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Jobs for pregnant woman= impossible?

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by jlau, May 8, 2012.

  1. jlau

    jlau Member

    I quit my job in mar n jux gt to knw I m pregnant... Any kind soul can tell me of its almost impossible to find a full-time job? [​IMG]

  2. purplewish80

    purplewish80 Member

    Hi Jlau

    The same thing happen to me in 2010... I tender and 4 days later tested positive.. Didnt went to find job after that but heard is that its quite difficult unless you are doing contract or temp.. Cos I believe no company will wan to pay you maternity leave.. Maybe some co is different? They willing to take in preggy woman?
  3. jlau

    jlau Member

    Tts wad I worry abt... In any case I jux received a call for second interview n they are nt aware of my pregnancy yet
  4. dragonmummy

    dragonmummy New Member

    Hi Jlau, wish you luck! Jiayou for your second interview..

    Just to share with you one of my friend's story, she got a new job whe she was 2 months pregnant.. She was OK in her 1st month but when the co. learnt that she pregnant, she thenwas transferred to another dept and force her to leave by her own.. Probation also was extended.. I feed sad for her..
  5. whitewindy

    whitewindy Member

    I would say its super tough to get a job while preg.
    Usually company wouldn't want to pay the maternity leave.

    But I do heard of rare cases that some companies do take in preg ladies and offer to pay their maternity leave.

    So I would say its purely on luck also and the job scope that you are doing as well.

    Good luck to you all in getting new jobs.

    You never know if you never try.
  6. purplewish80

    purplewish80 Member

    I started on this 3 mths contract job only 1 mth and found that I am preggy.. They have the intention to convert me to perm de.. but now they are abit relucant to do so after knowing that.. They did mention that they will continue to let me go on contract till I come back from delivery.. Meaning they will not wan to pay me maternity leave indirectly..
  7. jlau

    jlau Member

    @DM~ thanks hehe

    @DM/Windy/Purplewish80~ precisely the thing... nevertheless.. i will tell them tmr... told my hubby abt it.. he is ok in me telling them tml.. as for today im gg to meet my ex-colleague cum bestie later for haircut hope my new hairstyle will bring me some luck tmr.. my hub assure me nt to worry abt $$.. said wadever i earn bfre my giving birth will b for my own spendings :p yeah!!

    afterwich i will hv to chip in also cos my house will be coming soon [​IMG]
  8. purplewish80

    purplewish80 Member

    Jlau: Jia You k...
    If really no choice then you rest till you deliver. After that then go and find job again.. Tats wat I did.. But now also stuck with this 3rd pregancy... [​IMG]
    Lets Jia you jia you!! [​IMG]
  9. dragonmummy

    dragonmummy New Member

    Jlau: A great hunny you have!

    No matter what.. Jiayou!

    Just a suggestion: You tell them when they make you an offer.. More safe.. Hee hee~ =D
  10. whitewindy

    whitewindy Member

    Jlau: wow ur hubby is so nice and sweet to u.

    Make me so envy of u.

    Don't think so much and all the best to you in finding new job.

    *To me if the company think you have the skill and talent they dun care if u gg to take maternity leave or not. If they want u they dun mind paying [​IMG] and its only a mere 2 months salary coz another 2 months from govt. Better lookout for bigger companies.

    Who knows you are the lucky ones to get the job.
  11. jlau

    jlau Member

    Thanks ladies... I m sure hoping.. Hehe will keep u ladies updated ... [​IMG]
  12. jlau

    jlau Member

    Hi ladies I hv been offered the job today!! Starting not mth :p
  13. jlau

    jlau Member

  14. bewildered

    bewildered Member

    Congrats! [​IMG] just curious, is ur new coy govt sector or private? Coz my feel's tt govt may be more accomodating but i dunno abt private... If tis private sector, then tis real heartening to know tt the coy's so nice n understanding! [​IMG] Good Luck to ya in ur new job! Jiayou! [​IMG]
  15. jlau

    jlau Member

    Thanks bewildered [​IMG] my new company private sector [​IMG] but big company.. Guess tts y they r ok [​IMG]
  16. elynntan

