IVF and High Risk Gynae Recommendation


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Dear all, I have a previous miscarriage at 22 weeks due to PPROM and now I'm trying again for my 6th round of IVF. I supposed I'm in the high risk category given age and previous MC. I was thinking of switching from KKH to private because I feel that private doctors seems to care more and have more time for their patient.. unlike KKH which I was with previously.

I was thinking of a few options of gynae such as
Dr Tony Tan
Dr T C Chang
Dr Freda Khoo

Anybody have any recommendations or feedbacks on above 3 doctors and can share with me on the cost of consultation if you have any info pls? Concerned about the cost as well due to pockets burned out from many rounds of IVF treatments..


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If you're thinking of going private you can try my gynae. His name is Dr Chris Ng and his clinic is at Camden Med. He helped get me through a high-risk pregnancy (preeclampsia) and I know he also offers IVF services. You may want to check him out. Good luck!


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For high risk pregnancy, you can consider Dr Tony Tan or Dr Chen Lin Han at Mt Alvernia Hospital. They were from KKH Maternal Fetal Department.