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Insurance for Baby

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by popeye88, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. popeye88

    popeye88 Member

    Anyone can share what sort of insurance you have bought for newborn baby and what is the coverage/premium.

  2. mckay423

    mckay423 New Member

    i just want to post the same thing. thinking of buying the hospitalization insurance or living insurance. just think the basic medishield wont enough.
  3. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    once my boy was born, i bought 4 types of insurance policies under his name: life, personal accident, hospitalisation and investment.
  4. popeye88

    popeye88 Member

    I've already insured my newborn under the GE hospitalisation plan. I'm now consideration whether to buy the life & education/investment insurance..... Any idea how much would the monthly premium?
  5. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    shld be quite cheap, prob in the range of a few dollars to $20? cos i remembered my boy's hosp plan is abt $250++ alone, and the total premium i am paying for all 4 policies is $300. all under GE.
  6. popeye88

    popeye88 Member

    I'm considering between GE & NTUC....
    So far, I heard the services/claims by GE is pretty fast.
    Any idea about the services/claims from NTUC ??
  7. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    not sure abt NTUC, so can't help u there.
    but i think that should be the least of ur concerns, cos you won't want to be in a situation to claim! in any case, i'm sure u'll liase with ur agent directly, and not the HQ. [​IMG]
  8. oink17

    oink17 Member


    i insured my boy for hospitalization (think it was under CPF Medisave, will explore the private companies when he is older) and also bought an endowment plan - this is more for his future education fund.

    i got a free personal accident coverage from GE, but think only last for a year, after that i will probably extend it.

    no life insurance as hubby feels that we are not dependent on him for money if anything were to happen to him..
  9. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    actually, i feel the life insurance is impt cos if anything happen to him, the money will go to his wife and children, who are his dependants. ya, i know that is years and years down the road, but the younger u buy life policies the cheaper it will be...cos got no history of illness for insurance companies to load.

    jus to share lah. [​IMG]
  10. oink17

    oink17 Member

    hi dumbger

    ya, i agree.. that's wat i told my hubby too..
    i told him we can buy now and maybe when he started working, he can take over the premiums..
    but didn't manage to persuade my hubby on this...

    prob after my baby turns 1 yr old, then i can try talking to my hubby again...

    now economy not so good, so have to watch our expenditure...
  11. popeye88

    popeye88 Member

    I was thinking what should be the min. recommended sum assured for baby.... $100K or at least a $50K??
  12. pruroyce

    pruroyce New Member

    I am Royce from Prudential. Feel free to PM me if you have any queries. =)
  13. paulinelau2

    paulinelau2 New Member

    Hi Mummies and Daddies,

    Your Family needs are important and proper planning can allow needs to be met within your resources.

    I am Pauline from Manulife Financial. Do contact me for a professional financial planning session.

    Thanks and have a great day [​IMG]
  14. babylance

    babylance New Member

    Have a look at AIA Gen3 [​IMG]
  15. blueetea

    blueetea Member

    Hi mommies,

    my hubby is with Manulife. Anyone wants to find out more abt their products, do PM me.
    No obligations.
  16. jasperjerinjuan

    jasperjerinjuan New Member

    dear mommies,

    i understand tat there's good deal from Prudential for life insurance (if anything happen to u - choy choy choy!!), will get S$1 mil, also got smtg called Prushield which covers 100% hospitalization bills for a very small amt of premium paid mthly..

    my hubby's with UOB selling Prudential insurance.. interested, pls do email me at chewlaichuen@yahoo.com.sg for more details.. no obligations..
  17. hunnie

    hunnie New Member

    Enhanced Medishield Plan is a MUST!!! Because if anything happens to BB, I guess first thing you will do is rush to KK... And chances of hospitalization is also higher.. My girl born 5 days already admitted to hospital... I recommend Prushield.. Is good... But parents with shield plan from Aviva not looking at private hospital coverage for BB can take from Aviva.. Cuz the basic shield plan is FREE...

    Another thing to consider is Education Plan..

    purchased from a bank as i work there.. Degree cost is soooo ex nowadays.. I wonder how would it be like in 18 years down the road looking at the scary inflation rate projected at 5.5% this year...

    Had been through the tough road of studying part time and working full time... The saddest thing is even I spent near $30K on my degree from UniSIM, it is not a "good" degree afterall.. How I wished my family could have supported me to study in Local Uni as it is more recognizable but have to be full time.

    I have been looking for savings and life coverage for my girl.. But I understand that most endowment plan comes with low life coverage.. Previously I am from Prudential... Thought of buying a Pru Flexi Cash - Endownment + a ILP (Investment Linked Plan) / Limited Pay Life Insurance...

    Life coverage for my child is purely a gift for her.. As i am not going to be the beneficiary... ILP is good because it comes with savings element and insurance coverage... But you have to pay till your child passed on... Its a superb long term commitment.. Limited pay Life insurance if purchased when child is age 0, is very cheap... And probably is around $1.2k for 10 years if looking at 100k SA...

    Then i came to know a 3 in 1 plan.. Which is limited pay, gives out a sum of money when child is ready to enter Uni and has insurance coverage till my gal passed on (age 99).. Which i think is lovely... I save about $380 till the age my gal is 18, i get a lumpsum of $50K for her Uni and thereafter the plan will continue to run till my gal is age 99.. The good thing is, the life coverage is 2x of my lumpsum which is 100K !! And i stop paying after my gal is age 18..!!

    $380 is a comfortable amount for me as I originally budgeted $100 for ILP and $250 for Pru Flexi Cash 15... Although cash value wise, ILP + Pruflexi Cash may generally provide me more, but I like the idea that i stop my responsibility as a parent when my gal reach 18yrs old.. If i put in limited pay 10 (Life coverage) + Pru Flexi Cash 15 (Endowment), I will not be able to achieve 50K return because it defeats the purpose of terminating the Limited Pay policy as the aim is to provide my girl with 100K coverage... And the time line doesnt really match for Pru Flexi 15 as there is a shortage of 3 years which has a reinvestment risk...

    I like the certainty that I m definitely getting 50K when my gal reach 18 yrs old and 100K SA thereafter till age 99. As we know most endowment plans depend on bounes declared.. Return could be lesser... And if really in need, the policy still have cash value for me if i terminate.. The concept is like ILP but I stop paying after 18 years...!
  18. jasperjerinjuan

    jasperjerinjuan New Member

    hi rainey,

    totally agree with u.. =) ultimately im sure tat all mommies wants the best for our little precious..

    im considering to buy PruTerm Vantage too.. also life insurance for my darling girl as well.. hubby's checking out for me liao.. do check out Prudential website for those interested to find out more or can simply email me..

    cheers =)
  19. eve_cai

    eve_cai New Member

    I think its a must to buy hospitalisation and surgical plan (private hospital) first for your child as nowadays medical bills are very expensive.

    I recently help a few of my clients whom claim for hospitalisation due to high fever, and a 2 day bill at private hospital easily come up to $1,800.

    If any of you need my help, you can call me at 91789824.
  20. baby_ashley

    baby_ashley Member

    We are a group of BABY Specialist mainly dealing with Baby Insurance Coverage. We have the most comprehensive coverage for newborns.
    Sinagporean, PR or even foreigners are applicable! Call me for free consultation, 90029677 [​IMG]

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