her have the master room with ensuite and the baby in the room. The WHOLE sink and bathroom is full of her stuff - mostly creams and lotions and other beauty products. VERY messy and untidy. She also has a pot of our laundry detergent in there which she uses like it's free.

    Basically, she is VERY lazy, very wasteful, complains A LOT, very untidy and has NO knowledge of the right herbs or foods for confinement, and does NOT know much about babies at all. In fact, I know more about babies than she does - and I am half her age, and not a confinement nanny.

    These are a few examples of how bad she is. There are many more worse examples:

    1) MOPPING - She drops hair (both head hair and pubic hair) all over our floor and refuses to sweep or mop the floor. My husband has blonde hair and my hair is long. And I have brazilian wax. So the black short hair and pubic hair on the floor can only be hers since we do not have other visitors. She says mopping or cleaning any part of the house is not her job.

    She is supposedly from GPLS. The last nanny I got from GPLS was excellent and in fact swept the house every day without us asking! She picked up every hair as well. And she was 60 years old. She did not ask for more money and in fact mopping once a week is in the job description.

    2) MORE MONEY - This nanny claims that to cook for my husband and wash his dishes, she should be paid extra. My husband eats the SAME food as I do, and uses only ONE plate per meal. All the other confinement nannies have no problem with this. Even the confinement nannies from agencies did not ask for extra money just for this.

    3) WASHING BABY - She tried to shower my 14 month old daughter and every time, my daughter would scream very loudly for the whole shower. Finally one day I peeped to see why my daughter is screaming so much and I saw the woman was very rough and did not know how to shower children at all! She let all the soap run into my daughter's eyes and mouth and nose and inside the ears!

    4) CHANGING BABY - Every time she changes or cleans the new born baby, the baby will also scream like crazy. So one time I ran in there to see, and saw her poking in my baby's nose with a tissue and she took so long to change a nappy that he got cold and so he was screaming every time she changed or washed him.

    She does not know how to change nappy at all. The bed had to be changed 3 times in 1 week because she let shit and pee go all over the bed, even with a changing mat under the baby!

    5) MINDING BABY - She complains a lot about the baby waking up all night and crying all the time. This is what babies do and the job of confinement nanny is to mind the baby 24 hours. This is why she is being paid more than a full-time maid. She complains that Singapore is so hot, the baby is so noisy, she is so tired, her throat is sore, her tummy is sort, etc etc.

    6) BURPING BABY - She refuses to wind / burp my baby properly. He has a lot of wind and I recognise the cry because of wind. But she said "oh he is breast fed so he doesn't have wind." End up I have to burp him and care for him myself. She only washes him once a day.

    7) COOKING - She does NOT know what to cook. So you have to plan the cooking and herbs yourself. She will say you can take everything.

    8) EATING - She loves to eat. Every time I open the fridge, she will come to the kitchen to see what food I am making to eat, and ask me what I am eating. She even asked my mother to bring more pig trotters and vinegar soup for her because she likes to eat that soup! She thinks she is the queen or what?

    She is very picky about food and asks us to bring her special white bread, special 3-in-1 Milo, etc etc. She wants to eat our cheese, our fruits, everything. We are ok with that IF she is a hard worker. But she is SO LAZY, we do not feel like giving her more food! She is not here to eat. She is here to cook confinement food and to mind the baby and she is not doing her job.

    9) WASTING OUR STUFF - She uses our things like it's free. In 7 days that she's here, the laundry powder ran out. The toilet paper ran out. The kitchen paper ran out. Even the garbage bags ran out because she used a huge bag for a little thing and then threw the whole thing away. All these were NEW and replenished when she arrived. Even the mops were new when she arrived.

    The garbage bin got flooded inside because she somehow made a hole in the garbage bag and the garbage fluids leaked through. I had to wash the garbage bin because it is not in her job description! The mop turned black because she did not wash the mop after using it.

    10) In the 7 days that she's been here, she requested to go downstairs to have dinner with her son because it's her birthday. We allowed that without problem. Then she said she wants to end the confinement period early by 3 days because she wants to go and attend a wedding in Malaysia. No sense of responsibility at all! Very selfish and lazy and greedy.

    11) She had the cheek to ask me to find her $3000 (28 days) jobs. She says that she heard some nannies get $3000 this year because it is dragon year. I said to her those nannies are very experienced and very hardworking. She did not get the hint. There are also nannies getting only $1800.

    So she said, in her previous nanny assignments, she's always gotten very large ang pows - hundreds of dollars each. (I heard her mention only 1 or 2 other jobs that she's had.) And that if she worked for agency, she would get very large ang pows as well. She was trying to hint to me to give her very large ang pow! We gave her ang pow out of courtesy only as the ang pow was given to the original nanny and not supposed to give to the replacement nanny. And ang pow is based on performance - not on what the nanny demands.

    12) She sleeps so much that my husband commented how come she sleeps more than the new born baby. She eats and sleeps most of the time. And tries to change everything in my house. She opens windows that are closed, and closes windows that are open. She folds our clothes haphazardly so that I have to refold them. I have to wash up a lot of dishes and clean up after her. She leaves garbage on top of the bin instead of pushing it down and into the bin. She drips garbage water on the floor and does not wipe it up. So basically I am not resting that much!

    13) She asks me personal questions like what do I do, what does my husband do, how much money our furniture costs, how much our rent costs, how much we have to make to pay for all these. She even counts how many rooms and air conditioners we have and how much it costs. She even asks what my parents do, how much money they make, etc. She is basically trying to gauge how rich we are and then trying to spend our money by using up all our stuff, and then make us pay her more by giving her big ang pow! She keeps saying "oh go and buy more of this and more of that. Just go and buy!" Every day she is here, there is something to buy!

    I have been very stressed in the 7 days that she has been here. But I cannot get a replacement as it is towards the end of my confinement period and no nanny will take up the remaining days on her behalf. As she is not from agency, I also cannot force her to find a replacement. even if she's with agency, I doubt they will find a replacement for such a short number of days left.

    I do NOT feel safe with this woman at all. I would not leave her alone with any of my children and have to keep an eye on her all the time. She has no experience and is very lazy.

    She claims she does not know why the baby is crying or why something is finished, etc. She has no sense of responsibility or urgency.

    She can spend hours in the bathroom and in the kitchen. We can't go into the kitchen when she is in there as there're plates and vegetables (and meat!) all over the kitchen and we can't do anything in there as there is no space. We have to mind the baby when she is in the bathroom, so basically we are doing her job for her.