    elynntan Member

    Hey bewildered, have to agree that though it is known that govt may be more accommodating, but I have a friend who was made to leave her job when she was preggy and yes, she was working in govt then. She had bad MS and was going on and off MC till she ran out of leave and MCs. Maybe cos she was so tired of the MS till she fell asleep at her desk at times, so the boss told her to quit.
  17. jlau

    jlau Member

    i tink it all depends on the boss...
  18. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    Hi Jlau... me also. I left my civil service job in late march,intending to take a break for 2-3 mths then found out I'm preggy while in the process of looking for another job.... my plans change totally overnite as a result. Trying not to be stress but a bit difficult as my hubby quit one month after I did so. I have found a similar job as my previous and will start in july during my 2nd tri. But its casual employment so wont be eligible for ML. Even if i hadn't left my previous job, i will also lose ML as contract end late this yr. Looks like I'm fated not to have ML

    Told my hubby I wana take care of bb at least 1st 2 years so also difficult to get perm job now and me also dun wan to be stressed up with a heavy workload since we decided this will be our only child. Hopefully he can get a job soon.
  19. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    bigfoot: i agree based on my experience in govt sector.. it really depends on which govt sector n the management. I have known pregnant mummies who gotten a poor performance grade and not entitled to performance bonus.
  20. jlau

    jlau Member

    Hi Jo [​IMG] I fully understand how u feel esp ur hub is out of job at the same time. I had wanted to giv up in looking for a job n hv spoken to my hub tt I will try to do some home based work but with the house coming soon n I hv to help supporting my mum financially I had to try to find a job. Thank god tt I found one which is a full time job. I m crossing fingers I will b able to cope through my pregnancy. I'm leaving the rest to fate... Don' giv up. Who knows u might find a FT job soon ;) n I m praying for ur hub to b able to find a job soon [​IMG]
  21. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    my house also just came in Dec.... so quite siong also... being preggie is unexpected but still good news
  22. jlau

    jlau Member

    Agree w u [​IMG] where u stay? BTO?
  23. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    yup.. punggol
  24. jlau

    jlau Member

    Mine also punggol but hv to wait till 2015/2016
  25. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    usually it will come a year earlier
  26. jlau

    jlau Member

    hehe hoping it will come soon... then i will hv my own attached restrm... :p
  27. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    your one is which project? maybe near to mine cos my place is totally surrounded by construction now.. up down left right also have construction
  28. whitewindy

    whitewindy Member

    Congrats Jlau!!!

    Great to hear that u found a job. See I told you some big companies actually dun mind if u have what they need [​IMG]

    To those mother looking for new jobs. Jiayou!
  29. jlau

    jlau Member

    Lol thanks windy [​IMG]

    Yea.. To all mothers looking for new jobs jiayou!!
  30. mommy_g

    mommy_g Member

    I am serving my notice period and just found out I am pregnant. Now I am in a dilemma whether I should go inform my new employer about this now?
    On a side note, the MS is very bad. I am vomiting but I can't eat.
  31. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    i finally got a call for interview for a job i very interested in... the interview in 2 weeks time... by then will be 10 weeks.. not sure if I should say during interview as im so afraid its gona jeopardize my chances.... dilemma
  32. iamblackwitch

    iamblackwitch Member

    Ladies, personally i think it is very nexessary to let your new employer know abt you being pregnant. Anyway it's not like that tummy will allow you to hide it for long..

    Might be a diffcult decision.. hopefully the company is kind enough and understand the situation.. [​IMG]
  33. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    i got a job offer when i was 3 mths preggie. but i went on to take a temp/contract post as its quite stress-free job. prior to that i was not working.

    after my ML the co that i temped for offer me perm post.

    yeah, just be upfront when HR shortlisted you and called up for the interview. if they are not keen, no point going for interview then.
  34. jlau

    jlau Member

    @mommy G ~ i tink it will b better to inform your new employer... at least they can get themselves prepared. if bcos of tis they withdraw the job offer then it s their loss...

    @icyjo~ just go for it. who knws u may end up like me leh
  35. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    I actually applied for 2 positions.. and they called me 2nd time for interview for another position on an earlier date too.... ask them if can put the interviews for the 2 together, she said different interview panels so got to go twice & submit duplicate stuff
  36. jlau

    jlau Member

    ... Hmm y their HR.... [​IMG] then too bad... U hv to submit two aPplication forms..

