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IUI/IVF at Raffles hospital

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by zmm, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. zmm

    zmm New Member

    Hi All, I had 1 IVF at raffles hospital unsuccessful, then I go for TCM for half year, my tube open, then I go for IUI twice, all failed. I am 35 years old with POCS. I want to shift to KK, any DR you can recommend? what is the total cost of IVF at KK as raffles hospital cost me 22k? how long is the queue? I want to get information from you. If any one want to get information from Raffles, feel free to contact me. Good Luck to everyone!

  2. minsh

    minsh New Member

    Hi all, I am 34 yr old woman and have blocked fallopian tubes and endometriosis problem. I am on DP and my husband is on EP in Singapore. We are trying for a baby from last 3 years. Now the doctor has suggested us to go for an IVF treatment. Can you please advise which clinic is more affordable and also good in Singapore for IVF treatment? We are not very strong financially but still want to take a chance with IVF, maybe there will be some miracle. We are expats here so don't have Medisave option like others. I did some research and found out that for foreigners, the cost of the public and private hospitals are the same. I am considering Raffles Fertility Clinic, is this the right choice? How was your experience? They told me that the total cost would be under $18000. Thanks!
  3. tinymomo

    tinymomo Member

    dear all, after 4 failed IVF attempts in KKH, I went to taiwan to give my last shot and was blessed to give birth to a boy girl twins 8 months ago. The fertility hospital is considered the "Authority in fertility" and has superior technique which can achieve success rate up to 80%.
    As a patient in their mailing list, I saw that they are having a seminar on 27th.
    Just sharing . This is the registration from . https://forms.gle/7fc2re7WEqi2nQ947

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