    She even took pictures of my children without my permission. I am very dissatisfied and unhappy with this woman. She is wasting my time and money. And compared to my experience with other confinement nannies, she is VERY TERRIBLE and NOT recommended. We have been very forgiving and open-minded and have given her face by not telling her off. But she is one of those people who think that if you give her face, she must be right.

    In summary, she is a very greedy, very lazy and very bad confinement nanny. She has no characteristics or skills that are essential to this job and she should not be doing this job. I do not feel safe or rested with her around.

    Just to warn every one about this nanny. Engage her at your own peril. Especially if you have high standards or have experience with very good nannies, this nanny will make you very upset and unhappy.

  2. applecherry

    applecherry New Member

    Can see that you are very angry & dissatisfied by her working attitudes. Make me realized how good my confinement nanny is even though she is replacing anor one we intended to hire. I heard the 1st one is very calculative & practical so I m very lucky in a sense. You hv hired through the agency, the more you shd hold them responsible & give you discount off the bill that you paid as 1st one left without completing her job & 2nd one came in so lousy to make your confinement an unpleasant one. If I am you, I will definitely complain & ensure they give me discounts before I will let them off. N if I know she's giving me so much prob, I will ask her to go instantly than to pay for her 7 dys service if we still need to do her jobs.
  3. kellykoay

    kellykoay Member

    Omg.such a bad confinement nanny.by the way,how much u paid for this nanny?count by ringgit cos she came from Msia?nowaday really hard to get good confinement nanny.i have 2 kids.both confinement also did by my mom in law.but my comments is better not.haha.
  4. angel9

    angel9 Member

    in singapore you have to pay the nanny in singapore dollars even if she's from malaysia. so when you convert the $2200 singapore dollar the get into ringgit, it is a lot for them. so they would rather work in singapore than malaysia as confinement nanny. my nanny admitted that it's easy money to work in singapore. my mother in law is not in the country and not chinese, so she can't do the confinement for me...
  5. stressgal

    stressgal Member

    Dear all, pls beware of this confinement lady from malacca. Her name is aunty Meimei. She is recommended by another confinement lady call aunty guihua from malacca..

    To keep it short, her cooking is terrible!! My mum, mum in law n my hubby all say her cooking is super terrible! My hubby even say he can cook better than her.. She even had a cooking recipe book which I found she hide it in my kitchen cabinet.. She dun even cook longan red date water everyday n keep leftover longan red date water for me to drink in fridge.. She complain n gossip abt everything.. Say my house kitchen small, kaya not nice, bath tub not good, massage lady fat, baby clothing not gd, my relative fat, etc etc.. N she keep some half cook meat in the fridge n recook tomoro for mi to eat..when I tell her off she even threaten mi to pay her salary n she will leave.. N she love to go shopping.. Ask my mum in law go shopping with her few times but mum in law reject her.. I bring her go buy groceries at giant end up she go shopping buy clothes herself..

    The worst thing mi n my hubby feel abt her is that she I not appreciative! She even tell mi aunty guihua is not gd etc etc.. She should have some ethics n be appreciative since it's aunty guihua who recommend her the job but yet she turn around n gossip abt her..

    Aunty Meimei Hp is 0102319077
    Aunty guihua Hp is 91305526, 60122878467

    I m not gaining anything from this post. I just hope all mummies will beware n especially first time mums like mi will not get such bad experience when we hav to pay so much for confinement lady n we can't get gd confinement at all!
  6. shine_loh

    shine_loh New Member

    Hi my name is Shine. I have 12 years of experienced as a Day confinement Nanny, working time 9am to 5pm. I am a great cook, passion with infants also an Infant Host teacher with CIT. I do custom made confinement meals for mom and family. Interested, you may contact me at 97873674 for enquiry or fix appointment to meet up. I am resting at the moment and booking is available in 2013 except march 2013 (Booked).
  7. jenny_khoo

    jenny_khoo New Member

    such a bad nanny..i also find a malaysian confinement nanny but she nice and responsibility..
    how much u pay for her?
  8. wkhai

    wkhai New Member

    so bad ,may the new year bring you the new good luck....
  9. yumeumi

    yumeumi Active Member

  10. mehui

    mehui New Member

    [​IMG] terrible to read the above horror stories from Sylvia and Angel9.
  11. sayuri_loo

    sayuri_loo New Member

    Dear MTB,

    pls be wary of the thread posted by stressful.mom(stress2).

    she claims that
    1) For Good Confinement Lady.. U can call Auntie Choo @ hp:98476976
    She a non-stay CL can cook delicious CL Food with different method on 28days, Honest & great experience & Flexible lady.....u call her meet her & find out yourself...
    @ hp:98476976 on 24 July 2011 she posted a similar threat again.

    2) Singaporean Daytime confinement lady, Non stay.
    More than 10yrs experience, Honest, flexible timing, good on baby, age 60.
    Can cook different delicious dishes within 28days of confinement, herbal tonic soup, 'Zhu Jiao Chu'Interested pls call Auntie Zhu @ HP: 98476976 for available date on 5 dec 2012

    The above CL is not as what she mentioned.
    Firstly, the aunty's cooking is not consistency, whenever i asked her what is she cooking, she
    would say depends and she do not bother to discuss with me. On the 2nd week when i was much energetic, i would go to the kitchen and check on the ingredients she used, she is very wasteful. When i told her there is no need to cook the whole package of vegetables and she replied that she knew yet she don’t bother and finished the whole package and i could not finish and got to throw my money all into the trash bin.
    In the day time when she is around and she would usually cook fish for me and herself.
    Whereas for dinner, she usually cooked with no standard and quickly brush off the meal and rush off at 5. When she supposed to work from 9am-6pm.
    She would never clean up the kitchen floor after use as she claims that her cooking is not oily,
    but it doesnt mean that she no need to clean. But she would clean up the kitchen once in a blue moon when she like, but not to be happy because the way she clean is one cloth from table to floor to cupboard, yet when i spotted her and told her off she claimed she know what to do and asked me to rest assured, and said her house is very clean,

    When i asked her to clean up the living room(vacuum and mop), she did it only after the first week, reluctantly, the next day she told me that anything other than the baby and the kitchen is not her job, but CL are supposed to do all of the housework when the mother is not allow to do right! And i do not demand everyday but once a week.

    To be frank, other than showering for the baby, she does not need to feed or do anything for the baby. If she would to clean the baby, the wipes she used like running tap water.
    At all time after lunch she would hurry me to go for nap so she could sit down and play her hp. I stopped taking nap on the 2nd week and observed what she do had she been doing.

    When she bath the baby, she is very rough and the language she used is terrible,
    for eg: if the baby cry, she would said in hokkien, cry cry cry, cry your head.

