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IVF at NUH with Prof PC Wong

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by ingodwetrust, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. ingodwetrust

    ingodwetrust New Member

    Hi mummies/ mummies-to-be,

    I'm in the midst of my IVF journey with Prof Wong at NUH. Currently on Gonal F and Centroid jabs for evenings and mornings. Tentative egg collection next Wed. Anyone on a similar journey?

  2. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    I'm going to see Prof Wong next week to review blood test and HSG results and also to go for the counselling... hope I can start my ivf round soon... how long did you have to wait after counselling to start your jabs?
  3. Hi ladies

    I just got pregnant on my 3rd IVF (2nd transfer) with Prof Wong..

    I saw him since Jan'16 & there is no waiting time during my entire course of treatment.. Prof Wong & team, Nurse Sharon & Alice and all the wonderful ladies at CHR are very professional & extremely warm... A man of few words but he will answer any questions you will have so do prepare yourselves on your appt.. One thing which really make a huge difference is Prof Wong will see to you for every step of the treatment, which is different from KKH..

    You are in good hands.. all the best ladies & good luck to your cycle! :)
  4. Hi, my most recent long protocol is superfact, menopur & gonal f in the evening.. during one of my earlier short protocol, I did centroid, pergoveris in the morning & gonal f in the evening..

    All the best to your OR next wed!!
  5. ingodwetrust

    ingodwetrust New Member

    Hi wanbaby234, this is not my first try so there was no counselling for me. Usually Prof will check for your menses cycle and decide based on the availability of slots too. There is a fixed number which they do per month.
  6. ingodwetrust

    ingodwetrust New Member

    Hi hellokittygirl, hey Hi-5 to you. This will be my third too and also my second fresh. The last round of injections was some time ago. I had to dig out some of my journal notes to keep track of my development. Congratulations and stay healthy!
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  7. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Thank you and good luck to you too! I'm very impressed with NUH esp Prof Wong, so far... I'm surprised as I thought private will be better but Prof's expertise is on par with a private ivf doctor
  8. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Thanks for the reply. So where did you do your first cycle??

    Good luck with your current cycle
  9. I did my 4th blood test this morning & shocked to know my hcg beta drop to 24.. Was told this is a chemical miscarriage & stop all support... Will be seeing Prof Wong next week after a final blood test to ensure my hcg drop to zero..

    Its definitely a new milestone despite this didnt went well.. I still believe in Prof but we decided to switch to private for round 4..

    Good luck to all the ladies.. Im praying for all of you to get your BFP & a healthy pregnancy journey..
  10. ingodwetrust

    ingodwetrust New Member

    He's very experienced and I would say dedicated too. Had his own private practice and invited to be at NUH.
  11. ingodwetrust

    ingodwetrust New Member

    I was with Prof Wong from the start. :)
  12. ingodwetrust

    ingodwetrust New Member

  13. Jocelyn.H

    Jocelyn.H New Member

    May i know if you ladies are subsidised or private patients ?
  14. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Hi dear... I'm a private patient
  15. Jocelyn.H

    Jocelyn.H New Member

    May I know how ivf cost with pc Wong on a private basis ?
    Would u be able to share :)
  16. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Sure thing :)
    The entire IVF cycle costs between $12k-$14k. This cost includes the monitoring (i.e: ultrasound scans and blood tests), the two surgical procedures (OR and ET) and the medication. The medication is the biggest chunk of the costs, so if you need a higher dose of the injections, the price is higher. Based on my comparison, the prices for this hear is higher than last year...

    This doesn't include the price for the first consultation, subsequent consultations with Prof and any tests he may order before he gives the green light. The first consultation with Prof is $171.20... he's the most expensive one there... for tests, it really depends which test he ordered for you. If you want to know how much my dh and i pay, we document it on our blog: https://dearbabysg.wordpress.com/costs-of-ivf-in-singapore/

    Hope this helps dear! :)
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  17. I'm also a private patient with Prof Wong.. did 3 IVF cycle with them, full cycle include transfer is about 15K. The only cycle which we didn't get to any transfer cost abt 7.7K.

    Hope this help.
  18. Hey dear, Im moving on to Roland Chieng & Virtus after my round 3 with Prof Wong ended in chemical pregnancy whereas u are moving on to Prof Wong..

    Was hoping we can chat/private message offline to share experiences if you don't mind....
  19. wanbaby234

    wanbaby234 Member

    Hi dear, of course I will drop you a PM shortly. :)
    Just to let you know, that the facilities at Virtus are top notch... but it doesn't come cheap at all. They also believe in blastocyst and they will recommend you to do the IVF cycle up until the egg retrieval and ICSI, and then take a break for a month or two and come back for the egg transfer.
  20. I am also moving on! had 2 failed fresh cycle. hoping a change will be good :) fingers crossed! all the best to you too!
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  21. Hoping the best for you girl! Let's continue to work hard for our baby... never give up!
  22. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am Prof's patient and heard my bb hb today at 6w5d.

