IVF - Unsuccessful thawing of frozen embryos


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I had originally planned to transfer two frozen embryos at KKH. On the day of transfer, i was informed that both my embryos degenerated while thawing. I was very shocked to hear that because I read that the success rate for thawing of frozen embryos is as high as 95%, so this situation did not crossed my mind at all. May I ask if anyone has similar experience? I perfectly understand if one of the two failed to thaw. But what is the probability of BOTH embryos not being able to thaw successfully... Is this common? Or is there any chance there is some sort of lapse in the lab?
Sorry to hear. Big hugs. I did my FET earlier this month, I only know that they have changed the protocol of thawing; instead of overnight thawing, they thaw only in the morning of transfers. Hence earliest slot for FET is 10.30am instead of ish 8am previously. Mine survived thawing but I’ve been through 3 rounds of failed FET.
I have been through 9 rounds of frozen transfer (7x are blast, only 2x are day 2 embryos). My past records showed, only 1 blast could not survive thawing, the rest all can expand after thawing. So for that cycle, i proceeded the transfer with the " wounded blast" and failed. I asked, why the blastocyst could not survive thawing, the answer i received, this blast was original a slow grower, and the tiny hole after the PGT process, made it badly injured, thus, no suprise it cannot survive thawing. The lab claimed their staffs are all competent, and thawing was performed according to SOP. So, I can only blame myself.
I'm sorry it didn't survive the thaw. The embryos are delicate. If you feel the lab messed up, or protocols are not suited for you - you should change clinics.

Were you given quality of the embryo after retrieval? Unfortunately some weaker ones tend to degenerate faster.

Don't give up! I hope you will eventually get the success you want. My clinic only transfers Blasts (ie: 5 day embryos) - but the downside is, only 1 or two makes it to blast coz my embryo's aren't like A++ top of class quality.

With every day that passes you're closer to success. I hope you heal! I hope you're doing ok.