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Is it safe to take 5mg folic acid during 1st trimester?

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Maxwell, May 16, 2018.

  1. Maxwell

    Maxwell New Member

    Hi to all mummies, pls help. My wife is about 7 weeks pregnant. Went to see gynae 2 weeks ago at KK but gynae no good. Anyway she prescribed 5mg folic acid for 2 months. I read online that only 400 mcg needed daily and 5mg is about 5000 mcg. Some articles also said that too much folic acid causes autism. So now my wife took only 1/4 tablet and also new obimin tablet. Pls advise is it ok? And also which prenatal vitamins will u recommend? Because still have 2 more weeks to see doc, dunno who to seek advice at the moment. Thk u so much.

  2. tiggerpooh

    tiggerpooh Active Member

    "Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin, so your body will flush out the excess if you consume too much. For some women, however, getting too much folate may hide a B-12 deficiency, which is sometimes a problem for vegetarians. " BabyCenter

    Hence, unless your wife is on special diet, it shld b okie. But if both of u r still worried, u can always get folic acid of the dosage u wan fr pharmacy.

    Hope it helps, n congratulations. :)
  3. Maxwell

    Maxwell New Member

    Thk u
  4. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    I just take what KKH provide me.. haha! so far no issue with my baby and healthy.. I just get Folic Acid and Obimin from both KKH and NUH for 1st and 2nd pregnancy. And I don't take any further medication. All went well and healthy. Important also is the mummy food and drink intake and don't stress up cause this will affect the baby.

    I wanted to take extra prenatal vitamins, but after 8weeks check etc, my Gynae said no. Based on the check up etc, Gynae said I don't need any additional medication or vitamins. But I stubborn cause most of my friend took it. And I try.. I almost lost my baby due to too much multi vitamins.

    So all I can advice, do get your Gynae advice. They should know more since they had done the checks. But still up to individual to take further.

    Not sure why you said KKH Gynae no good, is it because of your research? If it is, maybe you want to bring this up on your next visit. :) atleast they can explain to you why your wife had been given that amount.
  5. Maxwell

    Maxwell New Member

    The gynae only prescribe folic acid, but can my wife also take obimin in addition?
  6. mellllllllll

    mellllllllll New Member

    Hi Maxwell, I'm a 18 weeks first time mummy and I'm currently taking 5mg folic acid (usually you can stop at 15-20 weeks) and obimin since my first gynae visit at 8 weeks. I think you do not have to worry about the mg as different bodies absorb these supplements at different rates and not all 5mg will be absorb. Most of the time excess will be flushed out with the urine. I hope this is not too much to share but everytime when I take my folic acid, I noticed that my urine is quite yellow like the color of the folic acid pills. This is because of the folic acid. If your wife noticed her urine getting a bit more yellow after consuming folic acid, it is normal. However if you are concerned, you should raise this to your gynae, he/she should explain better.

    Anyway just to share a bit more, after the Oscar/Harmony test at 12 weeks, my gynae also checked my vit d levels and I was insufficient so I was given additional 2000mg of vit d supplements for three months. And because my appetite and evening sickness was terrible during the my first trimester, my gynae postponed the prescription of my dha pills to 16 weeks. (My gynae is TC Chang from Thomson and I trust him very much.)

    I'm sharing the above so you can sort of get a gauge what other mummies are going through too. I understand that it can be quite worrisome for first time parents to be. Most importantly speak to your gynae. It is very sweet of you to do this for your wife. :)

    I hope your wife will have a smooth and safe pregnancy and congrats!
  7. Maxwell

    Maxwell New Member

    Thk u so much
  8. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    Some was given Folic acid first then next round check up will stop folic acid and take obimin.

    I just follow what Gynae gave me, and any further questions will always ask them. I did research and told Gynae about it.
    And Gynae said If everything you listen to your research, then you don't need to come for check up all and you can deliver yourself based on the research you read. To think back again, It's true. Cause each body need different requirement.

    Your wife next checkup, bring this up. For first time, we don't know much and always listen to others but we forget not all pregnancy are the same. Your wife is lucky to have husband like you who are concern and willing to go extra mile to do research and ask around :) not all husband does that.

    Congrats you both and don't let your wife stress or think too much. Have a great weekend ahead! :)

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