Insurrance advice and recommandation

Heard you need to pay attention to the starting dating of the baby coverage, if it covers baby hospitalization, and what complication exactly... doesn t seem that there are lot of choice for insurrance though. So far I heard about AIA and AXA.


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I bought the prudential one 2 years back for #1. Tink the amount covered for nicu and anything immediate was 4-5k only. The only good thing was the plan can be converted into her life insurance and would be the only one that ur child can own if s/he has any congenital conditions that would cause difficulty in purchasing future life insurance plan.

Liau Yun Er

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Hi 2019 Mummies to be,

I'm a GE consultant, our Flexi Maternity Cover is a standalone one-time premium plan that covers pregnant mummies from as early as 13th to 40th week of pregnancy. It means that you don't need any other policy to be eligible to buy this maternity insurance.

It also has Guaranteed Insurability Benefit + $108 premium voucher where you can use to offset baby plan that you wanna consider in the future.

Please whatsapp me @ 9350 7303 if you are keen to know more details. :)
I bought a few policies from prudential after the birth of my baby boy last year :) kiasu mum. comfortable with my insurance agent, feels that she genuinely care for the welfare of my child, not pushy and advise me to buy what are needed. Many bad experiences with pushy agents (sorry to insurance agents mum in this forum!), not all are bad.


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Hi all, prudential is offering a very good coverage at the moment and I’d like to you to benefit from this by checking this out! Do dm me if you wish to find out more!