    That is not all. Whenever i asked her not to shake the baby or rock the baby when burping my baby after i fed, she would said she is shaking her own legs or rocking her body but not the baby. She always said she knew baby cannot be rock or shake.

    She claimed she is very experienced but when i asked her how long have she been in this career, she would never say or try to push something else. She is not as honest as Stressful.mum mentioned. Not as flexible as what she said. Not as experienced as what she wrote, as all MTB i believed most of us would research and find related stuffs like shower products or breast milk enhanced method or rice wine, she on the other way would asked me for info and take picture as she claimed she can recommend to other. She seems to be like newbies. Even my malay massage therapist knew most of the above things i mentioned as she have been in her career for the past 19 years.

    So dear all, PLS Be wary.
  12. myojoanna

    myojoanna New Member

    Just want to share my bad experience with my CL. And to warn not to engage this CL by the name of Jenny. Also NEVER go through the CL by the name of Huang Tai. I know she's highly recommended in other threads, that was how I got to know about her in the first place. That time when I was looking for CL, I was rather panicky cos my baby would be delivered around cny period and everyone was telling me very difficult to find CL. I regretted not looking around for more first b4 committing to Huang Tai's recommendation. When I called Huang Tai, she said she would be engaged during cny period. And HIGHLY recommended this CL by the name of Jenny. Because I was anxious to get one, I agreed almost immediately after meeting Jenny for one time. Frankly, I didn't feel quite right after the meet up too. I think Huang tai could sense my urgency and she charged me a whopping $3600!!! I know it was cny period and having no experience at all, I tot it was the market rate and paid deposit of $500. After asking around, then I realized I have been fleeced!! It's really very costly to engage this CL.

    Ok, finally my baby was delivered on 17th feb 2013 and CL came when I got discharged on 19th. Alrdy told her beforehand that I would b home on 19th, she actually reached my place at about 5pm!!! When I reached home upon discharge, so much things were done by my mum herself like cooking, preparing baby stuffs, cooking red date tea and so on. After we're done then she reach. I was so angry that I only gave her an Ang bao of $10. She actually complained to Huang Tai that I only gave $10?!!! Tot Ang bao is just a symbol? And look, I am already paying $3600!!

    When I engaged Jenny, I ask Huang tai if we need to apply any work permit for her or anything. She said no need. But when Jenny came, she told us she can only stay in sg for 7 days cos she got no permit!!! Omg!! In the end, asked us to apply for her!! I'm fine w helping to apply, but there was a appn fee of $20 and if approved, the levy would cost $170!! Which means total I will be paying another extra $190!! I confronted Huang tai and she actually asked me to pay for it!!! Super angry and I said I will not pay for it. It was then I discussed w Jenny and got to find out this stupid Huang tai only give Jenny $2700. And she is getting $900 for doing NOTHING and now still asked us to pay the levy!!

    We tried to apply the permit for Jenny but it failed. Huang tai said will replace one for me. Jenny would be leaving on 25th and the new one will come.

    Why I say Jenny is not good.

    I asked if Jenny is pro breastfeeding and Huang tai said yes. But actually she is not. And she is lazy and slow! Complained to Huang tai that she have to carry water up to 2nd level for my shower too. (She alrdy knew about it when I engaged her, so why complain now??) my milk supply is coming really slowly. Initially I had not much milk too. I wanted to persevere to give bm but she keep asking me to give fm. I was worried baby not enough to drink so I gave in. Then she always give alot and seems like she always only want to feed baby full full and let baby sleep.

    There was once when baby wake up after only about 2 hours (last fed bm, which maybe not really filling). I still had some bm in the fridge then and asked her to give bm. She replied me "aiya, just give fm first la. Baby not full keep crying. Let him drink fm and let him sleep." I got really angry that time but kept to myself.

    She seldom come and check on me to see if I require anything. And according to my maid, she doesn't really clean baby well. We are supposed to use cotton ball to wipe baby's eyes but she never do. And first time I hear ppl say baby shower no need to put shower gel!!!!! I asked her to put but I'm not sure if she did it. Then got one day she forgot to sun baby?!!! Grrrr....

    Once I caught her touching the teats after sterilized, I told her cannot touch the teats and she face black black. Every time we say her something, she will be like she know everything and go ya lor ya lor. Eh please la, if u r doing it correctly, we won't have to remind u. So please don't give us the kind of "u know it already' reply.

    There was mucus in baby's nose and she also never clean properly.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. There are many more things I dislike about her and she is really not good. I m really very Sui bian already. I think the above are sufficient for u to really consider to engage her or not.

    Remember! DO NOT go through Huang Tai or accept any of her recommendation. She may sound nice but she actually earns alot from the recommendation!!!! Beware and be warned!!!

    Jenny : 84112847 (sg line)
    : 0126795118 (Msia)
    Huang tai : 83090545
  13. winnie_gal

    winnie_gal Active Member

    I also blacklisted this huang tai. How is ur replacement?
  14. myojoanna

    myojoanna New Member

    Replacement is still ok.. Actually this replacement doesn't really know alot of confinement rules, but at least she's hardworking and willing to learn. Not like the previous Jenny who always laze around and stay in the room and always on the phone.

    Heard Huang Tai is earning another portion of commission from her again. This huang tai is really a money sucker. Really do not engage her or accept any recommendations from her lor. Still so angry about what happened.
  15. winnie_gal

    winnie_gal Active Member

    My previous, cl from her also.. Nothing to do laze ard in the room plaing her phone.. Yup huang tai will get $200 from them as a coffee treat.. Money sucker..
  16. sandollar

    sandollar Member

    Hi all,

    I wish to share my recent experience with my confinement lady - Shen Tai from Malaysia. Similar to myojoanna's situation, I was desperate as my delivery is during CNY period, a lot of CL are not available. I found her contact through a medicore recommendation on the web (the post read that she is not bad)and I paid a deposit during our first meet up. She boasted 20 years of experience and she look younger than her actual age (seventies). I have a helper that washes the baby's clothes, and helps her prepare the ingredients for cooking, and helps out with the baby in the daytime, this is a very relaxing assignment for her. Her main job is only cooking and taking care of the baby solely during the night. I finally stopped her services after 2 weeks.

    I am prepared to eat all the things I hate (ginger, vinegar etc) so I told her I will eat anything she cooks, so she doesn't have to worry about my preference.

    For the first week, we had braised pork belly repeatedly for both lunch and dinner for 1 solid week, stir fry kailan repeated frequently too. I get the same normal food with others but in a separate bowl/plate only for me. The worst is that I had to drink 2 bowls of soup at every meal.