    I had my retrieval end Sept, and did a d3 fresh transfer.

    Like many other ivf-ers, i followed a strict diet during D1 of cycle. I was also on acupuncture and TCM powder concurrently.

    Just sharing what I did in addition to the stim jabs/post retrieval jabs and progestrone suppositories:

    During stim:
    daily 6 egg white, 2 portion of fish, 1 avocado
    alternate days red bean soup
    wore socks to sleep
    5 acupuncture session
    2 pkts of TCM powder daily

    the day before transfer:
    1 acupuncture session

    transfer day:
    1 acupuncture session after transfer

    post transfer:
    alternate days Chicken Essence and Red Date Longan Water
    wore socks to sleep
    2 pkts of TCM powder daily

    I hope all of you will get your bfp! The journey is emotional and painful for ivf-ers, so i hope you get lotsa support and love :)
  23. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    hi everyone. i am also consulting prof wong if i should go for ivf. at the moment waiting for my af in order to do blood test (will be in next month).

    i notice some forums say that there might be some discomfort in ET. anyone had discomfort with prof wong ?

    if so, what would be the reason for discomfort ?
  24. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    It's exactly the same feeling as IUI/papsmear. A catheter will be used to transfer the embryo and is a fairly quick process, like under 5min. Maybe you may feel minor discomfort (not pain) and mild cramps during insertion. I think if you are able to relax, the muscles will be less tense, and you may feel better. If very tense then catheter hard to enter. Also u'll need a full bladder and may feel like peeing during the procedure hehe. When the nurse scan my tummy to check if bladder was full, I almost peed on her :p

    After ET they will let you pee, n rest for abt 2-3 hrs before discharging you.
  25. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    my pap smear has no feel. only really mild soreness afterwards. hopefully the ET no feel too.
    thank you so much for the description <3
  26. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    Once u enter the OT, there's so much activity gg on.
    A nurse will check yr NRIC. Then scan yr tummy to check if bladder is full. Then doctor will ask u for nric again (to check if they took the right embryo). N u can see yr beautiful embryo(s) on the screen. Then doctor start to trf (trf time I think nothing to see on e screen). Then doctor wishes u good luck n it's done n u get rolled out of OT. Then embryologist comes to pass u the photo of your embryo(s) and tell you it/they are beautiful and all e best. Then u can go pee Liao and back to ward to rest n gaze loving at the gorgeous photo n hope to get lucky :)
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  27. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    lol...i like the way u put it <3
  28. Lambi

    Lambi Well-Known Member

    I did previously ET with other doc all v painful but totally no pain with prof. Cos apparently there are different sizes of the vaginal speculum small medium big. I requested prof use the small one he was ok with it. Best request ever! U can try to ask.
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  29. LostAngel

    LostAngel New Member

    Hi ladies,

    Can I ask, to get the govt co-funding for IVF at govt hospital, do I have to go NUH as a subsidized patient or can I go as a private patient? I currently booked my first appt with Dr PC Wong at NUH as a private patient. I read the T&Cs to qualify for govt co-funding for ART, it just states to have to be below 40 and SG citizen and doing IVF at govt hospital. Never mention anything about having to be subsidized patient (ie must get referral from poly clinic). Please advise... thanks.
  30. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    Private also can get Govt funding.
  31. Alishablond

    Alishablond Member

    Hi all,
    Prof Wong leave days:

    I suppose to go for egg retrieval on 2 of March, but prof will be away, so I should choose another doc. Even if I postpone egg retrieval for beginning of April, he also will be away. So sad, I have to choose another doctor:(
    Ladies, do you know who else is doing IVF at NUH? Thinking to ask for Dr Shakina.
  32. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    whenever prof goes away (I was his patient for iui n ivf), I will see dr Anu. She did my ET (all the other steps before ET done by prof) n I bfp. She's gentle, patient, and very encouraging! She's my gynae now.
  33. Lady Solitude

    Lady Solitude New Member

    Hi everyone. if i need some clarifications. For the payments of the test and procedures, i understand that the initial tests we would have to bear and is not claimable. However, say gynae say we are ready to kickstart the IVF process.. do we still have to pay upfront those bills for the stimulations etc or it will be incorporated to the govt co-funding? i did come across some response in other topics that for SGH we have to pay upfront and the hosp will refund back via cheque. hope someone can help me clarify this. Thank You.

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