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Jobs for pregnant woman= impossible?

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by jlau, May 8, 2012.

  1. fun_mama

    fun_mama New Member

  2. spyvonne

    spyvonne New Member

    hi mummies,

    im looking for home based jobs too. got lobang can pm me! thanks!

    and gd luck to everyone whose also finding jobs cos preggy! and if meet til unfair treatment at work, can go case/go consult those small firm lawyers etc.
  3. yan_er04

    yan_er04 New Member

    I quit my job, intending to take a break before finding a new job. But now realised that I'm pregnant.... Most agencies will just hang up after I told them I'm pregnant.... Really sad...
  4. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    after i left my job, the following mth i found out im 4weeks pregnant.. initially i chose to hide my pregnancy.. but without mentioning, i din get the job.. and when i was at 8weeks, i sent out my resume to my current employer mentioning that im pregnant.. suprisingly, i got the job with all the usual benefits.. most impt is to be frank to the employer and will leave dem better impression. and also with abit of luck..
  5. Makeawish1314

    Makeawish1314 New Member

    Any admin job to intro? Been trying hard to find job after get to know I'm pregnant. I also be frank to them when I send resume or call up, some reply no and hang my calls if not they can't accept this. So sarcastic. Angry and sad. Any kind soul company intend to employ people.
  6. oceanbaby

    oceanbaby Member

    Makeawish, have you tried applying via recruitment firms? They might have opportunities for you.

    I managed to get a job in my second trimester on a project/contract basis.
  7. Makeawish1314

    Makeawish1314 New Member

    Oceanbaby, which recruitment you tried? Did you mention to them that you are pregnant? I tried before and mention to them that im pregnant, I don't think they are using heart to help me get the part time job. Some more the job they offer me was 3mths contract. Yesterday I tried apply part time job which was found on website. I send my resume and they respond to me and ask me how long can I commit? I reply them 5mths. They reply that fast and say "GREAT" and wanted to arrange interview with me. End up I tell them I was pregnant, they don't even bother to reply. Until today I write to them pls let me know. They reply "I apologise that we have found a part timer. Thank you for the application." I was like.......&$@$@$@$@&@$@/: Super angry!
  8. oceanbaby

    oceanbaby Member

    I was approached by Gough Recruitment through recommendation by a friend. They specialize in real estate recruitment. And yes, I told them I was pregnant and they were very frank about the difficulty in finding employment. So I settled for a contract job, which worked out fine since I planned to stay at home with baby anyway.

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. Those people were rude and unprofessional. Have you tried using your LinkedIn profile to make connections?
  9. diorsnow

    diorsnow Active Member

    I'm being honest, SME or MNC wouldn't consider hiring pregnant women cos its gonna cost them more $$ and troubles in finding a replacement while you're on maternity leave.

    If you're pregnant, join a government sector. You'll be much protected over there.
  10. jackie_splat

    jackie_splat Member

    Hi Republic Polytechnic is quite pro family. You can try them. ..
  11. rinnypeter

    rinnypeter New Member

    Hi, as far I consider you should go for home based jobs. It will suits you better and you can work in comfy environment as well.
  12. ahmeilover

    ahmeilover New Member

    Anyone pregnant with new job?
  13. Ahsan Siddiqui

    Ahsan Siddiqui New Member

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  14. anonymousF

    anonymousF New Member

    Hi everyone,

    So comforting to see mothers offering support to each other. I was also forced to leave from an SME after my first trimester affected my daily activities.

    But now I am 4 months along & looking for a job. And its sad that employability for a preganant women is very low.

    Do anyone know of other means to secure a job during pregnancy?

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