    I asked her for confinement dishes specific for me as she promised in our meet up and requested not to have 2 bowls of soup. Well, I continue to get the 2 bowls of soup and at one dinner, I was staring at 3 bowls of soup. Once, she cooks kailan 2 different way and plate them in 1 plate, and told me one side is meant for me. She argued that confinement dishes are similar to normal dishes, only diff is the sesame oil and ginger, and promptly told me she don't know how to cook other dishes when I told her surely I can eat others other than kailan, pork belly and pig trotters? The best part is that she estimates that I won't be able to finsh all the herbs that my hubby bought with her instructions, she can bring the herbs back with her since she does eat these tonics. The nerve of some people!

    I don't mind that she take naps and watch TV when the baby doesn't need attention. But she ignored me when I told her I dont want my baby in the rocker the whole day. She practically watched TV the whole afternoon, not to mention napping, cos the baby sleeps more soundly in the rocker. I only learnt after she left that everday she bathed the baby once in the afternoon with only water though my baby's hair is a little oilier and uses the same hanky throughout the day when feeding my baby milk. She sure wasn't gentle and loving with my baby and ticked my helper and me off for talking, cooing, to my baby to prevent him from getting used to it. I can't talk to my own baby?!?!

    There were a lot of other issues and incidents but the last straw is when she argued heatedly when I was only asking her to boil another pot of hot water for my bath. She demanded why didn't I inform her earlier and all the black face drama. Why do I want to pay someone to upset me everyday? So I decided to let her go and I have to ask my husband to do it, I dont want to go into another arguement with her.

    I guess if I wasn't that easygoing in the beginning, it would'nt have so unpleasant, but judging from the 'improvements' after I had voiced out, I doubt there will be much difference.

    Shen Tai
    SG HP: 9793 8329
    Malaysia : 016 603 4599
  17. sandollar

    sandollar Member

    I forgot to add that she actually widen the hole of the teats so that the baby will drink faster. We were wondering why does the baby keeps getting choked in the midst of every feed and we had to pause to let him catch his breath and finish his coughing since he was choking. It is only much later when my helper told us that the confinement lady (Shen Tai) widen the hole cos she say the baby drinks very slow.

    Among all the other frustrating things (she broke my knife and lamp, unhygenic etc) this is to me, the most unforgivable and for that, I think all mummies should avoid her.
  18. geokhong

    geokhong Member

    Actually what question to ask before we engaged a CL which we are not familiar with?At least can do some testings...
  19. blackangel1512

    blackangel1512 Active Member

    Dear all,

    Last year June i engaged Aunty Lilian as my confinement lady and i nearly get post natal depression.

    Auntie lilian seems to be full of energy initially but then as time goes by, she reveals her true self.

    Below are my complaints towards her:

    Maybe I too chin cai & didn't state my conditions when she came, she took things for granted.
    Everyday she will order food from my MIL (because my MIL wants to buy fresh food for me everyday), then she starts to order lots of ingredients whereby it is not easy to find and she expects my MIL to go find it. She has a SOP and if one ingredient is missing, she doesn't know how to cook the dish or cannot think of other substitute ingredient or cook something else. And her demands start to grow till I pissed off and told her to cook with whatever she has, and she can tell me that all these ingredients are not exp & I told her $ not an issue, I don't want my house to left so many ingredients when u leave.

    She also insists to have certain pots, bowls, plates, containers and etc. I already have at home and still not up to her standard. She starts telling us to buy or ask my MIL to bring hers over. My MIL purposely bought a new pot and yet she complained the material too thin and actually the existing pot better. If that is the case, she shouldn't ask us to buy in the first place. And she requested for a bigger bowl and my SIL bought 1 and she broke it on the first day when washing it and she even said the bowl my SIL bought too thin.
    I already bought lock lock containers to keep my sterilized bottles and she complained it is not big enough, my hubby decides to buy 1 bigger 1 and when she sees it she said the container is good but my hubby should have bought two, I was so pissed off and told her 1 container cost me $50 and can't you use the existing 1?

    She also insists to have dethol hand wash as she said it's better for baby but yet she nv use it. And she told us her hands were very sensitive and she needs to wear gloves and can only use baby shower foam.
    After washing my baby's backside, she just simply leave the diapers in the toilet and nv clear them. And one occasion, I noticed she pees and nv flush.
    She also eat my food without asking for permission, and during the night time, she wakes up and eat biscuits or bread and never clean the table, leaving all the crumbs on the table.

    She also very forgetful, two accounts she left my stove on and went to take an afternoon nap and burnt my frying pan.
    She likes to give instructions and she herself nv follow, she tells us that a particular container is for putting dirty bottles but she puts the clean ones inside and I questioned her and she said she forgotten and tells me now the container is for putting clean bottles.
    She also wash my breast pump till she lost the diagpham and later I found it in the dustbin.

    Her stay with us (3 weeks till date), she spoiled my toilet door, choked my toilet sewage pipe twice, she is so rough that she keeps on banging my kitchen drawers and cabinets, my kitchen just renovated last yr and now the drawers and cabinets doors were loose.

    As she is sleeping with my gal, she keeps on asking me to on the air con but as I don't want my gal to sleep in air con room, I put two fans in my gal room. One for auntie lilian and other for my gal, but she uses two fans for herself. On one account, she woke me up and said my gal is too hot. My hubby checked and realised that she off my gal's fan, when questioned her, she said because my gal is sensitive to fan and needs air con.
    My gal develop nappy rashes and I gave her desitin nappy rash cream (blue) and she applied for only 2 days and said it couldn't work and ask me to buy a better nappy rash cream, so I bought the stronger one (purple). After applying, my gal backside clear in 1 day and she said the cream is good. The next day her rashes came back and she told me my gal is allergic to the rash cream!! I was pissed off and told her didn't it works when we applied that day, she replied me saying I not a doc, don't know what ingredients in the nappy rash cream. So I told my gal to a PD and PD said my girl no allergy and in fact she should apply the cream every time she changes my gal.
    As breastmilk is easily digest, my gal poos almost every feed, as she is lazy to clean my gal, she told me to give my gal formula milk to harden her poos.
    And every feed, she increases my daughter milk supply, within a week, she increases 30ml to 90ml and I got pissed off and told her to reduce as she is over feeding my gal. Especially in the night, in order got herself to sleep, she feels my gal 120ml in 1 & a half hour!

    On a few occasions, my gal cries and she is taking her afternoon nap, she heard my gal cries and she just woke up and told me to breastfeed her and she went back to zzz.
    At night also, she simply pass my gal to me for breastfeeding and she went back to zzz till I got pissed off lately and woke her up to burp my gal so I can go back and zzz.