    When is ur interview?
  37. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    the later position interview next thur.. the 1st position on the tue the week after next... hope i well enuff to go for both.. been feeling so sick that i hardly go out...
  38. jlau

    jlau Member

    I m sure u will b ok.. Mayb u can try doing this.. Touch ur tummy n tell baby u gg for an interview n I'm sure baby will understand n make sure u r in gd shape to go!! Jiayou icyjo!!
  39. vonnsmile

    vonnsmile New Member

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  40. domo

    domo Member

    Hi all mummies to be,
    I also have tthis issue with starting my new job next week and at the same time, i tested positive.
    Not too sure how to bring it up to my new boss. My hubby asked me not to mention first, see how things go. However, i do not feel good.

    Mummy G: Did you inform your new boss oreadi?

    Any ladies have the same situation as me, please advice.
  41. Rkmum

    Rkmum Well-Known Member

    how abt being private tutor
  42. yumeumi

    yumeumi Active Member


    my suggestion is to inform as if u dun inform and later they found out, they will terminate ur contract immediately. & also may face legal issues due to nt informing the truth.

  43. mommy_g

    mommy_g Member

    Codomo > yes already informed my employers but after I past the first trimester coz I am abit superstitious.

    Sylvia > can share why may face legal issues if never inform pregnancy? My understanding from mom : give your employer advance notice before going for maternity leave... Employee must inform her employer as early as possible, at least 1 week before she starts maternity leave. (http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/employment-rights-conditions/leave-and-holiday/Pages/maternity-leave.aspx#obligations)
  44. nana_tan

    nana_tan Member

    Today, HR ask to see me and ask me to leave. I am 14 weeks pregnant and been taking HL and MC due to cramps and spotting. I was admitted to hospital for dehydration also. I work for a govt body.So Govt isn't that pro-family either
  45. icydolphin

    icydolphin Member

    tan ruo-ling.. this is sooo terrible... govt agency shouldn't do that as they are setting bad eg. if i were u, i will really make a big fuss about this lor when the national day rally is days ago...
  46. nana_tan

    nana_tan Member

    Collecting My termination letter on Monday. Already wrote in to PM Lee. See what happens after that.. will go to MP also.
  47. chapa

    chapa Member

    codomo (domo),

    My advise for you is to inform them after you have been in this job at least 3mths/90days, in this way you are protected by MOM in the event if they dismiss you over your pregnancy.
  48. joyinsep

    joyinsep Member

    Dear all,

    I have also just been made redundant (and am 20 weeks preg) by my co and thinking of (hopefully) looking for jobs (contract/full time - like v tough hor). May I know if you all went through agencies to look for jobs or? You all told them to try for all jobs (full time and contract)?

    Joanna, how are things for you? Any update from PM Lee side and also how's the meet up with the MP?
  49. stefan

    stefan New Member

    Probably if you managed to find 1, the employer will most likely bargain with you like Great SG or Warehouse Clearance Sale.

    But there are ok employers out there too, thou they will bargain as well, as long as it's not too much to ask for, still can consider. My wife was such example. She tendered without the knowledge of her pregnancy, we only knew of it when she was serving her notice.

    She was up front with her new employer who had the impression that she wasn't pregnant and the new employer bargained.

    We came to an agreement for 2 months paid maternity instead of 4, 1st month by employer, 2nd month by govt. Thou we lamented abt the bargain, it was the best she could get in her industry of childcare.

    We decided to trust her new employer and luck was probably on her side, it's been nearly 2 yrs and she is more than happy and satisfied with her new employment and her employer is constantly taking of staffs well being, very family oriented kind of workplace.
  50. hilfe

    hilfe Member

    It's possible to get employed even when you are pregnant. I was blessed with that opportunity. Be truthful, and tell your employer. If you are the right fit, the employer will consider and make allowance for the maternity leave. You should also negotiate for flexi hours, so that you can fulfil your motherhood duties properly.

    Sharing an article on how to negotiate and how you can control your life better as a working mom: http://nurizatul.blogspot.sg/2012/11/becoming-best-singapore-working-mums.html
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