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Inaccurate fertile days? Help? Ttc badly.

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Darksoul, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Darksoul

    Darksoul New Member

    Hello. Ok here's the thing, I've tried many apps and websites to check when i ovulate. Here's my scenario. I'm on a 33 day cycle and my period lasts between 5 and 8 days. My last period was from jan 31 till feb 7. So i wanted to see when i ovulate in february. Some of the apps and website say my fertile days are feb 8 to 13, some say feb 14 to 19, while some feb 20 to 25 and even feb 28 to mar 5. Gosh I'm stressed out. But but but on average, my own downloaded apps and some websites go with feb 14 to 19. It's just, how do the rest even say they other dates? I key in everything the same but the answers are all over the place too. So which should i be following? Plus i do look out for my own signs and changes as well. I just haven't tried the feeling the cervix thing for the raw egg white texture. I'm really stressed out and confused because me and my husband are trying for a baby. Been 2 months. Any help is so appreciated. Thanksss.

  2. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    Why don’t u get ovulation kits? Is very accurate when tested positive unless your cycle not accurate
  3. Darksoul

    Darksoul New Member

    Okay thanksssss alot will try!
  4. Darksoul

    Darksoul New Member

    Okay thanksssss alot will try!
  5. yunz

    yunz Member

    Other than using ovulation kits, you can use hormonal oils to regulate or tiao your body..
  6. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    The app is basically tracking your days based on the data you have entered. While I can understand why you want to try a few apps, but if you stick to 1 app with all the historical data tracked, it may be more accurate. When you start a new app, you may just have a few months' data and the app will just technically track what you have entered.

    And as suggested, using an ovulation kit might be a better option though I personally have not tried using one. I mainly monitor with one app and my cervical mucus.

    All the best!
  7. babyfats

    babyfats Member

    I was confused when I was TTC-ing too. so many websites/people saying different things.
    My friend told me to try on the 14th day of your menses. example, menses was 1st Mar, try on 14th, and over the next few days just keep doing, lol.

    So far it works for me and I conceived twice using this method with just 1 try. (1 try as in on the same month)
  8. starlights

    starlights Member

    App got use meh... i used many many types ovulation test kits as well. -,-
  9. Abb

    Abb New Member

    Try taking your basal body temperature daily! After about 3-6 months of tracking, it turns out to the most effective and accurate indication of ovulation for me. A slight shift of temperature and I know my eggs are getting ready!

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