    This is really a very bad experience for me.
  20. kayven_faith

    kayven_faith New Member

    Dear all,pls beware of this CL called YaMei from Malaysia her Hp num:+60166123115. She collected $100 from me during CNY n now i had given birth she had not turn up! I'm stuck taking care my baby alone! She told me had rch sg custom n on her way coming to my home! But i had waited till 8pm she hasn't turn up! She's definitely a con! Pls beware n spead to those MTB... Now i had engage with PEM n tml a new CL will come before 4pm..! At least u all CL got turn up though the cooking is bad but mine.. Not even turn up n i dun have confinement food to eat at all..!!! I advise those MTB not to hire those free lance CL shld engage with agency.. [​IMG]
  21. secretgarden

    secretgarden New Member

    Called Siew Zhen jie, but she is fully booked for the year, and she recommended a lady by the name of Mei Ling from KL (can speak Chinese & English as well). Anyone hired her before? Appreciate your feedback.
  22. slave_to_2

    slave_to_2 New Member

    Hi all, pls avoid engaging the CL mentioned below. She accepted $200 from me as deposit but when I tried contacting her 1 week before my elective c-sec, she is always unreachable...

    I got no choice but to engage another CL one day before my delivery [​IMG]

    Name: May
    SG contact: 9373 0180
    Malaysia contact: +60 179136118
  23. slave_to_2

    slave_to_2 New Member

    Sorry, May's correct msia no should be +60 127827387. I was misled with the wrong contact info posted by other mummies in this forum too...
  24. moone

    moone New Member

    Hi Mommies,
    I just finish my confinement with this CL by the name of Jin Lan (HP: +65 86217047 / +6016 9086098) from Penang. She was recommended to me by another confinement lady called Xin Hua as she wasn't able to do mine. The first day Jin Lan came to do my confinement, I was still in the hospital as baby was kept under observation for jaundice. She was all nice saying she cannot stand not doing anything and thus she started doing some house chore that was agreed upon which was to sweep the floor everyday, mop floor and clean toilet once a week, clean up the kitchen after using everyday and doing laundry.The first day I was home, she was resting in her room which I thought was fine since I wasn't home yet and she probably did what was agreed upon. Just to be clear, I'm temporarily staying with 2 cousins in my aunt's house which my aunt rarely stay.
    a. She never hand wash baby's clothes and instead just throw them into the washing machine together with ours until hubby saw and told her to separate.
    b. And because she just throw everything into the washing machine, she spoils my bra and leggings. Ask her if she knows how to use the laundry bag, she said yes but found out she never use.
    c. Didn't clean the milk bottles well and left residue inside.
    d. My kitchen is oily & dirty because she never clean it after cooking. When asked about it, she insisted she clean everyday.
    e. Never sweep floor everyday, just whenever she remembers or when guest are around.
    f. Watches TV from 1pm - 5pm & 7pm - 10.30pm instead of taking care of baby. And whenever baby is with her, baby would make a fuss because she had the volume on high. In the end, I can't rest and had to take care of baby myself while she continue her show.
    g. Heat up overnight rice because she cooked too much.
    h. Brought baby to our room one night saying baby recognizes mommy's & bed's smell so don't wanna sleep with her. The fact is baby only slept with us on weekends as we wanted to be hands-on, during weekdays baby slept with her. So how is it possible baby suddenly don't wanna sleep with her? Anyway, baby slept with her just fine the next day.

    Stubborn & Rough
    a. Insisted that everything she said or does is correct. Ignore our wishes and criticize what was taught at antenatal class saying they are ridiculous and we were duped.
    b. Told her I wanted to BF exclusively in the day and she can bottlefeed baby using EBM at night. Caught her trying to give baby EBM in the day and the excuse she gave was she didn't know and she thought of letting me rest. Engorgement is not fun!
    c. Even after stating I want to BF exclusively, she suggested supplementing with formula. Reason being baby can sleep longer at night and she don't need to wake up often. She is NOT pro-BF!
    d. Because baby had green stools for 2 days, she said baby was frightened. In fact, it was because of foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. When explained to her, she said I'm ridiculous.
    e. Forcing the pacifier into baby's mouth to shut her crying when I told her not to countless time. Luckily, baby don't like it and usually spits it out.

    Boastful & Complains A LOT!
    a. Boast about how good her children / grandchildren are and how bad her relatives' children are.
    b. Boast about how experience she is at taking care of over 30 babies. But all I heard from her about her previous engagement is Bukit Gambir and Muar only.
    c. Boast about how awesome her cooking are, how good she is at frying fish saying not many people know how to fry fish the way she does it. Her cooking are mostly salty btw and there are no varieties. Always the same food, same dish, same taste. The only soup I had for my confinement are pig's stomach soup / black bean soup and I only had it a few times.
    d. Complains and talks behind people's back:
    i. Complains about how difficult taking care of my baby to my father, how my baby is 'disturbed' and need to bring to the temple to pray just because baby fusses at night.
    ii. Badmouth Auntie Xin Hua saying she's black hearted for taking her deposit even though Auntie Xin Hua recommended her a this job.
    iii. Complains about me to my hubby because I told her off about bottlefeeding EBM issue.
    iv. Complains about friends who visited baby to my cousins.
    v. Complains about my cousins to me.
    vi. Complains about the soya sauce/sesame oil/food/wine my in-laws bought.
    vii. Complains about the biscuits we bought isn't nice and she prefer the other brand. The biscuits are for me because I can't stand eating 3 same meals everyday.
    viii. Complains about baby's fussiness, how baby's clothing, handkerhiefs, diaper, rocker and etc.weren't good enough.

    4. No manners & unprofessional
    a. Talk bad about her previous employers (eg. how big their nipples are etc.)
    b. Never have the sense to knock before coming into the room. Be it I'm BF-ding or in the toilet, she would just come in and ask I'm done / lunch is ready etc. Even caught hubby by surprised when he's in the loo / changing. Told her to knock multiple times but she still does it so we started locking our doors.
    c. When BF-ing baby, she would come into the room and talk to me about her grandchildren / stare at me BF-ding. Sometimes she would just touch my breast and comment unnecessarily. She don't give me any privacy or dignity and this really causes my confidence to dip because I can't focus on BF-ding baby properly.
    d. After changing baby's nappy, she would use her hand to touch baby's cheek.
    e. Throws a tantrum and brought baby to the room just because she can't watch her 7pm drama while my cousins are playing Wii.
    f. When my mom & dad were here and wanted to visit MBS, she wanted to tag along saying she's never been to the casino. We didn't let her because she's here to work, not for holiday.
    g. When guest come, she treated me & hubby differently and put on a show of caring for baby and playing with her.
    h. Finishes my 3-in-1 coffee and put the blame on my aunt (my aunt only came twice to visit during my confinement). We bought 2 bags of 3-in-1 just for her. It's fine if she can be honest and don't blame others.

