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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by mrs_chew, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    My son's ( 3 yrs old) teacher called me this afternoon to inform me that MOH has ordered them today to cease all lessons with immediate effect till 23.08.2010. MOH told the school that a student had contracted HFMD and the school did not make any attempt to notify them. MOH told the school that the child's doctor notified them but why not the school.

    The actual fact was ( the teacher told me ) the parent of this child continue to send him/her to school selfishly. During one of the daily check of HFMD, the teacher did question the parent but he/she lied that the child has merely got some skin problems. In fact, the child had seen a doctor earlier and the doctor confirmed the child has contracted the virus!!!

    I just couldn't believe it!! What kind of parents are they??? I dont't even send my child to school when he has fever, flu, cough or suspected cases of chicken pox/ HFMD because there are so many little ones in school!! I just simply couldn't understand what type of mentality they have! Don't they know that the virus can be deadly!!!

    Now, I have to check on my son endlessly. Although he's not from the same class, they still share the same room during assembly and music lessons.

  2. september

    september Active Member

    the school should hv report this to MOH and have the parent fine for lying and endangering the other kids!
  3. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    The problem is the school didn't know that the child contracted the virus until MOH called.

    Now, all teachers will have to spend a lot of effort and time to sanitize the whole school.

    I'm still fuming over it. I really hope that no one is infected by that kid. On the other hand, I also pity that infected child. He/she still got to go to school when down with HFMD.

    Poor child...
  4. september

    september Active Member

    but the school can tell MOH tat they are not inform by the parents and even when they ask the parent they deny their kids hving HFMD lor...

    actually another thing all of you the affected parents could do is to contact media and tell them this news....this will shame the parents and also make MOH set a rule to punish those parent who fail to report lor....but the negative effect is tat it will stress the poor child as well.
  5. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member


    The school did argue with MOH that the parent lied to them. Unfortunately, MOH refused to be lenient and let it passed.

    Honestly, I don't mind the school is closed for disfecting the whole compound but to expose the virus to all little ones in school deliberately, is something I still cannot accept.
  6. september

    september Active Member

    Mrs Chew,

    That why i say can alert such news to media, like channel 8 those xin qi er de xie lor.....once media involved, MOH have to do something de....also the parent might be interview by the media which will shame them even if MOH dun punish them lor....then this will be a kill one warn all strategy lor...
  7. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    Ya, it true.

    If my child were to be contracted, I will air my greivance to the press without hesitation.

    So sian.... Now, I have to be diligently checking for signs on him everyday.

    Hope the school will update me should there are helpless kids being infected.
  8. jazz_emotion

    jazz_emotion Member

    Hi Mrs Chew,

    My friend also encounter almost the same incident as you.

    They brought both their daughters (3yo & 10mth) to a friend gathering. They allow their girls to play with their friend's kids and so happen that one of the boy is running a fever with rashes on his leg. However, the boy parent's thought it is "Atheletic Leg" therefore didn't detect the sickness immediately.

    After the gathering, my friend's daughter are down with fever and rashes on their lips, legs and hands. They immediately rushed them to the doctor and was been advised that both kids had contacted HFMD.

    My friend heart sunk when their doctor broke the news. As a mother, it is unbearable to see your kids in pain and worst still, HFMD.
  9. aspring

    aspring New Member

    Hi Mrs Chew

    I think the school your kids attend is careless too cos my boy childcare centre need the parent to provide letter from the doctor to certify the child is fit to attend school if the child has any rash, fever or any sign of illness. This way the parent can not lie about the condition of the child
  10. linda_thea

    linda_thea New Member

    Erh... actually I am guilty of that, just today. Sometimes we really dun know. First of all, I do not practise seeing a doc everytime my child is sick. She had fever for 2 days since Monday, she did not attend school nor seen doc because there was not anything on her limbs and throat. Wed no more fever but I let her stayed home for another day as she was feeling dizzy. Wednesday night she was up and about so I thought like her brother a few days before, got heaty and had fever.

    Today bring her to school and teacher called up and said she's got ulcers in her throat. Honestly, I didnt see nor she complained. She still didnt think her throat hurts despite the ulcers.

    at the Doc, he says ulcers could appear anytime 5 days AFTER the fever. But since my girl has only 3 ulcers, he did not diagnose HFM just ask me to stay home till Friday. Without spots on her limbs and noticeable ulcers alike those we seen on phamlets, brochures, TV ads, who would have known?
  11. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member

    I think in such cases, the school should 'quarantine' the child in the school and inform the parents to bring the child to see doctor. And only when there is doctor's letter to certify the child is fit for school, then the child can come back. This is what my gal's school practice too.

    However, just recently, my gal had slight fever and complained of sore throat. Being the paranoid mum, I brought my gal to see doctor immediately. The doctor diagnosed her as 'tonsil-ritis', and gave her anti-biotics and throat medicine. We kept her at home. Then a few days later, the blisters started appearing, and then again, we brought her to see the same doctor. This time doctor diagnosed as HFMD, although by that time, my gal's ulcers in her mouth has fully recovered, and no fever. We kept her at home for almost one more week. Brought to see doctor again to certify that she's well before sending her back to school. All in, think we went to see doctor abt 4 times within a span of 2 weeks!.... sigh...
    Although she is absent from school, and missed all her lessons, and I had to take MC from work to take care of her... no choice, we don't want to risk spreading to other kids too..

    But to think of it, some parents may not have the time to take time-off from their work, and they may not have the any care-giver to help them out, hence they continue sending their kids to school.... Sigh... Think someone has to give better support to help these parents out. And it's really really not easy to take care of kids with HFMD coz they have problems swallowing their food...
  12. rinairfan

    rinairfan Member

    There are always going to be couples of idiotic, selfish parents who refuse to see the neccessity of having their child quarantine at the slightest symptoms of any infectious sickness. I think MOH should impose fine and even jail for these parents for causing grievances, nuinsance to public and negligence to their children! I think these matters are going out of hand... and not only are they irresponsible parents but socially irresponsible too!
  13. quinbus9

    quinbus9 Member

    There are also horrible parents who bring children out when they have chicken pox (scabs still falling off).

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