    5. Things she spoiled (which belongs to my aunt and I have to pay)
    a. Hob use until 'chow tar' so I asked her how it became like this, she said 'It's already like this when I came'. I'm not a fool because I cook before she came.
    b. The water dispenser's spout. She usually pour hot water into the tank which causes the rubber to harden thus water drips from it. She blame it on my cousins.
    c. My bra & leggings. She never once did apologize for spoiling stuff, just said she don't know.
    d. The cooking pan (scratches inside the pan).

    I don't mind the CL taking naps or watching TV in the afternoon but she really cross the line. At times when I see her handling baby I really want to snatch baby away from her. The way she would say my baby is 'kuai lan po', always peeing on her after bathing, how bad and naughty baby is for not sleeping at night, how greedy baby was when baby wants to nurse. She would also take photo of baby without permission. I was so stressed by her during confinement that I kept crying the first week after coming home. Luckily my hubby was very supportive and feels this CL hasn't got much experience from the way she does things. But all in all, mommies out there, please beware of any recommendations by Xin Hua and especially hiring Jin Lan if you don't want post partum depression.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  25. Single-Mummy-of-3

    Single-Mummy-of-3 New Member

    Dear MTB in this forum
    Do not belive what Sayuri Loo had been posting everywhere in this forum..PROBLEM IS LIES ON HER.

    I just enganged Auntie Choo for my Confinement & she is really very good, cooking is delicious & she can cook different food within 28days upon my request.
    She knows how to take care of my baby & she can explain to me why my baby crying non stop. She really take good care of me too.
    She is flexible lady too, not like other CF lady cannot change timing.
    If I need her to come early, she can come & I will release her early too. (8hrs working time)
    Sometime I can heard she explain nicely on phone for new enquire for ppl asking about confinement...very experience

    She had been crying & telling me some MTB intense to instructed her to do all the housework, like washing all toilet, cleaning all window, cook for their whole family members with different dishes they requested, fetching their children, marketing for all their family food, hand wash her bloodly pantie & her HB unwear, bath for the dogs, massage for her & her mother, clean the whole house & some dirty job........

    She told me other MTB had been showing her how Sayuri Loo post all over the website & different forum with inappropriate comment about her.
    She is an absurd MTB, she stay with her MIL when auntie choo do confinement for her.
    She call auntie choo to clean her MIL whole house 5rm flat, expect auntie choo to clean everyday the whole house+ clean window+ toilet must clean till shinning.
    She want auntie choo to serve her MIL & mother, washing the whole family members clothing, ironing, folding too. (more than 5 members) hand wash their under garment & wash her bloodly panties. Auntie had suggest her to wear disposable pantie but she dont want.
    She do not allow auntie choo to eat her food & tell her to eat outside not even plain water.
    Auntie choo ask her what she want to eat everyday, she say anything & finished up all the foods auntie choo cook.
    She expect auntie choo to bring her food to her food to her bed & clean up when she finish.
    She tell auntie choo when she ring the bell, auntie choo must faster run to her bed.
    When auntie choo shower or feeding the baby, she insisted auntie choo to put down the baby first & serve her.
    When the baby crying non stop, she dont allow auntie choo to carry the baby.
    When auntie choo did not carry the baby as per her instruction, she scold auntie choo & also insulting her.
    She had been accusing auntie choo for many things she which auntie choo did not do.
    She not happy with auntie choo when other MTB call for enquire & scold her.

    When auntie cannot stand of her & resign from her job, she even scold auntie choo & throw temper on auntie choo.
    Now even post bad comment all around.

  26. hyshhh

    hyshhh New Member

    Hi may I know what's aunt Lilian contact number? I am about to engage an aunty Lilian for confinement who sounded quie promising over the phone..
  27. thanks for sharing
  28. will take note and spread the word
  29. hyacinth1981

    hyacinth1981 New Member

  30. morningstarz

    morningstarz Member

    Hi all,

    I too had a very bad experience with a confinement nanny by the name of Xiaocui. She was actually highly recommended by a friend of a friend but she almost ran away with my money. Search for her name on this forum and you will find that another mummy also had the same experience from her. I had to threaten her with a police report before she returned my money.

    Please do be careful when you hire private CLs as these people may just disappear with your money. My advise would be to take a picture of their passport so that you can file a police report if anything bad happens. I believe that they will have difficulties getting work permits if they have a record in Singapore.

    Lastly, try not to stress and secure your CLs early! :)
  31. Gerg

    Gerg New Member

    Me too, just recently had a super bad experience with a nanny from agency SuperNanny (hahah!) Her name is Aunty Lai. We hired her from www.supernannyservices.com.sg. Managed to get her pics from the site.

    The agency's behaviour was also bad and unprofessional but that's another story for another day.

    For now, I just want to caution Mummies-to-be against hiring this nanny. Save yourself the trouble! Anyway, long story short I have summarised her super lazy, super idiotic, super annoying ways from SuperNanny.

    Aunty Lai's behaviour:

    1. Lazy - Sleep till 11am, does not make breakfast for me. Fell asleep on sofa in the afternoon and yet still went to sleep on her bed in the afternoon.

    2. Tardy - left milk bottles in steriliser and baby's clothes hanging on the rack and still went to sleep for the night. Reminded her to keep, still did not do the next day.

    3. Dirty - did not wash hands after changing diaper and touched baby all over. Threw the soiled diapers in the dustbin in the room, causing the room to smell (not to mention it's not hygienic).

    4. Rough - used rough, dry TISSUE to wipe my kid, causing her skin to turn red. Worst thing was that she caused my kid to suffer - her crotch all red and swollen.

    She was so uncommunicative even after we told her what to do and our expectations. At no point were we rude to her. In fact, I even took her shopping to buy things for her stay with us!

    Needless to say, we sent her packing in less than a week. Stay away from this nanny!

    Attached Files:

  32. shirleytoh

    shirleytoh Member

    Never Never engage Huang Tai. I had a bad experience with her. I booked her months before my EDD but on the day I deliver, my hubby call her up and she claimed she has some urgent matter and is still in Malaysia. The reason why we hired her earlier is because she is a Singapore PR. Her kids are in Singapore and she stays with them thus we need not bear any additional cost like custom charges etc. My husband threatens not to pay her if she send in another replacement lady. She said someone will take over her for 3 days then she will come. Fair enough we agreed giving her the benefit of doubt. But we will not pay the replacement lady if she fails to turn up on Day 3. We will sack the replacement lady and not pay a single cent. Surprisingly on my day of discharged, she appears at our doorstep. Long story short, she wants the $$$ so she appeared. Her cooking is not fantastic and she will always want us to buy expensive things to eat so she will get to eat as well. By the way i lost some of my new baby clothes as well. We hardly have any time to trace all the baby belonging as we are busy taking care of baby. In the end after she completed confinement, i realized my baby belonging missing. She also apply my sister in law nail polish without asking cause she stays in my SIL room temporary as my SIL is overseas. OMG.

    Worse thing, she convinced my cousin to hire her during my baby full month celebration. My cousin paid a deposit. And history repeats, after my cousin deliver, she told my cousin that her husband is having an operation in Malaysia, she cannot turn up. She sent a lousy and lazy confinement lady. She charges SGD2.3K which you can already hire a good nanny from a reputable agency in Singapore.

    I suggest if any one of you already hire her, demand for a refund if not report her to the authority of illegal working. Just threaten her to get your $$$ back cause i am sure she only works as an agency to earn commission from bad confinement ladies that she recommend to others.

    Take note my fellow mummies!
  33. meechelle

    meechelle New Member

    Please beware of Huang Tai. telno.: 83090545. She is working as an agent. Collects $2700 from you and the CL she recommends only gets $2000.
  34. serenakoh23

    serenakoh23 Member

    Another CL to avoid like the plaque - miki lee. She is super kaypoh and gossipy and likes to carry tales causing a lot of unhappiness between family members. Also, not diligent. I discovered milk bottles still with milk again after washing and she even scratched my babies coz her nails were long. Then she blame other people for it. Don't get Miki, avoid her!
  35. ogng73

    ogng73 New Member

    Pls do not hiring this CL name Aunty Foong from perak...
    It's Just happened Yesterday in my home KL.
    Just to make it short..
    1)sensitive (very Sensitive of ppl talking )
    2)not willing to listen our demand n advice n pretended she's know Everything.
    3)always feeding my bb even bb was not hungry yet.
    4)no punctuality (arrived lated for one day as She promise )
    5)no responsibility (left my wife n bb in hs n go back to her home town immediately after shown temper ).

    And much much more....pls be aware.

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  36. JK929

    JK929 New Member

    Hi all, first of all, I am a daddy, not a mommy. And I registered today just to give my feedback on this confinement nanny as my experience with her was unpleasant enough for me to spend time doing this. Think i posted at the wrong thread so here i go again. The nanny is Auntie Mei Ling from JB.
    To put things straight, i have no complaints about how she took care of my baby girl. As far as i can tell, she did an ok job and her cooking is fine. She is generally easy to get along with at first. But what really got me riled up is that she had alot of personal issues and kept asking for "permission" to go out.
    Her exact reasons are:
    (A) Son's customer hse undergoing renovation. need to go help settle stuff
    (B) Meeting a potential client
    (C) Daughter in law stuck at custom, need to save her
    (D) Need to see a doc who is in SG for only a week
    (E) Need to re-visit the same doc who is leaving SG soon
    (F) Pass money to daughter for CNY
    (G) 3 days to attend her relative's wake
    In all, she asked to go out 7 occasions in 7 weeks with us. When she came back after the wake, she said that she had sprained her leg and may not be safe to carry my baby around. So we proposed for her to go over to my mum's place during the day just for a couple days so my mum and maid will be around to help. And her response was that she would rather leave the job if she had to go over. That was it for me and I told her to leave immediately as I don't think I can trust her with my baby when she showed this type of attitude. I did a check online and realized that there was another similar feedback about her way back in 2010 in another forum.
    So I guess if you are able to tolerate her behaviour, or if you could manage her better than i did, then she is fine. But if you are a first time mother who needs a lot of help from the nanny then you may want to reconsider. Personally, I couldnt say no to her requests as I had to entrust her with my baby but things got so bad that I rather cancel my plans and tell her to leave. I have my suspicion on what she is actually doing on those "off days" but i rather not speculate here.
    Her details - Confinement Nanny Mei Ling / Meiling
    +60149126928, 86798337
  37. yixuan1984

    yixuan1984 New Member

    Dear all, please beware of this CL, called Zhen Jie from malaysia, her Malaysia hp no :
    +6012 6105972, sg hp no: 8370 8972. Recommended by kwan jie +60163642245 She collected $300 deposit from me in oct 2014. She chase me to transfer the deposit to her employer by the name of E** UOB acct in oct 2014 by the next day( she working in sg). Anyway, i transferred the money to E** UOB acct by the next day and informed zhen jie my edd is around 3rd week of march 2015. She was ok with the date.

    One week be4 my edd, E** message me ‘ zhen jie injured her hand and very sorry she cant work for u.

    My hubby and i was super angry at that moment, how are we going to find a last min replacement cl.

    We suspected that E** might have a better job offer for her and they come out with this stupid excuses. If she really injured her hand, why she need E** to convey the message to us, cant she be more professional, call and informed us herself?

    I called zhen jie malaysia hp no, she told me she found a replacement cl for me, i told her i get back to her whether i want to accept her offer. I m trying to look for a replacement by myself( really dun feel like taking her replacement given a choice).

    Luckily i manage to find a good cl with the help of a fren, i rang zhen jie up next day and informed her of my decision and asked her to refund me the deposit by 2moro. She said she will asked E** to trf me.

    She still have not trf e money the next day, i am damn pissed off, chased her for the deposit, she told me E** is very busy bah bah( any of my biz?), i shoot her back i got to trf deposit to my new cl, could u pls asked us to do so asap.

    E** still have not trf the money to my acct, i message her and call her nv reply, last resort use my home phone to call, finally picked up and said will do so.

    E** trf the money to my acct after a few days of chasing zhen jie and her.

    Zhen jie malaysia no: +60126105972
    Zhen jie sg no: 8370 8972
    Kwan jie malaysia no:+60163642245
  38. purplewhite

    purplewhite Member

    Got an bad experience from Supernanny. Was just trying to confirm the booking only tho. Chased n chased for response. They asked for so much info. Asked them meet up to pay them n they asked me look for other agents. If reli engage them, probably will be hard to get help if CL has problems.
  39. Volens

    Volens New Member

  40. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    So if we are not satisfied with the CL, we can just tell them to leave? My CL is very lazy and careless, & unhygienic, its a long story, i'll post it another day.

    im going to let her go by tomorrow or Thursday, how much should I pay her? She arrived on 19mar, and we agreed to pay her $2400/ 28days.
  41. anxious mum

    anxious mum New Member

    Some members here introduce their mum as confinement lady in this forum. Then in another thread,they introduce their mum as their confinement lady n boast how good they are and even show off the confinement food by posting photo. Be aware of dishonest pple here.
    Another thing i realised when i was trying to find confinement lady is that they like to introduce their friends who don't know whether up to standard or not. They even willingly to take up ur job for 1 -2 wks then pass to their so called friend. They also demand bed,aircon and helper. They always push for formula milk so that they can sleep longer at night.
    As i m expecting twins near cny, some even quote me S$8k (RM24k, what job in s'pore pay u that) excluding levy, work permt, accomdation, food, hong bao etc. When i interviewed them through phone call, they claimed i asked too many questions and they were very stressed. As a first time mum and they are demanding at least S$5k, i can't even ask them how they will handle my babies. As a working adult, when u go for interview, ur boss confirm will ask u qn. U may not even get S$5k. They are leeches who just want to come sto'pore n con money. Last time the exchange rate isn't this high.
  42. Jerry Radin

    Jerry Radin New Member

    I'm writing this with the intention to save future mothers from stress, headaches, depression, money and the experience of having a bad confinement lady. I am not a mother myself but my wife is. I understand the need for good recovery and rest during the first few weeks after birth. Initially I managed to secure Jenny Low for my wife and paid for the deposit(SGD 500). A well recommended CL. She even have a blog post /review written about her on singaporebaby.com. I was very excited to have her caring for my wife and baby. However about 5 weeks before EDD, she decided to cancel on us because one of her family member was very ill. She manage to find a replacement for us so we don't have to go through the stress of finding one at such last minute. She mentioned the replacement is her cousin and assured my wife would receive the same quality of service from her.

    Here is the data of the confinement lady:
    Name: Chow Mei Yen / Aunty Cindy
    DOB: 02 Dec 1964
    Location: Kuala Lumpur
    POB: Johor
    Service Cost: SGD3500 for 28 days (SGD125 per day) (price maybe higher than Singapore because location was Brunei), RM80 per one way transport to airport (RM160 total), arrival and departure angpows, air tickets to Brunei
    Health based on my observation: Generally good. Very bad eyesight and very slow movement.

    This CL was only here for 6 days with two travel days included. I was already thinking of sending her back on day 4. Here is the day to day observations why I had to terminate her service.

    Day 1:
    - Use cup and didn't wash with soap. - unhygienic. (Happened within the first few hours of arrival)
    - While wife and I were sleeping at night, baby started crying all night long because we thought baby was hungry. Baby had problem latching to mother so topped up with baby formula. Baby continued crying. A few hours later, I found out baby had urinated so many times that the diaper was completely soaked and baby's bottom was red. - Lazy to change baby's diaper or have no knowledge that baby diaper is wet.

    Day 2:
    - I had to tell CL to change and check baby's diaper every 3 hours. Baby's diaper was wet a few times throughout the day.
    - Soap was still found in the baby bottle. CL didn't wash the bottle properly. Had to ask my maid to rewash them.

    Day 3:
    - Wife's breast was engorged. CL brought hot water towels to help. CL was very very rough. The next day the nurse came to the house and massaged my wife's breast and mentioned there is no need to be so rough. - Questionable if CL is experienced at all.
    - While holding baby did not properly hold baby's neck / head and just left it hanging there. This was repeated a few times. I had to intervene and mentioned to make baby's head must be supported. - Having doubts if this CL knows what she was doing.
    - Shaking baby a bit too hard. I had to tell her to be more careful and my baby likes to be swayed. This one made me angry.

    Day 4:
    - While bathing the baby. She placed the baby's towel on top of the toilet seat while bathing the baby. And used the towel again on the baby. This again is very unhygienic
    - While changing baby's diaper. was very rough and lifted baby's leg very high- Doubts on her experience.
    - Sleeps while wife is feeding baby.

    Day 5:
    - Caught CL washing the baby bottle without using soap. She didn't realized I was watching. I had to tell her to use soap to remove the milks fats in the bottle. - Unhygienic
    - After changing baby's diaper, CL just threw the diaper on the bedroom floor. We have a special bin called Ubi pail to throw dirty diapers. We have already told her to throw into the diaper bin - Unhygienic
    - Watching TVB on phone while wife and mother in law feeding baby.

    Day 6:
    - Did the same thing as day 2
    - Sent back at 4pm

    Other comments
    - I would also like to mentioned that I also have my maid and mother in law in the house during my wife's confinement period. MIL's job was to cook the confinement food for my wife and maid's job was to keep the house clean and help cook dinner for myself, MIL and CL. I wanted the CL's main focus to be the mama and baby. Even with this extremely lighten load, CL was not performing very well. She did not have to cook for us or clean for us. She was lazy. I caught her playing with her phone many times. She didn't even offer to cook.
    - Starting from day 2 till day 5, I had complaints from my maid and my MIL everyday. Let's start with the worst: Day 4, 4AM in the morning, my maid went to check on the baby and saw the CL was shaking the baby very hard to get him to sleep because CL herself desperately wanted to go back to sleep. Maid had to go to my MIL and MIL told her not shake my baby so hard. MIL herself slowly rocked baby to sleep till 6 in the morning. God blessed my mother in law. Maid complained on the bottles with soap and how rough CL was bathing the baby and changing baby's diaper.
    - Wife also complained to me that the CL just left her and the baby to feed alone in the living at 3am in the morning. The CL just went into the room and slept. My wife was still recovering from the cut and couldn't carry the baby. CL only came back to my wife a hour plus later.
    -After what my maid and MIL told me, I did not feel my baby was safe with this CL. I had problems sleeping the following night. I changed the return flight of the CL which cost extra. 4 hours before the flight, we informed her service was terminated and that she will only be compensated her for 6 days of work (SGD750), transport fare and departure angpow. Since I already paid for the deposit SGD500, I only gave her SGD250 plus transport fare (RM160). She was not satisfied and said the deposit had nothing to do with her and she said the deposit was a commission she paid to Jenny Low(the original CL) for this job with us. The CL wanted us to pay SGD750. We had to call Jenny Low that the commission was not our responsibility. What was agreed earlier was SGD3500 for 28 days. We informed Jenny that we were not satisfied with Cindy's service. Jenny got abit upset and imply that it will be bad karma if we don't pay her extra. Jenny made a fuss saying she wouldn't have sent Cindy or herself if she knew my mother in law and maid was there. After the call ended, Cindy had the audacity to ask for 3 extra days pay. We refused and stood our ground.

    Overall this CL Aunty Cindy must be avoided at all cause. She is unhygienic, lazy, terrible at handling babies (this is a basic task) and inexperienced. She will may you feel like that your baby is not safe with her. Save the stress.

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